Selected Paperback Releases

Codes: [r] reprint from hardcover or earlier paperback, [SS] short stories,
[s] simultaneous hardcover/paperback release, [NS] non-series

October 2015

The Corpse with the Diamond Hand [Cait Morgan #6] by Cathy Ace

Murder, Plainly Read [Amish Quilt Shop Mystery #4] by Isabella Alan

Diner Knock Out [Rose Strickland #4] by Terri L. Austin

Everything She Forgot [NS] by Lisa Ballantyne [1st US edition, APA: Redemption Road]

Killing Ways [Ren Bryce #5] by Alex Barclay

Ghost of a Potion [Magic Potion #3] by Heather Blake

Not a Clue [Liz Forsyth & Stephen Hay #2] by Janet Brons

The Sans Pareil Mystery [Stephen Lavender #2] by Karen Charlton

Florist Grump [Flower Shop #17] by Kate Collins

The Silence of the Chihuahuas [Barking Detective #5] by Waverly Curtis

Cheating the Hangman [Tobias Campion #3] by Judith Cutler

The Spy House [Will Cochrane #5] by Matthew Dunn

The Guise of Another [NS] by Allen Eskens

Death on the High Lonesome [Virgil Dalton #2] by Frank Hayes


The Wrong Girl [NS] by David Hewson

Eighth Grave After Dark [r] [Charley Davidson #8] by Darynda Jones

Death, Taxes, and a Chocolate Cannoli [Tara Holloway #9] by Diane Kelly

Faux Paw [Magical Cats #7] by Sofie Kelly

Guaranteed Heroes [NS] by William Lashner

Red Tide [Billy Knight #2] by Jeff Lindsay

Past Darkness [Karl Kane #4] by Sam Millar

The Skeleton Haunts a House [Family Skeleton #3] by Leigh Perry

Murder in Megara [s] [John the Eunuch #11] by Mary Reed & Eric Mayer

A Cold War [NS] by Alan Russell

A Kind of Grief [Highland Gazette #6] by A.D. Scott

Devil of Delphi [s] [Andreas Kaldis #7] by Jeffrey Siger

Death at the Abbey [Lady of Ashes #5] by Christine Trent

Murder at the Brightwell [r] [Amory Ames #1] by Ashley Weaver

November 2015

Writing All Wrongs [Books by the Bay #7] by Ellery Adams

Divorce Turkish Style [Kati Hirschel #3] by Esmahan Aykol

Plot Boiler [Black Cat Bookshop #5] by Ali Brandon

No Good Deed [Lucy Kincaid #12] by Allison Brennan

Crowned and Moldering [Fixer-Upper Mystery #3] by Kate Carlisle

All Men Fear Me [s] [Alafair Tucker #8] by Donis Casey

A Specter of Justice [r] [Sam Blackman #5] by Mark de Castrique

The Bottom of Your Heart: Inferno for Commissario Ricciardi [Commissario Ricciardi #7] by Maurizio de Giovanni

