Spies & Secret Agents
(see also CIA & FBI)
Edward S. Aarons
  • Sam Durell: Cajun CIA operative

Mark Abernethy
  • Alan “Mac” McQueen: true-blue Australian intelligence agent, in Southeast Asia and Australia

Ted Allbeury
  • Tad Anders: Polish-British agent in England

Jack Allen
  • Joshua McGown: Navy Intelligence operative in Washington DC

Geoffrey Archer
  • Sam Packer: British Secret Service (MI-6) agent

William Arden
  • Kane Jackson: industrial espionage expert and detective

Tom Ardies
  • Charlie Sparrow: tough, smart-aleck spy who is irresistible to women in the US

Gordon Ashe (John Creasey)
  • Patrick Dawlish: works with British Intelligence and later at Scotland Yard

David Baldacci
  • Shaw: an operative for a secret global intelligence agency, and Katie James, a disgraced investigative journalist

Bill S. Ballinger
  • Joaquin Hawks: CIA operative of Hispanic and Native American descent, in Southeast Asia

James Barrington (Peter Stuart Smith)
  • Paul Richter: British secret agent combating the forces of evil around the world

Brett Battles
  • Jonathan Quinn: ex-cop freelancing for the Office, a secret US intelligence agency

Ted Bell
  • Alex Hawke: British Lord, jet-setter, and free-lance secret operative out to save the free world

Jack Bickham
  • Brad Smith: championship tennis player and part-time CIA agent, in the United States

John Bingham
  • Kenneth Ducane (also called Vandoran), chief of the Secret Intelligence Service, in England

John Blackburn
  • Bill Easterand and Peggy Tey, agents for hire, based in England
  • Charles Kirk: a general, head of British Foreign Office Intelligence, mostly in England

Grant Blackwood
  • Briggs Tanner: veteran covert US agent on international missions

Lawrence Block
  • Evan Tanner: government agent with permanent insomnia, in the USA

M.G. Braun
  • Al Glenne: French spy (“the French James Bond”)

William F. Buckley, Jr.
  • Blackford “Blackie” Oakes: CIA agent recruited from Yale, in Washington, DC

Gwendoline Butler
  • Major Mearns and Sergeant Denny: special agents for William Pitt to watch George III, in England

Victor Canning
  • Rex Carver: English spy turned private investigator, in Europe

Nick Carter
  • Nick Carter: sexually active, gun-slinging secret agent

Peter Cheyney
  • Everard Peter Quayle: part of a top-secret British counter-intelligence unit working against Nazi agents

Agatha Christie
  • Tuppence and Tommy Beresford: intelligence agents in England

Brian Cleeve
  • Sean Ryan: ex-Irish revolutionary, recruited from prison to infiltrate groups whose plans threaten the security of England

Michael Clynes (Paul Doherty)
  • Sir Roger Shallot: agent of Cardinal Wolsey in England

Manning Coles
  • Tommy Hambledon: master spy for England

Bob Cook
  • Michael Wyman: 50-something philosophy professor and MI-6 agent, based in London, England

Desmond Cory
  • Johnny Fedora: secret agent and adventurer, based in England

David Craig (Bill James)
  • Stephen Bellecroix and Sheila Roath: British agents in England

John Creasey
  • Department Z and tales of British counterespionage

John Creed (Eoin McNamee)
  • Jack Valentine: middle-aged British intelligence agent in the 1970s, in Ireland and elsewhere

James Crumley
  • Milton “Milo” Milodragovitch: Korean war vet, former sheriff’s deputy, and alcohol and drug-challenged private eye in Montana
  • C.W. Sughrue: ex-Army spy turned private eye, in Montana

Charles Cumming
  • Alec Milius: young college graduate recruited by British intelligence (MI6)
Daniel da Cruz
  • A.P. “Ape” Swain: free-lance international agent mostly in the Middle East

William L. DeAndrea
  • Clifford Driscoll: un-named American spy in New York City

Jim DeFelice
  • Jake Gibbs: American lieutenant colonel and spy, working for General George Washington during the Revolutionary War

Len Deighton
  • Harry Palmer: lazy cynical British agent, in London, England
  • Bernard Samson: 40-something British spy, based in London, England

Eileen Dewhurst
  • Helen Markham-Johnson: actress recruited by the Secret Service in London, England

