Teachers, Professors, etc.
Cathy Ace
  • Cait Morgan: Welsh-Canadian professor and criminologist, based in British Columbia, Canada, and traveling here and there

Eric Ambler
  • Charles Latimer: British university lecturer turned detective novelist, in Turkey

Christine Andreae
  • Lee Squires: English professor and poet in Montana

Charlotte Armstrong
  • MacDougal Duff: retired history professor in New York City

Frankie Y. Bailey
  • Professor Lizabeth “Lizzie” Stuart: 38 year-old African-American crime historian in Virginia

Mignon F. Ballard
  • Miss Dimple Kilpatrick: a longtime first-grade teacher during World War II, in Elderberry, Georgia

Maggie Barbieri
  • Alison Bergeron: newly divorced English professor at St. Thomas, a small Catholic college in the Bronx, New York City

George Baxt
  • Sylvia Plotkin: author and teacher, and Max Van Larsen, a police detective, in New York City

Sophie Belfort
  • Molly Rafferty: history professor at Scattergood College, and Nick Hannibal, a homicide detective, in Boston, Massachusetts

Laurien Berenson
  • Melanie Travis: special education teacher who shows her standard poodles in dog shows, in Connecticut

J.M.C. Blair
  • Merlin: scholar, doctor, and advisor to King Arthur of legendary medieval Britain, in the Merlin Investigations

Nicholas Blake
  • Nigel Strangeways: Oxford graduate, in England

Al Blanchard
  • Steve Asher: middle-school teacher, in Massachusetts

J.S. Borthwick
  • Sarah Deane: graduate student, and Alex McKenzie, a doctor in Maine

Gail Bowen
  • Joanne Kilbourn: political science professor in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Michael Bowen
  • Melissa Pennyworth: graduate student in Literature, and Rep Pennyworth, a trademark and copyright lawyer, in Indianapolis, Indiana

James Bradberry
  • Jamie Ramsgill: architect and Princeton professor, in New Jersey

Dan Brown
  • Robert Langdon: Harvard professor

Leo Bruce
  • Carolus Deene: ex-commando turned schoolmaster, in England

Lillian Stewart Carl
  • Michael Campbell: Scottish professor, and Rebecca Reid, a historian, in Ohio and later in Scotland

P.M. Carlson
  • Maggie Ryan: statistician and professor, in New York City

John Dickson Carr
  • Dr. Gideon Fell: the "old lexicographer" in England

Jennifer Lee Carrell
  • Kate Stanley: an academic sleuth, directing Shakespeare at the rebuilt Globe Theatre in London, England, and elsewhere

Charlotte Carter
  • Cassandra Lisle: college student in late-1960s Chicago, Illinois, in the Cook County mysteries

Heron Carvic
  • Miss Emily D. Seeton: retired British art teacher in Kent, England

Sarah Caudwell
  • Hilary Tamar: medieval law professor in Oxford, England

Erika Chase
  • Lizzie Turner: tutor and literacy teacher, returning to her old home town, Ashton Corners, Alabama, in the Ashton Corners Book Club mysteries

George Chesbro
  • Dr. Robert “Mongo” Frederickson: dwarf criminology professor and former circus gymnast in New York City

Anna Clarke
  • Paula Glenning: professor and writer, in London, England

Clyde B. Clason
  • Theocritus Lucius Westborough: elderly scholar of the Roman Empire, in Chicago, Illinois, and Los Angeles, California

Melissa Cleary
  • Jackie Walsh: professor of film studies, and her ex-police dog, Jake, in Palmer, Ohio

V.C. Clinton-Baddeley
  • Dr. R.V. Davie: of St. Nicholas College, Cambridge, England

Carolyn Coker
  • Andrea Perkins: art historian and restorer in Boston, Massachusetts

Alan Cook
  • Lillian Morgan: retired math professor in a retirement community in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Bob Cook
  • Michael Wyman: 50-something philosophy professor and MI-6 agent, based in London, England

Desmond Cory
  • John Dobie: Professor of Mathematics in Cardiff, Wales

Rebecca Cramer
  • Linda Bluenight: anthropologist and 4th-grade teacher, in and around Tucson, Arizona

Bill Crider
  • Carl Burns: college professor in Texas
  • Dr. Sally Good: head of the English and Fine Arts departments at Hughes Community College in Texas

Edmund Crispin
  • Gervase Fen: professor of English in Oxford, England

Amanda Cross
  • FKate Fansler: university English professor in New York City

Judith Cutler
  • Sophie Rivers: college lecturer and amateur singer in Birmingham, England
Jeanne M. Dams
  • Dorothy Martin: American schoolteacher retired in England

Robertson Davies
  • Sir Francis Cornish and other academics at the College of St. John and the Holy Ghost, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in the Cornish Trilogy

