Selected Paperback Releases

Codes: [r] reprint from hardcover or earlier paperback, [SS] short stories,
[s] simultaneous hardcover/paperback release, [NS] non-series

March 2018

End Game [r] [Will Robie #5] by David Baldacci

The Woman Who Couldn’t Scream [r] [Virtue Falls #4] by Christina Dodd

Natural Thorn Killer [Rose City #1] by Kate Dyer-Seeley

Murder, She Knit [Knit & Nibble #1] by Peggy Ehrhart

Under the Shadows [Lola Wicks #5] by Gwen Florio

Every Day Above Ground [r] [Van Shaw #3] by Glen Erik Hamilton

Magpie Murders [r] [NS] by Anthony Horowitz

A Brush with Shadows [Lady Darby #6] by Anna Lee Huber


Look Behind You [r] [Kendra Michaels #5] by Iris Johansen & Roy Johansen

Holmes Entangled [NS] by Gordon McAlpine

Haunted [r] [Michael Bennett #10] by James Patterson & James O. Born

The Ultimatum [r] [Bianca St. Ives #1] by Karen Robards

Without Fear or Favor [r] [Butch Karp #29] by Robert K. Tanenbaum

The Boy Who Saw [r] [Solomon Creed #2] by Simon Toyne

The Force [r] [NS] by Don Winslow

April 2018

Time Is a Killer [NS] by Michel Bussi

Flashmob [r] [John Smith #2] by Christopher Farnsworth

Aurore [r] [War Within #2] by Graham Hurley


The Coven [r] [Beatrice Scarlet #2] by Graham Masterton

Turning the Tide [Quaker Midwife #3] by Edith Maxwell

The Killing House [Paula Maguire #6] by Claire McGowan

Scot Free [Last Ditch #1] by Catriona McPherson

The Color of Fear [r] [Sharon McCone #34] by Marcia Muller

Cat Shining Bright [r] [Joe Grey #20] by Shirley Rousseau Murphy

The Library of Light and Shadow [r] [Daughters of La Lune #3] by M.J. Rose

The Good Daughter [r] [NS] by Karin Slaughter

May 2018

Every Single Secret [NS] by Emily Carpenter


Unquiet Spirits [r] [Sherlock Holmes Adventure #2] by Bonnie Macbird

Sleeping in the Ground [r] [Alan Banks #24] by Peter Robinson

Down the Aisle with Murder [Otter Lake #5] by Auralee Wallace

June 2018

The Witches’ Tree [r] [Agatha Raisin #28] by M.C. Beaton

Dead Woman Walking [r] [NS] by Sharon Bolton

Act of Betrayal [r] [Will Cochrane #7] by Matthew Dunn

A Deadly Éclair [r] [French Bistro #1] by Daryl Wood Gerber


Mind Game [r] [Eve Duncan #21] by Iris Johansen

July 2018

Death in St. Petersburg [r] [Lady Emily Ashton #12] by Tasha Alexander

The Last Thing I Told You NS] by Emily Arsenault

Perish [r] [Maggie Gardiner & Jack Renner #3] by Lisa Black

The Last Ballad [r] [NS] by Wiley Cash

Death Over Easy [Country Store #5] by Maddie Day


The Secrets of Gaslight Lane [r] [Gower Street Detectives #5] by M.R.C. Kasasian

The Forger [Frank Stave #3] by Cay Rademacher

Dark in Death [r] [Eve Dallas #46] by J.D. Robb

August 2018

Hollywood Ending [Dayna Anderson #2] by Kellye Garrett


Strong to the Bone [r] [Caitlin Strong #9] by Jon Land

Playing with Bonbon Fire [r] [Southern Chocolate Shop #2] by Dorothy St. James

September 2018

October 2018

Prisoners of Hope [Amanda Doucette #3] by Barbara Fradkin


November 2018

December 2018
Murder Lies Waiting [s] [Rose McQuinn #10] by Alanna Knight  

Human Face [r] [NS] by Aline Templeton

January 2019

February 2019

March 2019

Never Forget [NS] by Michel Bussi