What’s New

Authors and Characters Added in April 2016

Stefan Ahnhem: Fabian Risk, a Stockholm policeman moving to Tågaborg, near his old home town, in Sweden

Sally Andrew: Tannie Maria, a middle-aged Afrikaans widow who writes an advice column with recipes for the Klein Karoo Gazette in rural South Africa

New Mike Befeler series: Mark Yeager, an amateur sleuth, in the Platform Tennis mysteries

New Don Bruns series: Quentin Archer, a former Detroit cop, now a homicide detective in New Orleans, Louisiana

New Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli series: Jenny Weston, returning home after a bitter divorce, to Bear Falls, Michigan, in the Little Library mysterie

New Laura Bradford series: Winnie Johnson, a bake shop owner delivering desserts in an inherited ambulance, in the Emergency Dessert Squad mysteries

New Mollie Cox Bryan series: Cora Chevalier, a 30-something blogger running a craft retreat business, in fictional Indigo Gap, North Carolina, in the Cora Crafts mysteries

Ian Caldwell: non-series religious thrillers

Two new Rebecca Cantrell series: Joe Tesla, a software genius, crippled by agoraphobia, living in the tunnels under New York City; Sofia Salgado, former star of kid's TV show, Half Pint Detective, now a private investigator, in Los Angeles, California, in the Malibu mysteries [written with Sean Black]

New Joe Clifford series: Jay Porter, an estate clearer dealing with family troubles, later an investigator at NorthEastern Insurance, in New Hampshire

Two new Peg Cochran series: Monica Albertson, running a cranberry farm on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, in Michigan, in the Cranberry Cove mysteries; Shelby McDonald, a recipe and gardening blogger running Love Blossom Farm, in the small town of Lovett, in western Michigan, in the Farmer’s Daughter mysteries

Jonathan Craig: Pete Selby, an NYPD detective in the Sixth Precinct, New York City

Mike Craven: Avison Fluke, a detective inspector recovering from Burkitt’s Lymphoma in Cumbria, England

Claire Douglas: non-series thrillers

John Dufresne: Wylie “Coyote” Melville, a professional therapist and forensic consultant, in Eden, Florida

Janet Finsilver: Kelly Jackson, the manager of Redwood Cove Bed-and-Breakfast, assisted by dogs with special abilities and a group of senior citizen sleuths, the “Silver Sentinels,” in fictional Redwood Cove, California

New Amanda Flower series: Violet Waverly, working in her grandmother Daisy's store, Charming Books, near Niagara Falls, in Cascade Springs, New York, in the Magical Bookshop mysteries

Jean Flowers: Cassie Miller, leaving a position in the Boston main post office, returning to her hometown to be postmistress, in North Ashcot, Massachusetts, in the Postmistress mysteries [Camille Minichino pseudonym]

New Shelley Freydont series: Deanna Randolph, a headstrong heiress, in 1890s Newport, Rhode Island, in the Newport Gilded Age series

LS Hawker: non-series thrillers

New Chris Holm series: Michael Hendricks, a former covert operative for the US military presumed killed in Afghanistan, now a hitman who only targets other hitmen

Alexis Koetting: Bella James, an actress in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada

New Kylie Logan series: Laurel Inwood, a former Hollywood personal chef now helping her aunt Sophie run a restaurant, in Hubbard, Ohio, in the Ethnic Eats mysteries

Clare Mackintosh: non-series psychological thriller

New Priscilla Masters series: Dr. Claire Roget, a forensic psychiatrist

Andrew Mayne: Chronological Man, scientific thriller series set in 1890s Boston and New York City; Jessica Blackwood, a magician turned FBI agent

New Matt Rees series: Dominic Verrazzano, an ICE Special Agent

New Candace Robb series: Kate Clifford, a widow running a guesthouse in late 14th century York, England

New M.J. Rose series: The Daughters of La Lune series set in 1890s Belle Époque Paris

Two new Sara Rosett series: Zoe Hunter, a Jill of all trades, freelance copy-editor, property manager, and dog walker, in the On the Run series; Kate Sharp, a location scout and Jane Austen aficionado, in England, in the Murder on Location series

Emelie Schepp: Jana Berzelius, a public prosecutor, in Norrköpping, Sweden

Gerry Schmitt: Afton Tangler, a family liaison officer with the police department, in Minneapolis, Minnesota [Laura Childs real name]