Nageeba Davis
  • Maggie Kean: art teacher and sculptor in the high country of Colorado

Marlis Day
  • Margo Brown: language arts teacher in rural Indiana

S.F.X. Dean
  • Neil Kelly: professor of English at a New England college

William DeAndrea
  • Niccolo Benedetti: world-renowned criminologist professor in Sparta, New York

Lillian De La Torre
  • Dr. Sam. Johnson: real-life 18th-century lexicographer and sage, in London, England

Thomas B. Dewey
  • Singer Batts: Shakespearean scholar running a hotel in a small town in Ohio

Joanne Dobson
  • Karen Pelletier: English professor in Enfield, Massachusetts

John Donohue
  • Connor Burke: university professor and martial-arts student, in New York City

Ann Dukthas (Paul Doherty)
  • Nicholas Segalla: time-traveling scholar in England

Jan Dunlap
  • Bob White: expert birder and counselor at Savage High School, near the Twin Cities in Minnesota, in the Birder Murder mysteries

Martin Edwards
  • Daniel Kind: retired Oxford historian, and Detective Chief Inspector Hannah Scarlett of the Cold Case Squad, in the Lake District of England

Anthony Eglin
  • Lawrence Kingston: retired botany professor in England, in the English Garden mysteries

Aaron Elkins
  • Gideon Oliver: anthropology professor in Port Angeles, Washington

Mary Anna Evans
  • Faye Longchamp: black archaeology student digging up artifacts for the black market on her plantation on North Florida’s Gulf Coast

E.X. Ferrars
  • Andrew Basnett: retired professor of botany in England

Honora Finkelstein and Susan Smily
  • Ariel Quigley: college English teacher with psychic powers, in Alexandria, Virginia

Dorsey Fiske
  • John Fenchurch: Cambridge Fellow in England

Kate Clark Flora
  • Thea Kozak: educational consultant in Massachusetts

Shelley Freydont
  • Katie McDonald: mathematician and Sudoku whiz who returns to her hometown of Granville, New Hampshire

Linda French
  • Teddy Morelli: college history professor in Seattle Washington

Timothy Fuller
  • Jupiter Jones: Harvard fine arts instructor and amateur sleuth, in Boston, Massachusetts

Jacques Futrelle
  • Augustus “The Thinking Machine” S.F.X. Van Dusen: professor in Boston, Massachusetts

Paul L. Gaus
  • Michael Branden: college professor in Ohio Amish country

Alison Gaylin
  • Samantha Leiffer: preschool teacher in New York City

Anne George
  • Patricia Anne “Mouse” Hollowell: retired English teacher, and Mary Alice “Sister” Crane, who out-lived three husbands, in Alabama, in the Southern Sisters mysteries

Kat Goldring
  • Willi Gallagher: part-time English teacher, looking into her American Indian background, and Quannah Lassiter, a Lakota-speaking special investigator for the Texas Rangers, in Nickleberry, Texas

Paula Gosling
  • Kate Trevorne: English professor, and Jack Stryker, a homicide cop, in Michigan

Barbara Hambly
  • James Asher: professor and one-time spy, in London, England

Janice Hamrick
  • Jocelyn Shore: a high school teacher from Austin, Texas

Jonathan Harrington
  • Danny O’Flaherty: American teacher researching his family’s roots in Ireland, and in New York City

Conrad Haynes
  • Henry “Harry” Bishop: college professor in Portland, Oregon

Tim Heald
  • Tudor Cornwall: Reader in Criminal Studies at the University of Wessex, in England

Tim Hemlin
  • Neil Marshall: graduate student in creative writing, struggling poet, and part-time chef and caterer, in Houston, Texas

Teri Holbrook
  • Gale Grayson: American expatriate historian in England

Anne Holt
  • Johanne Vik: Oslo University psychology professor and former FBI profiler, and Adam Stubø, a detective inspector, in Oslo, Norway

Wendy Hornsby
  • Kate Teague: history teacher in California

Maria Hudgins
  • Dotsy Lamb: recently divorced ancient and medieval history professor from Virginia, traveling in Europe with her friend Lettie

Mary Ellen Hughes
  • Maggie Olenski: young high school math teacher in Baltimore, Maryland

Jane Isenberg
  • Bel Barrett: professor of English in Jersey City, New Jersey

Marshall Jevons
  • Henry Spearman: economics professor at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts

D.J.H. Jones
  • Nancy Cook: Chaucer scholar and professor at Yale University

Merry Jones
  • Harper Jennings: Iraq war veteran with PTSD, now a teaching assistant at Cornell University, in New York

