Joan Hess
Joan Hadley
Claire Malloy, small-town bookstore owner in Farberville, Arkansas:

Strangled Prose (1986)
Finalist 1987 Anthony Award for Best First Novel

The Murder at the Murder at the Mimosa Inn (1986)

Dear Miss Demeanor (1987)

A Really Cute Corpse (1988)

A Diet to Die For (1989)

Roll Over and Play Dead (1991)

Death by the Light of the Moon (1992)

Poisoned Pins (1993)

Tickled to Death (1994)

Busy Bodies (1995)

Closely Akin to Murder (1996)

A Holly, Jolly Murder (1997)

A Conventional Corpse (2000)

Out on a Limb (2002)

The Goodbye Body (2005)

Damsels in Distress (2007)

Mummy Dearest (2008)

Deader Homes and Gardens (2012)

Murder as a Second Language (2013)

Pride v. Prejudice (2015)

Arly Hanks, a small-town police chief in Maggody, Arkansas:

Malice in Maggody (1987)

Mischief in Maggody (1988)
Finalist 1988 Agatha Award for Best Novel

Much Ado in Maggody (1989)

Mortal Remains in Maggody (1991)

Madness in Maggody (1991)

Maggody in Manhattan (1992)

O Little Town of Maggody (1993)
Finalist 1993 Agatha Award for Best Novel
Finalist 1994 Anthony Award for Best Mystery

Martians in Maggody (1994)

Miracles in Maggody (1995)
Finalist 1995 Agatha Award for Best Novel
Finalist 1996 Lefty Award

Maggody Militia (1997)

Misery Loves Maggody (1999)

Murder @ (2000)

Maggody and the Moonbeams (2001)

Muletrain to Maggody (2004)

Malpractice in Maggody (2006)

The Merry Wives of Maggody (2010)


Death of a Romance Writer and Other Stories (2002)

Big Foot Stole My Wife and other stories (2003)

written as Joan Hadley
Theo Bloomer, a retired florist and former spy:

The Night-Blooming Cereus (1986)

The Deadly Ackee (1988)

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