Rest Ye Murdered Gentlemen [Year Round Christmas #1] by Vicki Delany

Untimely Death [Shakespeare in the Catskills #1] by Elizabeth J. Duncan

White Colander Crime [Vintage Kitchen #5] by Victoria Hamilton

The Traitor [r] [NS] by Sydney Horler

Bearing Witness [Rachel Gold #10] by Michael A. Kahn

The Murderer’s Daughter [r] [NS] by Jonathan Kellerman


The Stitching Hour [Embroidery #9] by Amanda Lee

Woman with a Blue Pencil [NS] by Gordon McAlpine

The Saltergate Psalter [John #2] by Chris Nickson

We Shall Inherit the Wind [Varg Veum] by Gunnar Staalesen

The Candy Cane Cupcake Killer [Fresh-Baked #10] by Livia J. Washburn

The Puffin of Death [s] [Gunn Zoo #4] by Betty Webb

December 2015

Death at Dovecote Hatch [r] [Florence Norris #2] by Dorothy Cannell

A Murder in Mohair [Black Sheep Knitting #8] by Anne Canadeo

Dead to the Last Drop [Coffeehouse #15] by Cleo Coyle

The Undoing [NS] by Averil Dean

MemoRandom [David Sarac #1] by Anders de la Motte

Ashes to Ashes [r] [Ingrid Langley & Patrick Gillard #19] by Margaret Duffy

Walking by Night [r] [Joe Plantagenet #5] by Kate Ellis

The Naked Eye [r] [Kendra Michaels #3] by Iris & Roy Johansen


The President’s Shadow [r] [Culper Ring #3] by Brad Meltzer

Cinnamon Toasted [Spice Shop #3] by Gail Oust

The Vulture [s] [Ike Schwartz #10] by Frederick Ramsay

Brooklyn Secrets [s] [Erica Donato #3] by Triss Stein

Thread and Gone [Mainely Needlepoint #3] by Lea Wait

January 2016

For Cheddar or Worse [Cheese Shop #7] by Avery Aames

No Gun Intended [s] [Annabelle Starkey #2] by Zoe Burke

The Moth Catcher [Vera Stanhope #7] by Ann Cleeves [1st US edition]

Foreign Eclairs [White House Chef #9] by Julie Hyzy


Perfect Touch [r] [NS] by Elizabeth Lowell

Copy Cap Murder [Hat Shop #4] by Jenn McKinlay

The Pot Thief Who Studied Georgia O’Keeffe [Pot Thief #7] by J. Michael Orenduff

A Second Chance at Murder [Love or Money #2] by Diana Orgain

The Necessary Murder of Nonie Blake [Samuel Craddock #5] by Terry Shames

Private Paris [Private #10] by James Patterson & Mark Sullivan

A Thousand Falling Crows [NS] by Larry D. Sweazy

Karma’s a Killer [Downward Dog #3] by Tracy Webber

The Ultimatum [r] [Jeremy Fisk #3] by Dick Wolf

February 2016

The Doll’s House [Helen Grace #3] by M.J. Arlidge [1st US edition]

Off the Books [Novel Idea #5] by Lucy Arlington

Friction [r] [NS] by Sandra Brown

The Grim Steeper [Teapot Collector #3] by Amanda Cooper

Unreasonable Doubt [s] [Molly Smith #8] by Vicki Delany

Pretty Baby [r] [NS] by Mary Kubica


The Missing and the Dead [r] [Logan McRae #9] by Stuart MacBride

Land of Shadows [s] [Medieval #12] by Priscilla Royal

The English Spy [r] [Gabriel Allon #15] by Daniel Silva

March 2016

A Necessary End [r] [NS] by Holly Brown

Pimp [Max Fisher & Angela Petrakos #4] by Ken Bruen & Jason Starr

Tumbled Graves [Stonechild & Rouleau #3] by Brenda Chapman

Death of a Bacon Heiress [Food and Cocktails #7] by Lee Hollis


And Then There Were Nuns [League of Literary Ladies #4] by Kylie Logan

In Place of Death [Rachel Narey & Tony Winter #5] by Craig Robertson [1st US edition]

April 2016

Breach of Crust [Charmed Pie Shoppe #5] by Ellery Adams

The Suspicion at Sanditon, or, The Disappearance of Lady Denham [r] [Mr. and Mrs. Darcy #7] by Carrie Bebris

Collision [r] [Sean Falcone #2] by William S. Cohen

Woman with a Secret [r] Simon Waterhouse & Charlie Zailer #9] by Sophie Hannah

The Drafter [r] [Peri Reed #1] by Kim Harrison


Signal [r] [Sam Dryden #2] by Patrick Lee

The Revelation Code [Nina Wilde, & Eddie Chase #11] by Andy McDermott [1st US edition]

Murder House [r] [NS] by James Patterson & David Ellis

Pretty Girls [r] [NS] by Karin Slaughter

Trap [r] [Butch Karp #27] by Robert K. Tanenbaum

May 2016

Sister Eve and the Blue Nun [Divine Private Detective Agency #3] by Lynne Hinton

Dance of the Bones [r] [J.P. Beaumont & Brandon Walker] by J.A. Jance


June 2016

Liar Liar [Helen Grace #4] by M.J. Arlidge [1st US edition]

Final Fondue [Five-Ingredient #3] by Maya Corrigan

Obsession Falls [r] [Virtue Falls #2] by Christina Dodd


Danger Woman [s] [NS] by Frederick Ramsay