Camille Minichino
Gloria Lamerino, a 50-something physicist in Revere Beach, Massachusetts:

The Hydrogen Murder (1997)

The Helium Murder (1998)

The Lithium Murder (1999)

The Beryllium Murder (2000)

The Boric Acid Murder (2002)

The Carbon Murder (2004)

The Nitrogen Murder (2005)

The Oxygen Murder (2006)


Killer in the Cloister (2014)


Written as Margaret Grace
Geraldine Porter, a recently retired high school English teacher in a small northern California town, whose hobby is building dollhouses and miniature scenes, in the Miniature mysteries:

Murder in Miniature (2008)

Mayhem in Miniature (2008)

Malice in Miniature (2009)

Mourning in Miniature (2009)

Monster in Miniature (2010)

Mix-Up in Miniature (2012)

Madness in Miniature (2014)

Manhattan in Miniature (2015)

Matrimony in Miniature (2016)

Written as Ada Madison
Sophie Knowles, a math professor at Henley College, in Massachusetts:

Square Root of Murder (2011) [review]

The Probability of Murder (2012)

A Function of Murder (2012)

The Quotient of Murder (2013)

Written as Jean Flowers
Cassie Miller, leaving a position in the Boston main post office, returning to her hometown to be postmistress, in North Ashcot, Massachusetts, in the Postmistress mysteries:

Death Takes Priority (2015)

Cancelled by Murder (2016)

Addressed to Kill (2017)

Written as Elizabeth Logan
Charlotte “Charlie” Cooke, leaving San Francisco to return home and take over her mother’s diner, in fictional Elkview, Alaska, in the Alaskan Diner mysteries:

Mousse and Murder (2020)

Fishing for Trouble (2020)

Murphy’s Slaw (2021)

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