Jennifer Jordan
  • Barry Vaughan: history lecturer and spoofy crime writer, and Dee Vaughan, an office temp wife, in Woodfield, England
Nora Kelly
  • Gillian Adams: college history department chair in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Susan Kelly
  • Liz Connors: former English professor and freelance crime writer, in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Rebecca Kent (Kate Kingsbury)
  • Meredith Llewellyn: headmistress of Bellehaven House, a finishing school in the Cotswolds, and her two cohorts, no-nonsense Felicity Cross and timid ex-socialite Esmerelda Pickard, in Edwardian England

Diana Killian
  • Grace Hollister: American schoolteacher and literary scholar visiting her favorite poets’ old haunts in England’s Lake District, in the Poetic Death mysteries

Laurie R. King
  • Mary Russell: student and then wife of Sherlock Holmes; theology scholar

Jane Langton
  • Homer Kelly: lawyer and former police lieutenant, now a Harvard professor, in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Janet LaPierre
  • Meg Halloran: teacher, and her husband, police chief Vince Gutierrez, or Patience and Verity Mackellar, mother and daughter private investigators, and others, in the Port Silva (California) mysteries

José Latour
  • Elliot Steil: son of an American sugar magnate, later a professor of English at a Cuban college and then working in an import-export business, in Havana, Cuba

John Le Carré
  • George Smiley: British Intelligence agent and scholar, based in London, England

Marie Lee
  • Marguerite Smith: retired science teacher in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

M.K. Lorens
  • Winston Marlowe Sherman: professor in Aisley, New York

Ron Lovell
  • Thomas Martindale: journalism professor at Oregon State University

T.J. MacGregor
  • Nora McKee: a college professor, and librarian Alex Kincaid, fighting shadowy government agents using time travel

Shona MacLean
  • Alexander Seaton: schoolmaster in 1620s Banff and Aberdeen, Scotland

Charlotte MacLeod
  • Peter Shandy: college botany professor, and Helen Marsh Shandy, a librarian, in Balaclava County, Massachusetts

Ada Madison (Camille Minichino)
  • Sophie Knowles: math professor at Henley College, in Massachusetts

Jessica Mann
  • Thea Crawford: archaeology professor in England

Hannah March (Tim Wilson)
  • Robert Fairfax: private tutor in the 1760s in and around London, England

Sharyn McCrumb
  • Jay Omega: college professor and science-fiction author

Ralph M. McInerny
  • Roger Knight: philosophy professor in South Bend, Indiana, and his brother Philip Knight,a New York PI, in the Notre Dame mysteries

Frances McNamara
  • Emily Cabot: one of the first female graduate students, in sociology in the 1890s at the University of Chicago, Illinois

Tom Mitcheltree
  • Paul Fischer: college professor in Oregon and Maine

Ian Morson
  • William Falconer: 13th century university regent master in Oxford, England

Donna Huston Murray
  • Ginger Barnes: headmaster’s wife and suburban mother in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jake Needham
  • Jack Shepherd: American ex-patriot lawyer, whose wife left him for a proctologist, now teaching in a business school in Bangkok, Thailand

Francis M. Nevins
  • Loren Mensing: law-school professor in St. Louis, Missouri

Sharan Newman
  • Catherine LeVendeur: novice and scholar in 12th-century France

David D. Nolta
  • Hiawatha and Antigone Musing: siblings, professors, and part-time sleuths, in the Ivory Tower mysteries

Charles O’Brien
  • Anne Cartier: ex-vaudeville actress, then a tutor for deaf children, in England and France on the eve of the French Revolution

Tim O’Mara
  • Raymond Donne: former NYPD detective, now a teacher in his old precinct, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York

Milton K. Ozaki
  • Androcles Caldwell: psychology professor at North University, his “Watson,” Bendy Brinks, and Lt. Percy Phelan, a homicide detective, in Chicago, Illinois
Stuart Palmer
  • Hildegarde Withers: schoolma’am in New York, later retired to Los Angeles, California

Bernadette Pajer
  • Benjamin Bradshaw: electrical engineering professor at the University of Washington in Seattle in the early 1900s

Ellen Pall
  • Juliet Bodine: successful writer of Regency novels and ex-professor of English literature at Barnard in New York City

Leigh Perry (Toni L.P. Kelner)
  • Georgia Thackery: English professor who moves back into her parents’ house with her teenaged daughter and discovers a skeleton named Sid already in residence, in the Family Skeleton mysteries

Elizabeth Peters
  • Vicky Bliss: American art historian in Bavaria, Germany

Audrey Peterson
  • Claire Camden: California English professor in London, England

Christine Poulson
  • Cassandra James: professor and administrator at St. Etheldreda’s College, in Cambridge, England, in the Cambridge mysteries

