Charles McCarry
Paul Christopher, an American secret agent and poet, and his family, in an overlapping series jumping backward and forward in time:

The Miernik Dossier (1973) [review] [set in 1959]

The Tears of Autumn (1974) [set in 1963]

The Secret Lovers (1977) [set in 1960]

The Last Supper (1983) [set in 1920s & 1960s]

Second Sight (1991) [set in 1930s to 1980s]

Old Boys (2004) [set in 2000s]

Christopher’s Ghosts (2007) [set in late 1930s & 1959-]


The Better Angels (1979)
[speculative fiction, set in 1990s, includes Christopher’s Hubbard relatives]

Shelley’s Heart (1997)
[sequel to The Better Angels; includes Christopher’s daughter and cousin]

Lucky Bastard (1998)

The Shanghai Factor (2013) [review]
Finalist 2014 Barry Award for Best Thriller

The Mulberry Bush (2015)

Other fiction:

The Bride of the Wilderness (1988) [Christopher’s 18th century ancestors]

Ark (2011)

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