Jane Langton
Homer Kelly, a lawyer and former police lieutenant, now a Harvard professor, in Cambridge, Massachusetts:

The Transcendental Murder (1964)
APA: The Minuteman Murder (1976)

Dark Nantucket Noon (1975)

The Memorial Hall Murder (1978)

Natural Enemy (1982)

Emily Dickinson Is Dead (1984)
1984 Nero Award
Finalist 1985 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

Good and Dead (1986)

Murder at the Gardner (1988)

The Dante Game (1991)

God in Concord (1992)

Divine Inspiration (1993)

The Shortest Day: Murder at the Revels (1995)

Dead as a Dodo (1996)

The Face on the Wall (1998)

The Thief of Venice (1999)

Murder at Monticello (2001)

The Escher Twist (2002)

The Deserter: Murder at Gettysburg (2003)

Steeplechase (2005)