Selected Paperback Releases

Codes: [r] reprint from hardcover or earlier paperback, [SS] short stories,
[s] simultaneous hardcover/paperback release, [NS] non-series

June 2017

The Owl Always Hunts at Night [Holger Munch & Mia Krüger #2] by Samuel Bjørk

Daisy in Chains [r] [NS] by Sharon Bolton

Lowcountry Bonfire [s] [Liz Talbot #6] by Susan M. Boyer

The Weight of Night [Monty Harris #3] by Christine Carbo

Hacked [Aloysius Tucker #4] by Ray Daniel

Because I’m Watching [r] [Virtue Falls #3] by Christina Dodd

A Soldier’s Revenge [r] [Will Cochrane #6] by Matthew Dunn

Blood for Wine [s] [Cal Claxton #5] by Warren C. Easley

The House of Memory [Pluto’s Snitch #2] by Carolyn Haines


Grace to the Finish [Manor House #8] by Julie Hyzy

The Ragtime Traveler [Ragtime #4] by Larry Karp & Casey Karp

Enforcing the Paw [Paw Enforcement #7] by Diane Kelly

French Fried [Ethnic Eats #2] by Kylie Logan

Order to Kill [r] [Mitch Rapp continuation] by Kyle Mills

Dead Certain [NS] by Adam Mitzner

Guilt Game [The Extractor #1] by L.J. Sellers

Cast the First Stone [Ellie Stone #5] by James W. Ziskin

Continental Crimes [SS] edited by Martin Edwards

July 2017

A Terrible Beauty [r] [Lady Emily Ashton #11] by Tasha Alexander

Bring Her Home [NS] by David Bell

A Ghostly Light [Haunted Home Renovation #7] by Juliet Blackwell

The Lockpicker [NS] by Leonard Chang

Glass Souls [Commissario Ricciardi #8] by Maurizio de Giovanni

Local Girl Missing [NS] by Claire Douglas [1st US edition]

Addressed to Kill [Postmistress #3] by Jean Flowers

Dark Saturday [Frieda Klein #7] by Nicci French [1st US edition]

Muffin to Fear [Merry Muffin #5] by Victoria Hamilton

Played! [NS] by Michael A. Kahn


Murder at the Male Revue [Bucket List #3] by Elizabeth Perona

Ruined Stones [Grace Baxter #2] by Eric Reed

The Lies We Tell [NS] by Theresa Schwegel

Betrayal at Iga [Hiro Hattori #5] by Susan Spann

Fire and Ashes [Angela Richman #2] by Elaine Viets

August 2017

Crowned and Dangerous [r] [Royal Spyness #10] by Rhys Bowen

Macrame Murder [Cora Crafts #3] by Mollie Cox Bryan

A Nest of Vipers [Salvo Montalbano #21] by Andrea Camilleri


Echoes in Death [r] Eve Dallas #44] by J.D. Robb

Brooklyn Wars [Erica Donato #4] by Triss Stein

A Promise To Kill [s] [Clyde Barr #2] by Erik Storey

Atlanta Noir [SS] edited by Tayari Jones

September 2017

Whispers of Warning [Change of Fortune #2] by Jessica Estevao


Dead in the Water [Welcome Back to Scumble River #1] by Denise Swanson

A Conspiracy in Belgravia [Lady Sherlock #2] by Sherry Thomas

October 2017

Death Comes to Lynchester Close [r] [Francis Powerscourt #15] by David Dickinson

The Inheritance [r] [Charles Lenox #10] by Charles Finch

Death, Taxes, and a Shotgun Wedding [Tara Holloway #12] by Diane Kelly

Dead and Breakfast [r] Merry Ghost Inn #1] by Kate Kingsbury


The Dog Walker [r] [Detective’s Daughter #5] by Lesley Thomson

November 2017

Hark the Herald Angels Slay [Year-Round Christmas #3] by Vicki Delany

Disturbed [NS] by Jennifer Jaynes


Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Initiative [r] [Jason Bourne continuation] by Eric Van Lustbader

December 2017

A Lady in Shadows [Madeleine Karno #2] by Lene Kaaberbøl


16th Seduction [r] [Women’s Murder Club #16] by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro

January 2018

Finding Bella [Lucy Kincaid #13] by Allison Brennan

Sunday Silence [Frieda Klein #7] by Nicci French [1st US edition]


An Engineered Injustice by William L. Myers, Jr.

Secrets in Death [r] [Eve Dallas #45] by J.D. Robb

February 2018

Flashmob [r] [John Smith #2] by Christopher Farnsworth

Sticks and Bones [r] [Sarah Booth Delaney #17] by Carolyn Haines

Magpie Murders [r] [NS] by Anthony Horowitz

The Trouble with Twelfth Grave [r] [Charley Davidson #12] by Darynda Jones


Murder on Black Swan Lane [r] [Wrexford & Sloane #1] by Andrea Penrose

The Library of Light and Shadow [r] [Daughters of La Lune #3] by M.J. Rose

Asking for Truffle [r] [Charity Penn #1] by Dorothy St. James

March 2018

The Ultimatum [r] [Bianca St. Ives #1] by Karen Robards

The Force [r] [NS] by Don Winslow

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