Selected Paperback Releases

Codes: [r] reprint from hardcover or earlier paperback, [SS] short stories,
[s] simultaneous hardcover/paperback release, [NS] non-series

April 2017

Fortune’s Fool [Pliny the Younger #6] by Albert Bell

The Secret Room [Zoe Goldman #3] by Sandra Block

No Charm Intended [Cora Crafts #2] by Mollie Cox Bryan

Shallow End [Stonechild & Rouleau #4] by Brenda Chapman

A Clash of Spheres [s] [Sir Robert Carey #8] by P.F. Chisholm

Executive Order [Reeder & Rogers #3] by Max Allan Collins

Water Signs [Jeri Howard #12] by Janet Dawson

Blood and Belonging [Ray Robertson #3] by Vicki Delany

A Good Day To Buy [Garage Sale #4] by Sherry Harris

Give the Devil His Due [Tarot #3] by Steve Hockensmith & Lisa Falco

The Devil’s Country [NS] by Harry Hunsicker

Love You Dead [r] [Roy Grace #12] by Peter James


Athenian Blues [Stratos Gazis #1] by Pol Koutsakis

Stockholm Delete [Teddy & Emelie #2] by Jens Lapidus

The Curse of La Fontaine [Antoine Verlaque & Marine Bonnet #6] by M.L. Longworth

Called to Justice [Quaker Midwife #2] by Edith Maxwell

Penance [NS] by Kanae Minato

The Measure of the Moon [NS] by Lisa Preston

The Day I Died [NS] by Lori Rader-Day

The Ridge [NS] by John Rector

A Frying Shame [Deep Fried #3] by Linda Reilly

Baby, Take a Bow [s] [Grace Street #5] by Jane Tesh

A Welcome Murder [NS] by Robin Yocum

Oakland Noir [SS] edited by Jerry Thompson & Eddie Muller

May 2017

Not a Sound [NS] by Heather Gudenkauf

Manitou Canyon [r] [Cork O’Connor #15] by William Kent Krueger


Uncorking a Lie [Sommelier #2] by Nadine Nettmann

June 2017

Daisy in Chains [r] [NS] by Sharon Bolton

The Weight of Night [Monty Harris #3] by Christine Carbo

Because I’m Watching [r] [Virtue Falls #3] by Christina Dodd

A Soldier’s Revenge [r] [Will Cochrane #6] by Matthew Dunn


Order to Kill [r] [Mitch Rapp continuation] by Kyle Mills

July 2017

A Terrible Beauty [r] [Lady Emily Ashton #11] by Tasha Alexander

A Ghostly Light [Haunted Home Renovation #7] by Juliet Blackwell


Murder at the Male Revue [Bucket List #3] by Elizabeth Perona

August 2017

Macrame Murder [Cora Crafts #3] by Mollie Cox Bryan


Echoes in Death [r] Eve Dallas #44] by J.D. Robb, read by Susan Ericksen

September 2017

Whispers of Warning [Change of Fortune #2] by Jessica Estevao


A Conspiracy in Belgravia [Lady Sherlock #2] by Sherry Thomas

October 2017

Dead and Breakfast [r] Merry Ghost Inn #1] by Kate Kingsbury