David Downing
John Russell, a British journalist working as an amateur spy, beginning in 1939 Berlin, Germany:

Zoo Station (2007) [review]

Silesian Station (2008)

Stettin Station (2009)

Potsdam Station (2010)

Lehrter Station (2012)

Masaryk Station (2013)

Wedding Station (2021) [prequel]

Union Station (2024)

Jack McColl, a Scottish car salesman who collects intelligence for His Majesty's Navy around the world, beginning in 1913:

Jack of Spies (2014)

One Man’s Flag (2015)

Lenin’s Roller Coaster (2017)

The Dark Clouds Shining (2018)


The Red Eagles (1987)

Diary of a Dead Man on Leave (2019)

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