What’s New

Authors and Characters Added in May 2017

New Ellery Adams series: Nora Pennington, owner of Miracle Books in Miracle Springs, North Carolina, who starts the Secret, Book & Scone Society to help damaged people provide support to those in need

Ryan Aldred: Ben Cooper, from Toronto, accidentally buys a bar with his friend Miguel, and assisted by his lawyer friend Victoria, in Costa Rica, in the Bar on a Beach mysteries

Matthew Betley: Logan West, a former Marine officer, working against international terrorists

Tracy Buchanan: non-series thrillers

Kevin Egan: non-series thrillers; Kieran Lenahan, a lawyer turned golf pro, in Westchester County, New York (written as Conor Daly)

New Christopher Farnsworth series: John Smith, a former CIA agent who can hear people’s thoughts, now working as a troubleshooter for One Percent, a Los Angeles-based clandestine organization serving the very rich

New Meg Gardiner series: Caitlin Hendrix, a detective with the Narcotics Task Force in San Francisco, California

New Leonard Goldberg series: Joanna Blaock, a practicing nurse and the secret daughter of Sherlock Holmes, who solves crimes with Dr. John Watson, Jr., beginning in 1914

R.M. Greenaway: David Leith and Cal Dion, fractious RCMP detectives, in British Columbia, Canada, in the B.C. Blues series

New Carolyn Haines series: Raissa James, a young woman widowed by WWI, running Pluto’s Snitch, a private investigation agency specializing in the occult along with Reginald Proctor, a self-proclaimed medium

Michael Helm: non-series

Joseph Hone: Peter Marlow, a frequently betrayed and victimized British spy

Jennifer Jaynes: the Stranger series

Kathleen Kent: non-series

Mark Lisac: non-series

Howard Marks: Catrin Price, a detective sergeant in Cardiff, Wales

New Amy Myers series: Nell Drury, an Escoffier-trained chef at Wychbourne Court, a country house in Kent, beginning in 1925

R.J. Noonan: Laura Mori, a Japanese-American rookie cop, in a small town near Portland, Oregon

New L.J. Sellers series: Roxanne “Rox” MacFarlane, a former CIA agent now working as a private investigator specializing in extracting girls from cults in Portland, Oregon, in The Extractor series

New Sally Spencer series: Jennie Redhead, a private investigator and former cop in Oxford, England

Jay Stringer: Eoin Miller, a half-Gypsy, ex-cop gangland trouble-shooter, in the West Midlands region of England; Sam Ireland, a reluctant private investigator and part-time bike messenger, in Glasgow, Scotland


Authors and Characters Added in March & April 2017

New Fiona Barton series: Kate Waters, an investigative reporter for the London Daily Post

New Baron R. Birtcher series: Tyler Dawson, a rancher in Meriwather County, Oregon, beginning in 1973

New C.J. Box series: Cassie Dewell, a new deputy sheriff and later an investigator, in rural North Dakota

James P. Carse: non-series

Chan Ho-Kei: non-series

Caite Dolan-Leach: non-series

New William Heffernan series: Henry Doyle, a homicide detective who can hear the last words of murder victims, in Tampa, Florida, in the Dead Detective mysteries

New Tami Hoag series: Nick Fourcade and Annie Broussard, police detectives in Bayou Breaux, Louisiana

New Ragnar Jónasson series: Hulda Hermannsdottir, a police detective inspector in Reykjavik and elsewhere in Iceland

John Keyse-Walker: Teddy Creque, a Special Constable and the only cop on the remote island of Anegada, British Virgin Islands

New Dean Koontz series: Jane Hawk, an FBI agent battling a murderous conspiracy

New Attica Locke series: Darren Mathews, a black Texas Ranger, with family and alcohol problems, in rural east Texas, in the Highway 59 series

Melissa Scrivner Love: non-series thriller

New Eric Van Lustbader series: Bravo Shaw, a member of the secret head of the Gnostic Observatine sect, in an apocalyptic thriller series

Melina Marchetta: non-series thriller; YA suspense

Rob McCarthy: Harry Kent, an A&E (emergency care) doctor and police surgeon, in London, England

New Thomas Mullen series: An ensemble cast of police officers, black and white, beginning in 1948 Atlanta, Georgia

William L. Myers, Jr.: legal thrillers

B.A. Paris: non-series thrillers

New T. Jefferson Parker series: Roland Ford, once a cop, then a marine, now a private investigato

New Cay Rademacher series: Roger Blanc, an investigator with the anti-corruption unit of the Gendarmerie, in the Provence region of France

New Karen Robards series: Bianca St. Ives, running a multinational firm with her father, and swindling con men out of their money, in the Guardian thriller series

Susan C. Shea: Dani (Danielle) O’Rourke, with a playboy ex-husband, serving as a fund-raiser for an art museum in San Francisco, California; Katherine Goff, an American ex-pat living in the Burgunday region of France

Sherry Thomas: Charlotte Holmes, a disgraced young gentlewoman solving cases under the pseudonym Sherlock Holmes, beginning in 1886 London, in the Lady Sherlock mysteries

New Peter Turnbull series: Maurice Mundy, a recently retired London detective constable now working for Scotland Yard’s Cold Case Review Team


Authors and Characters Added in February 2017

Jane Harper: non-series

Leslie Karst: Sally Solari, a former lawyer, helping run her dad’s Italian restaurant, in Santa Cruz, California

Arthur Kerns: Hayden Stone, a retired FBI agent now working for the CIA to combat international terrorism

New Lynn Chandler Willis series: Ava Logan, a young widow with two children who owns the local newspaper in Jackson Creek, North Carolina


Authors and Characters Added in January 2017

Flynn Berry: non-series psychological thriller

Sarah M. Chen: non-series

Marla Cooper: Kelsey McKenna, a wedding planner in the San Francisco, California, Bay Area, in the Destination Wedding mysteries

Shawn Corridan & Gary Waid: non-series thrillers

Dianne Dixon: non-series

Jessica Estevao: Ruby Proulx, a psychic with a questionable past, in the late 1890s, in the Change of Fortune mysteries (Jessie Crockett)

Alexia Gordon: Gethsemane Brown, an African-American classical musician from Virginia, stranded in an Irish seaside village haunted by the irascible ghost of a famous native composer

Noah Hawley: non-series suspense

Nat Hentoff: Noah Green, a homicide detective in Greenwich Village and Alphabet City, New York City

Clark Howard: non-series mysteries and true crime

Joe Ide: Isaiah Quintabe, called IQ, a young black man who solves crimes using his intellect and Sherlock Homes-like observations, in east Long Beach, California

Cynthia Kuhn: Lila Maclean, an English professor at exclusive Stonedale University, near Denver, Colorado

Nadine Nettmann: Katie Stillwell, a wine taster (“The Palate”) working on certification, and amateur sleuth, in the wine country of Northern California, in the Sommelier mysteries

Nick (Nicholas) Petrie: Peter Ash, an Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran with post-traumatic stress challenges

Lisa Preston: non-series thrillers

Lili Wright: non-series

Heather Young: non-series