What’s New

Authors and Characters Added in March 2014

Brynn Bonner: Sophreena McClure, a genealogist and her business partner Esme Sabatier, a psychic, in fictional Morningside, North Carolina, in the Family History mysteries

Amanda Carmack: Kate Haywood, a musician for royalty and a friend of young Princess Elizabeth, in mid-16th century England

Vaughn Entwistle: The Paranormal Casebooks of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Susan Hasler: Maddie James, part of a team of terrorism experts working in a crumbling intelligence agency in a post-9/11 world

Marco Malvaldi: Massimo, the owner of Bar Lume, and an ensemble cast of barflies, in a small coastal resort town near Pisa, Italy, in the Bar Lume series

Lawrence Osborne: non-series suspense

Suzanne Rindell: non-series

Sofie Ryan: Sarah Grayson, owner of Second Chance, a shop in the oceanfront town of North Harbor, Maine, and her adopted cat Elvis, in the Second Chance Cat mysteries (Sofie Kelly pseudonym)

Christine Wenger: Trixie Matkowski, taking over her aunt’s Silver Bullet Diner, in a small town in upstate New York, in the Comfort Food mysteries

Elizabeth Wilson: Justine Hillyard and Myra Zone, investigating murders in England


Authors and Characters Added in February 2014

Marc Cameron: Jericho Quinn, a special agent working for a secret agency combatting international terrorism

Gwen Florio: Lola Wicks, a foreign correspondent living in Magpie, Montana, after being downsized from her job in Kabul

New Amanda Flower series: Andora “Andi” Boggs, a 12-year-old science geek living with her older sister Bethany and their eccentric twenty-something aunt in a series for young adults

New Naomi Hirahara series: Ellie Rush, a Japanese-American rookie LAPD bicycle cop in Los Angeles, California

Kendel Lynn: Elliott Lisbon, the director of the Ballantyne Foundation, and a mostly amateur sleuth, studying for her private investigator license, on Sea Pine Island, South Carolina

Lynne Raimondo: Mark Angelotti, a psychologist who became blind due to a genetic disorder, in Chicago, Illinois

New Johnny Shaw series: Jimmy Veeder, a semi-reformed brawler in the desert of Southern California, near the Calexico/Mexicali border

LynDee Walker: Nichelle Clarke, an intrepid crime reporter, in a small town on the coast of Virginia, in the Headlines in Heels mysteries

New Sally Wright series: Jo Grant, an architect who returns home in 1962 to Lexington, Kentucky, to run the family broodmare farm


Authors and Characters Added in January 2014

E.R. Brown: Tate MacLane, a 15-year-old trying to support his family who gets involved in growing medical marijuana in rural British Columbia, Canada, in the Crime in Cascadia mysteries

New Stephen Frey series: Troy Jensen, an operative for Red Cell Seven, a highly classified intelligence agency tasked with protecting America from the most catastrophic of terrorist attacks

Michael Hiebert: Abe Teal, the 11-year-old narrator, and his mother Leah, a widowed police officer, in late 1980s fictional Alvin, Alabama

Jens Lapidus: Stockholm Noir trilogy featuring the criminal underground in Stockholm, Sweden

Lisa Moore: non-series literary/psychological thrillers

Jan Merete Weiss: Natalia Monte, a captain in the Carabinieri, in Naples, Italy