Judith Cutler
Sophie Rivers, a college lecturer and amateur singer in Birmingham, England:

Dying Fall (1995)

Dying To Write (1996)

Dying on Principle (1996)

Dying for Millions (1997)

Dying for Power (1998)

Dying To Score (1999)

Dying by Degrees (2000)

Dying by the Book (2001)

Dying in Discord (2002)

Dying To Deceive (2003)

Kate Power, a former London Metropolitan Police detective now in Birmingham, England:

Power on Her Own (1998)

Staying Power (1999)

Power Games (2000)

Will Power (2001)

Hidden Power (2002)

Power Shift (2003)

Josie Welford, new owner of the White Hart Pub in Kings Duncombe, a West Country village, and Nick Thomas, a Food Standards Agency inspector, in England:

The Food Detective (2005)

The Chinese Takeout (2006)

Lina Townend, an orphan, and her mentor Griffith (Griff) Tripp, an antique dealer, in England:

Drawing the Line (2005)

Silver Guilt (2010)

Ring of Guilt (2011)

Guilty Pleasures (2011)

Guilt Trip (2012)

Guilt Edged (2013)

Guilty as Sin (2015)

Fran Harman, a Detective Chief Superintendent nearing retirement, in Kent, England:

Life Sentence (2006)

Cold Pursuit (2007)

Still Waters (2008)

Burying the Past (2012)

Double Fault (2013)

Green and Pleasant Land (2014)

Jodie Welsh, a city career woman now married to a country vicar in Lesser Hogben, England:

Death in Elysium (2014)

Tobias Campion, vicar of Moreton Priory, in 1810 England:

The Keeper of Secrets (2007)

Shadow of the Past (2008)

Cheating the Hangman (2015)

Jane Cowan, with her abusive ex-husband in prision, now the head teacher at the primary school, in Wrayford, Kent, England:

Head Start (2016)

Head Count (2017)

Matthew Rowsley, the newly appointed land agent for Lord Croft’s vast Shropshire estate in Victorian England:

The Wages of Sin (2020)

Legacy of Death (2021)

Death’s Long Shadow (2021)

A House Divided (2022)


Scar Tissue (2005)


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