Carter Dickson (John Dickson Carr)
  • Sir Henry Merrivale: holder of one of the oldest baronetcies in England, physician, barrister, and head of military intelligence for the war office in England

David Dickinson
  • Lord Francis Powerscourt: ex-Indian army intelligence officer and Irish peer, working as an investigator in the late Victorian period, in England and elsewhere

P.C. Doherty
  • Hugh Corbett: spy for King Edward I in England
  • Matthew Jenkyn: 15th century soldier and double agent spy, in England

David Downing
  • Jack McColl: Scottish car salesman who collects intelligence for His Majesty’s Navy around the world, beginning in 1913
  • John Russell: British journalist working as an amateur spy in 1939 Berlin, Germany

Ivor Drummond (Roger Erskine Longrigg)
  • Jennifer Norrington, Alessandro Di Ganzarello, and Coleridge Tucker: James Bond-like trio in London, England

Margaret Duffy
  • Ingrid Langley: novelist and British Agent, and Patrick Gillard, a British army major

Dorothy Dunnett
  • Johnson Johnson: British agent and yachtsman on the “Dolly”

Jeremy Duns
  • Paul Dark: a seasoned MI-6 agent with a past, in a trilogy set in late 1960s Europe and Africa

Francis Durbridge
  • Tim Frazer: young engineer who gets involved in intrigue

Clive Egleton
  • Peter Ashton: secret agent in the British SIS
  • Charles Winter: chief of British Secret Service

Elizabeth Eyre (Susannah Stacey)
  • Sigismondo da Roca: Italian agent of a Renaissance duke

Martin Fallon (Jack Higgins)
  • Paul Chavasse: globe-trotting spy for Britain in the 1960’s

Quinn Fawcett (Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and Bill Fawcett)
  • Ian Fleming: journalist after a distinguished career as an intelligence operative during World War II in Jamaica

John R. Feegel
  • Non-series spy novels with a medical theme, set mostly in Florida and Georgia

Patricia Finney (P.F. Chisholm)
  • Simon Ames and David Becket, secret agents for Queen Elizabeth, in 1580s England

Ian Fleming
  • James Bond: master spy for Great Britain
  • Series continued by Raymond Benson
  • Series continued by John Gardner

Bryan Forbes
  • Alec Hillsden: MI-6 agent, in England and Russia

Corbin Forbes
  • Tweed: British Secret Service second in command, and agents Paula Grey and Bob Newman

Brian Freemantle
  • Charlie Muffin: experienced, rumpled, working-class British agent

Alan Furst
  • Non-series spy books about 1930s Europe and World War II

Robert Conington Galway (Philip McCutchan)
  • James Packard: British spy

John Gardner
  • The Secret Trilogy: study of a family deeply involved in British Intelligence from its modern founding in 1910

William Garner
  • Michael Jagger: swaggering British spy
  • John Morpugo: British counter-intelligence agent

David Gethin
  • Halloran: tough, super-covert British agent in Omega Section
  • Wyatt: British secret agent, in England, Wales, and Italy

Michael Gilbert
  • Luke Pagan and Joe Narrabone: metropolitan police who become British intelligence operatives, in London, England

Dorothy Gilman
  • Mrs. Pollifax: grandmother and CIA agent in New Jersey

James Grady
  • Richard Malcolm: CIA analyst and grad student, in Washington, DC

Bill Granger
  • Devereaux: AKA The November Man, a field intelligence agent for R Section, in New York City

Susanna Gregory
  • Thomas Chaloner: reluctant spy for the Secretary in London, England

W.E.B. Griffin
  • Men at War Series: featuring the OSS during World War II
  • The Honor Bound Series: featuring the OSS in neutral Buenos Aires, Argentina during 1942-43

Joan Hadley (Joan Hess)
  • Theo Bloomer: retired florist and former spy

David Hagberg
  • Kirk McGarvey: CIA agent and assassin, later Director

William Haggard
  • Charles Russell: colonel heading the fictitious Security Executive, a British military intelligence organization
  • William Wilberforce Smith: an aristocratic Caribbean operative in the fictitious Security Executive, a British military intelligence organization

Adam Hall
  • Quiller: agent for a British intelligence agency so secret it has no name

