Charlotte MacLeod
Peter Shandy, a college botany professor, and Helen Marsh Shandy, a librarian, in Balaclava County, Massachusetts:

Rest You Merry (1978)

The Luck Runs Out (1979)

Wrack and Rune (1982)

Something the Cat Dragged In (1983)

The Curse of the Giant Hogweed (1985)

The Corpse in Oozak’s Pond (1987)
1987 Nero Award
Finalist 1988 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

Vane Pursuit (1989)
Finalist 1989 Last Laugh Dagger Award

An Owl Too Many (1991)
Finalist 1991 Agatha Award for Best Novel

Something in the Water (1994)

Exit the Milkman (1996)

Max Bittersohn, art detective, and his socially connected wife, Sarah Kelling, in Boston, Massachusetts:

The Family Vault (1979)

The Withdrawing Room (1980)

The Palace Guard (1981)

The Bilbao Looking Glass (1983)

The Convivial Codfish (1984)

The Plain Old Man (1985)
Finalist 1986 Anthony Award for Best Mystery

The Recycled Citizen (1987)

The Silver Ghost (1987)

The Gladstone Bag (1989)

The Resurrection Man (1992)

The Odd Job (1995)

The Balloon Man (1998)


Grab Bag (1986) [SS]

It Was an Awful Shame and Other Stories (2002) [SS]

Written as Alisa Craig
Dittany Henbit Monk, a garden club member, and her husband Osbert Monk, an author, in Lobelia Falls, Ontario, Canada, in the Grub-and-Stakers series:

Move a Mountain (1981)

Quilt a Bee (1985)

Pinch a Poke (1988)

Spin a Yarn (1990)

House a Haunt (1993)

Written as Alisa Craig
Madoc Rhys, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police inspector, and his wife Janet Rhys, in New Brunswick, Canada:

A Pint of Murder (1980)

Murder Goes Mumming (1981)

A Dismal Thing To Do (1986)

Trouble in the Brasses (1989)

The Wrong Rite (1992)

Written as Alisa Craig

The Terrible Tide (1983)


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