New Amy Stewart series: Constance Kopp, one of the first female deputy sheriffs, and her two younger sisters, in 1910s Paterson, New Jersey

New Elaine Viets series: Angela Richman, a death investigator in Chouteau Forest, a wealthy suburb of St. Louis, Missouri


Authors and Characters Added in March 2016

Kristi Belcamino: Gabriella Giovanni, a newspaper reporter, in the San Francisco Bay Area, California

John A. Connell: Mason Collins, a US Army criminal investigator, in post-World War II Germany

New E.J. Copperman series: Rachel Goldman, author of a series featuring missing persons investigator Duffy Madison, in the Mysterious Detective series (Jeffrey Cohen pseudonym)

New Elizabeth Darrell series: Ben Norton, a former WWI Royal Flying Corps Flight Sergeant, beginning in 1930

New Jeannette de Beauvoir series: Martine LeDuc, publicity director for the city of Montréal, Québec, Canada

Anthony Franze: non-series legal thrillers

Abby Geni: non-series suspense

Laurent Guillaume: non-series

Joe Hart: Liam Dempsey, a former homicide detective, in the small town of Tallston, Minnesota; the Dominion dystopian thriller trilogy

Ragnar Jónasson: Ari Tho, a young policeman, in Siglufjörður, Iceland, in the Dark Iceland series

New Adrian Magson series: Ruth Gonzales, a former British police offier, and Andy Vaslik, formerly with the NYPD and Homeland Security, operatives with the Cruxys Solutions special security firm

New Nick Oldham series: Steve Flynn, a former Royal Marine, ex-cop and sportfishing skipper in the Canary Islands

Two new Paige Shelton series: Chester Henry and his granddaughter Clare, running the Rescued Word typewriter and book repair shop, in the ski resort town of Star City, Utah, in the Dangerous Type mysteries; Delaney Nichols, an American working for Edwin MacAlister at his Cracked Spine bookshop, in Edinburg, Scotland, in the Scottish Bookshop mysteries

Erik Storey: Clyde Barr, an adventurer and soldier of fortune returning after 16 years to western Colorado

Erik Axl Sund: Jeanette Kihlberg, a detective superintendant, and psychotherapist Sofia Zetterlund, in Stockholm, Sweden, in the Victoria Bergman trilogy

A.J. Tata: the Garrett family combats international terrorism in the Threat military thriller series; Jake Mahegan, a Delta Force captain

New Wendy Tyson series: Megan Sawyer, a former lawyer returning home to run the family farm in Winsome, Pennsylvania, in the Greenhouse mysteries

Ruth Ware: non-series thrillers

Robin Yocum: non-series mysteries


Authors and Characters Added in February 2016

Tessa Arlen: Lady Clementine Montfort, in the early 1900s in England

Cindy Brown: Ivy Meadows, an off off off Broadway aspiring actress, in Phoenix, Arizona

Julianne Holmes: Ruth Clagan, an expert clockmaker at Cog & Sprocket, inherited from her grandfather, in the small Berkshire town of Orchard, Massachusetts, in the Clock Shop mysteries

Eric Rickstad: non-series thrillers set in Vermont

Sofie Sarenbrant: Emma Sköld, a police inpector in Stockholm, Sweden

Stu Strumwasser: non-series

Art Taylor: non-series


Authors and Characters Added in January 2016

Ellen Byron: Maggie Crozat, returning home to her family’s plantation-turned-bed-and-breakfast, in Louisiana, in the Cajun Country mysteries

Heather Haven: the Alvarez Family, running Discretionary Inquiries, a Silicon Valley agency investigating theft of intellectual property, in the Bay Area of San Francisco, California; Persephone “Percy” Cole, one of the first female private detectives in 1940s Manhattan, New York City

David Joy: non-series

Jessica Knoll: non-series

Gilly Macmillan: non-series

New Jo Nesbø series: the Blood on Snow saga revolving around Oslo’s biggest crime lord, the Fisherman, in Norway

Viet Thanh Nguyen: non-series

Rebecca Scherm: non-series

Jane Shemilt: non-series psychological thrillers

Josh Stallings: Moses McGuire, an ex-Marine, ex-con bouncer at a strip club, in Los Angeles, California

David C. Taylor: Michael Cassidy, an NYPD cop with an unusual background, in 1950s New York City

New Diane Vallere series: Margo Tamblyn, a former magician's assistant, returning home to run Disguise DeLimit, her family's costume shop, in Proper City, Nevada, in the Costume Shop mysteries