Barbara Hambly
  • James Asher: professor and one-time spy, in London, England

Donald Hamilton
  • Matt Helm: American superspy in the USA

Clay Harvey
  • Tyler Vance: ex-operative, free-lance writer, and gun expert, in North Carolina

Shaun Herron
  • Miro: stodgy middle-aged spy and assassin working for a US intelligence agency, “The Firm,” in Canada and Ireland

Jack Higgins
  • Sean Dillon: IRA enforcer turned British special agent, in Ireland

Kathleen Hills
  • John McIntire: retired military intelligence officer and newly appointed township constable, in 1950s St. Adele, on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Edward D. Hoch
  • Jeffrey Rand: spy and expert in codes

Kay Hooper
  • Hagen: government agent in the USA

Richard Hoyt
  • James Burlane: ex-CIA operative turned private investigator in the USA

C.C. Humphreys
  • Jack Absolute: English army captain and spy (based on a character in Richard Sheridan’s play “The Rivals”) during the French and Indian War era (late 1750s-1760s) in colonial America and London, England

Fred Hunter
  • Alex Reynolds: gay accidental spy in Chicago, Illinois

David Ignatius
  • Non-series spy novels

Bill James
  • Simon Abelard: mixed race intelligence officer in Great Britain
Michael Kilian
  • Harrison Raines: Pinkerton spy during America’s Civil War

Paul Lawrence
  • Harry Lytle: member of the intelligence service of King Charles II, starting in 1664 in London, England

James Leasor
  • Dr. Jason Love: physician and WWII veteran, on assignment for British Intelligence

John Le Carré
  • George Smiley: British Intelligence agent and scholar, based in London, England

John Lescroart
  • Auguste Lupa: British Secret Service agent with U.S. passport

Margit Liesche
  • Pucci Lewis: US Women Airforce Service Pilot (WASP) and undercover agent in World War II

Robert Littell
  • Non-series spy thrillers

Mark Lovell (Mark McShane)
  • Appleton “Apple” Porter: 6-foot 7-inch spy

Robert Ludlum
  • Covert-One: the President’s personal, super-secret agency

Eric Van Lustbader
  • Jake Maroc: top agent for the Quarry, a secretive US government agency

Philip MacDonald
  • Anthony Ruthven Gethryn: sleuth and sometime intelligence officer, son of an English squire and a Spanish actress

Susan Elia MacNeal
  • Maggie Hope: spy for MI-5 in 1940s London, England

Adrian Magson
  • Harry Tate: officer in MI-5 sent to the Balkans after a botched operation

Jessica Mann
  • Tamara Hoyland: British secret agent and archaeologist in England

Paul Mann
  • Colin Lynch: international espionage agent

Dan J. Marlowe
  • Earl Drake: bank robber, killer, and part-time tree surgeon, later a secret agent

John P. Marquand
  • Mr. Moto: Japanese secret agent

Edward Marston
  • Daniel Rawson: spy, adventurer, and captain in the British army under the Duke of Malborough in the 1700s in Europe and England

Francine Mathews
  • Catherine Carmichael: CIA intelligence analyst

Charles McCarry
  • Paul Christopher: American secret agent and poet, and his family, in an overlapping series jumping backward and forward in time

Philip McCutchan
  • Esmonde Shaw: Commander in the English Naval Intelligence Division, later with a semi-official intelligence agency called 6D2

Geoffrey McGeachin
  • Alby Murdoch: Australian secret agent and international photographer

Claire McNab
  • Denise Cleever: agent for the Australian Security Intelligence Organization

Andy McNab
  • Nick Stone: SAS (special forces) agent for England

James Mitchell
  • David Callan: British agent in the eternal struggle with the KGB, mostly in England

Aly Monroe
  • Peter Cotton: British economic warfare agent in the mid to late 1940s

Philippa Morgan (Philip Gooden)
  • Geoffrey Chaucer: acting as an agent for Edward III in the late 1300s in England and on the continent

James Munro (James Mitchell)
  • John Craig: violent but ethical British Intelligence agent working for Department K

Peter O’Donnell
  • Modesty Blaise: gorgeous crime fighter for British Intelligence, in London, England

