John Blackburn
John Fenwick Blackburn
Charles Kirk, a general, head of British Foreign Office Intelligence, mostly in England:

A Scent of New-Mown Hay (1958)
APA: The Reluctant Spy (1966)

A Sour Apple Tree (1958)

Broken Boy (1959)

The Gaunt Woman (1962)

Colonel Bogus (1964)
APA: Packed for Murder (1964)

A Ring of Roses (1965)
APA: A Wreath of Roses (1965)
Finalist 1965 Gold Dagger Award

Nothing but the Night (1968)

The Young Man from Lima (1968)

For Fear of Little Men (1972)

Bill Easterand and Peggy Tey, agents for hire, based in England:

Deep Among the Dead Men (1973)

Mister Brown’s Bodies (1975)

The Cyclops Goblet (1977)

Non-series, many with science fiction, fantasy, and horror elements:

Dead Man Running (1960)

Blue Octavo (1963)
APA: Bound To Kill (1963)

The Winds of Midnight (1964)
APA: Murder at Midnight (1964)

Children of the Night (1966)

The Flame and the Wind (1967)

Bury Him Darkly (1969)

Blow the House Down (1970)

The Household Traitors (1971)

Devil Daddy (1972)

Our Lady of Pain (1974)

The Face of the Lion (1976)

Dead Man’s Handle (1978)

The Sins of the Father (1979)

A Beastly Business (1982)

A Book of the Dead (1984)

The Bad Penny (1985)

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