George C. Chesbro
Dr. Robert “Mongo” Frederickson, dwarf criminology professor and former circus gymnast in New York City:

Shadow of a Broken Man (1977)

City of Whispering Stone (1978)

An Affair of Sorcerers (1979)

The Beasts of Valhalla (1985)

Two Songs This Archangel Sings (1986)

The Cold Smell of Sacred Stone (1988)

Second Horseman Out of Eden (1989)

The Language of Cannibals (1990)

In the House of Secret Enemies (1990) [SS]

The Fear in Yesterday’s Rings (1991)

Dark Chant in a Crimson Key (1992)

An Incident at Bloodtide (1993)

Bleeding in the Eye of a Brainstorm (1995)

Dream of a Falling Eagle (1996)

Veil Kendry, a painter and adventurer in New York City:

Veil (1986)

Jungle of Steel and Stone (1988)

John “Chant” Sinclair, Medal of Honor winner in Vietnam and martial arts master turned artist1:

Chant (1986)

Chant: Silent Killer (1986)

Chant: Code of Blood (1987)
Non-series mysteries and thrillers:

Turn Loose the Dragons (1982)

The Golden Child (1986)

Bone (1989)
Finalist 1990 Macavity Award for Best Novel

King’s Gambit (2000)

The Keeper (2001)

Lone Wolves (2003) [SS, including some series items]

Strange Prey and Other Tales of the Hunt (2004) [SS, including some series items]

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