Derek Wilson
Tim Lacy, a security expert investigating crime and fraud in the international art world:

The Triarchs (1994)

The Dresden Text (1994)

The Camargue Brotherhood (1995)

The Hellfire Papers (1995)

The Borgia Chalice (1996)

Cumberland’s Cradle (1996)

Nathanial Gye, a paranormal investigator based in Cambridge, England:

Triple Tree (2002)

The Nature of Rare Things (2003)

Unquiet Spirit (2006)

George Keene, a spy in William Pitt’s intelligence service during England’s war with France in the 1790s:

Keene’s Quest (2000)

Keene’s Terror (2001)

Keenes Liberty (2002)


The Swarm of Heaven: A Renaissance Mystery (1999)

Written as Jonathan Kane

Triple Take (1990)

Triptych (1991)

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