Don Tracy
Donald Fiske Tracy
Giff Speer, a master sergeant and undercover agent in the US Army Military Police, around the USA:

Deadly to Bed (1960)

Naked She Died (1962)

Fun and Deadly Games (1968)

Look Down on Her Dying (1968)

Pot of Trouble (1971)

Flats Fixed-Among Other Things (1974)
Finalist 1975 Edgar Award for Best Paperback

The Big X (1976)

Death Calling Collect (1976)

High, Wide and Ransom (1976)


Criss-Cross (1934)
APA: The Cheat (1951)

Round Trip (1934)
APA: Too Many Girls (1958)

Last Year’s Snow (1937)
APA: White Hell (1955)

How Sleeps the Beast (1938)

The Big Blackout (1959)

No Trespassing (1961)

The Big Brass Ring (1963)

The Hated One (1963)

A Corpse Can Sure Louse Up a Weekend! (1973)

The Editor (1973)

Written as Roger Fuller

On the Double (1961)

All the Silent Voices1 (1964)

Fear in a Desert Town2 (1964)

Ordeal1 (1964)

The Timeless Serpent (1964)

Who Killed Beau Sparrow?3 (1964)
APA: Burke’s Law (1965)

Who Killed Madcap Millicent?3 (1964)
APA: The Martini Murders (1966)

Eve of Judgment1 (1965)