Bill Granger
Devereaux AKA The November Man, a field intelligence agent for R Section, in New York City:

The November Man (1979)

Schism (1981)

The Shattered Eye (1982)

The British Cross (1983)

The Zurich Numbers (1984)

Hemingway's Notebook (1986)

There Are No Spies (1986)

The Infant Of Prague (1987)

Henry Mcgee Is Not Dead (1988)

The Man Who Heard Too Much (1989)

League Of Terror (1990)

The Last Good German (1991)

Burning The Apostle (1993)

Jimmy Drover, ex-sportswriter in Chicago, Illinois:

Drover (1991)

Drover and the Zebras (1992)

Drover and the Designated Hitter (1994)

  Terry Flynn and Karen Kovac, special squad detectives in Chicago, Illinois:

Public Murders (1980)
1981 Edgar Award for Best Paperback

Priestly Murders1 (1984)

Newspaper Murders1 (1985)

The El Murders (1987)


Queens Crossing (1982)

Sweeps (1980)

Time For Frankie Coolin2 (1982)

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