Lev Raphael
  • Nick Hoffman: gay professor in Michiganapolis, Michigan

Dilwyn Rees (Glyn Daniel)
  • Sir Richard Cherrington: archaeologist and Vice President of Fisher College, in Cambridge, England

Matt Beynon Rees
  • Omar Yussef Sihran: 50-ish schoolteacher in a Palestinian refugee camp, living in Bethlehem, Palestinian Authority

Robert Reeves
  • Thomas Theron: history professor in Boston, Massachusetts

Herbert Resnicow
  • Isabel Macintosh: faculty dean, and Giles Sullivan, a retired attorney, in Vermont, in the Crossword Puzzle mysteries

Judith Rock
  • Charles Matthieu Beuvron du Luc: teacher of rhetoric at Louis le Grand, a Jesuit school in 1680s Paris, France

John Rhode
  • Dr. Lancelot Priestley: former professor of mathematics, in England

Gillian Roberts
  • Amanda Pepper: high school teacher in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Samuel Rogers
  • Paul Hatfield: chemistry professor and amateur ornithologist, in Wisconsin and elsewhere in the midwest

David Russell
  • Winston Patrick: lawyer turned teacher in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Sarah R. Shaber
  • Simon Shaw: professor of history in Raleigh, North Carolina

Catherine Shaw
  • Vanessa Duncan: schoolteacher in late 19th century Cambridge, England

Carole B. Shmurak
  • Susan Lombardi: professor at a university in Connecticut

Anna Shone
  • Ulysses Finnegan Donaghue: Shakespeare scholar and private eye in Provence, France

Clea Simon
  • Dulcie Schwartz: Harvard doctoral candidate living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the ghost of her cat Mr. Grey

Shelley Singer
  • Barrett Lake: history teacher in Berkeley, California

Edith Skom
  • Beth Austin: English professor at Midwestern University in Illinois

Josef Škvorecký
  • Danny Smiricki: jazz saxophone player, teacher, and observer of post-WW2 life in Czechoslovakia and Canada

Joan Smith
  • Loretta Lawson: feminist professor in London, England

Michelle Spring
  • Laura Principal: academic turned private investigator in Cambridge, England

P.A. Stelzer
  • Georgia Jensen: historical researcher turn sleuth

T.S. Stribling
  • Henry Poggioli: psychology professor and criminologist at Ohio State University, traveling to the Caribbean and elsewhere

Betsy Struthers
  • Rosalie Cairns: bookstore clerk turned academic, in Peterborough and Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Virginia Swift
  • “Mustang” Sally Adler: hard-drinking singer who comes home after 17 years as a scholar of women’s studies at the University of Wyoming

Jon Talton
  • David Mapstone: ex-cop, now unemployed college history teacher back in law enforcement, in Phoenix, Arizona

Andrew Taylor
  • William Dougal: post-grad student and security firm employee, in England

Sarah Stewart Taylor
  • Sweeney St. George: art history professor specializing in representations of death, in Byzantium, Vermont

Scarlett Thomas
  • Lily Pascale: ex-teacher, ex-bartender, and ex-actress, now a professor of creative writing in Devon, England

Pamela Thomas-Graham
  • Nikki Chase: black economics professor in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the Ivy League mysteries

Alice Tilton (Phoebe Atwood Taylor)
  • Leonidas Witherall: retired academic and secret pulp fiction author, in Boston, Massachusetts

Lawrence Treat
  • Carl Wayward: professor of psychology, based in New York

  • Jonathan Hemlock: art professor and US government hit man

M.J. Trow
  • Peter Maxwell: widowed teacher and golden-hearted cynic, in England

Margaret Truman
  • Mackenzie Smith: law professor and Annabel Reed, a gallery owner, in Washington, DC

Ann Waldron
  • McLeod Delaney: Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist from Florida, who comes to Princeton University as a visiting lecturer, later professor, in Princeton, New Jersey

Haley Walsh (Jeri Westerson)
  • Skyler Foxe: a gay high school English teacher in Redlands, California, in a romantic mystery series

H.O. Ward
  • Aramus P. Limpkin: professor of history at a college in Georgia, and Dr. Galimatias, a semi-retired physician based in New Orleans, Louisiana

Theodora Wender
  • Glad Gold: English professor, and Alden Chase, a chief of police, in Wading River, Massachusetts

Patricia Wentworth
  • Miss Maud Silver: retired governess and teacher who becomes a professional private detective, in London, England

Lauren Willig
  • Eloise Kelly: Harvard grad student writing her Ph.D. dissertation on spies of the late 18th and early 19th century, in a romantic thriller series

Margaret Yorke
  • Patrick Grant: professor at Oxford, England

Mark Richard Zubro
  • Tom Mason: gay teacher, and his lover, Scott Carpenter, a baseball player, in Chicago, Illinois

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