Douglas Orgill
  • William Mallett: British secret service agent
Michael Pearce
  • Sando Seymour: multilingual officer with Special Branch in 1906 Trieste under the Austro-Hungarian Empire

Ridley Pearson
  • Grace Chu, an American-educated Chinese forensic accountant, and John Knox, an American Iraqi war veteran, with an import/export business, working together as freelance undercover operatives around the world in the Risk Agent series

Wilder Perkins
  • Bartholemew Hoare: British Navy officer wounded in the throat during the Napoleanic Wars of the early 1800s, and assigned to espionage duties

Anne Perry
  • Matthew Reavley: British intelligence officer, and the Reavley family, in London, England, in the World War I serie

Ritchie Perry
  • Philis: a Brazilian smuggler turned British intelligence agent in Brazil

Joyce Porter
  • Eddie Brown: comic spy in England

Anthony Price
  • Dr. David Audley: historian and spy in England

Peter Rabe
  • Manny DeWitt: lawyer for an international firm, Lobbe Industriel, who becomes a spy

Stella Rimington
  • Liz Carlyle: an agent in MI-5 Joint Counter-Terrorist Group, in London, England

Candace M. Robb
  • Owen Archer: medieval spy for the Archbishop, in Wales

Michael E. Rose
  • Frank Delaney: world-traveling investigative journalist and sometime spy, based in Montreal, Québec, Canada

Jeffrey Round
  • Bradford Fairfax: a gay 30-something special agent with a secret organization called Box 77

Douglas Rutherford
  • Paddy Regan: British special agent, in Europe

Daniel Silva
  • Gabriel Allon: art restorer and Israeli secret agent

Murray Smith
  • David Jardine: spymaster with the British Secret Intelligence Service, on assignment around the world

Keith Snyder
  • Jason Keltner: composer and ex-spy, in Los Angeles, California

Mickey Spillane
  • Tiger Mann: spy in New York City

Olen Steinhauer
  • Emil Brod, Ferenc Kolyeszar, Brano Sev, and other police and intelligence agents in Communist-era Eastern Europe

Jon Stock
  • Daniel Marchant: suspended MI-6 agent trying to clear his father’s reputation as former head of MI-6, in the globetrotting Legoland (MI-6 headquarters) trilogy

Maureen Tan
  • Jane Nichols: secret agent turned mystery writer, in Savannah, Georgia

Richard Telfair (Richard Jessup)
  • Monty Nash: loner agent working against the Reds with the US Department of Counter Intelligence

Craig Thomas
  • Kenneth Aubrey and Patrick Hyde, MI-6 agents, and an ensemble of other characters, mostly in Asia

Ross Thomas
  • Mike Padillo: spy, and “Mac” McCorkle, a saloon owner, in Bonn, Germany

Keith Thomson
  • Drummond Clark: 64-year-old retired CIA operative with Alzheimer’s, and his son Charlie Clark, a gambler in hock to Russian loan sharks

Brad Thor
  • Scot Harvath: ex-Navy Seal, Secret Service agent, and counter-terrorism operative working all over the world

Marilyn Todd
  • Iliona: high priestess blackmailed into spying for Sparta, in 5th century BCE Greece

Don Tracy
  • Giff Speer: master sergeant and undercover agent in the US Army Military Police, around the USA

John Trenhaile
  • Simon Young: British businessman and intelligence officer struggling with Chinese and Russian agents, in Hong Kong

Janice Weber
  • Leslie Frost: secret agent and concert violinist, in Washington, DC

Dennis Wheatley
  • Roger Brook: special agent for Prime Minister William Pitt, from 1783-1815, in Europe, Asia, and the Americas
  • Gregory Sallust: British agent battling Nazis, sometimes by occult means

Lauren Willig
  • Eloise Kelly: Harvard grad student writing her Ph.D. dissertation on spies of the late 18th and early 19th century, in a romantic thriller series

Amanda Kyle Williams
  • Madison McGuire: lesbian deep-cover secret agent for the US government, later with the CIA, In the US and overseas, starting in 1978

Derek Wilson
  • George Keene: spy in William Pitt’s intelligence service during England’s war with France in the 1790s

Martin Woodhouse
  • Giles Yeoman: scientist reluctantly working with British intelligence

M.K. Wren
  • Conan Flagg: bookstore owner and former intelligence agent, in Oregon

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