Mysteries Set in England

Paul Adam
  • Mike McLean: freelance journalist in England

Jane (A.) Adams
  • Naomi Blake: blind ex-policewoman in the Midlands of England
  • Ray Flowers: former police sergeant, private investigator, in England
  • Rina Martin: retired actress, who played a private investigator in a television series, in Frantham, England

Catherine Aird
  • Christopher Dennis “Seedy” Sloan: Berebury CID department head in West Calleshire, England

Peter Alding (Roderic Jeffries)
  • Constable John Kerr: and inspector Robert Fusil in the fictious seaside Fortrow, England

Ted Allbeury
  • Tad Anders: Polish-British agent in England

Eric Ambler
  • Arthur Abdel Simpson: comic rogue and petty crook, in England

James Anderson
  • Inspector Wilkins: in 1930s England

Vivien Armstrong
  • Judith Pullen: a detective sergeant, often assisted by her former chief inspector, Ralph Arnott, in England

Maureen Ash
  • Bascot de Marins: Templar Knight recovering from imprisonment in the holy lands, in the early 1200s, in England

Nancy Atherton
  • Aunt Dimity: romantic ghost in England

Kate Atkinson
  • Jackson Brodie: ex-cop, ex-husband, and private investigator, in the UK

Evelyn Anthony
  • Davina Graham: British spy in the Cold War

Elizabeth Bailey
  • Ottilia Fanshawe: former companion to Dowager Lady Polbrook now married to Lord Francis Fanshawe, in Regency England, in the Lady Fan mysteries

Jo Bannister
  • Brodie Farrell: running a search service in Dimmock, England
  • Primrose Holland: ex-pathologist turned advice columnist, in Skipley, England
  • Dr. Clio Rees: physician and mystery writer, and Harry Marsh, a chief inspector, in England
  • Frank Shapiro, Cal Donovan, and Liz Graham: cops in Castlemere, England

Stephanie Barron (Francine Mathews)
  • Jane Austen: famous author in England

Simon Beaufort with Beau Riffenburgh (Susanna Gregory)
  • Sir Geoffrey Mappestone: knight during the time of the Crusades

Carrie Bebris
  • Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy: taking up the story ended in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, in Regency (early 1800s) England

Simon Beckett
  • Dr. David Hunter: forensic anthropologist in England

Alan Beechey
  • Oliver Swithin: children’s book author in England

Francis Beeding
  • Alistair Granby: Colonel, later General, in the British Intelligence Service in England and occasionally on the Continent
  • George Martin: police inspector in England
  • Wilkins: police inspector in England

Josephine Bell
  • Dr. Henry Frost in England

George Bellairs
  • Thomas Littlejohn: police inspector, later Superintendent, mostly in England

Nancy Bilyeau
  • Joanna Stafford: young aristocratic nun in 1530s England

John Bingham
  • John “Badger” Brock: police superintendent in Melford, England
  • Kenneth Ducane (also called Vandoran), chief of the Secret Intelligence Service, in England

John Blackburn
  • Bill Easterand and Peggy Tey, agents for hire, based in England
  • Charles Kirk: a general, head of British Foreign Office Intelligence, mostly in England

Algernon Blackwood
  • John Silence: physician in England

J.M.C. Blair
  • Merlin: scholar, doctor, and advisor to King Arthur of legendary medieval Britain, in the Merlin Investigations

Janie Bolitho
  • Ian Roper: Detective Chief Inspector, in Rickenham, England

Kyril Bonfiglioli
  • Charlie Mortdecai: dishonest art dealer who consorts with international crooks, and his sidekick Jock Strapp, in England

Stephen Booth
  • Detective Constable Ben Cooper: trying to fill his police sergeant father’s shoes, and new partner, Diane Fry, recently transferred to Edendale’s force, in the Peak District in England

Rhys Bowen
  • Lady Georgiana: minor royalty in 1930s England

Alan Bradley
  • Flavia de Luce: an 11-year old sleuth and aspiring chemist in 1950, in the small village of Bishop’s Lacey, England

Christianna Brand
  • Inspector Charlesworth: in England
  • Inspector Chucky: in England

Gyles Brandreth
  • Oscar Wilde: poet, wit, and playwright, friend of Arthur Conan Doyle, and Robert Sherard, great-grandson of Wordsworth, investigate murders in Victorian England, Scotland, and France

Simon Brett
  • Blotto, the Honourable Devereux Lyminster, and his sister Twinks, in 1920s England
  • Melita Pargeter: widow of a thief in England
  • Charles Paris: charming alcoholic actor in England

Leo Bruce
  • Sergeant Beef: a beer-and-darts loving common man in England
  • Carolus Deene: ex-commando turned schoolmaster in England

John Buchan
  • Richard Hannay: an ordinary fellow caught up in extraordinary events in England and Scotland

W.J. Burley
  • Henry Pym: zoologist cum amateur detective at Huntley-May Grammar School
  • Charles Wycliffe: the area CID superintendent in West Country, England

Anne Burton (Sara Woods)
  • Richard Trenton: banker in England

Miles Burton (John Rhode)
  • Desmond Merrion: military intelligence officer who becomes a private detective, and Henry Arnold, a Scotland Yard inspector, in England

Gwendoline Butler
  • Major Mearns and Sergeant Denny: special agents for William Pitt to watch George III, in England

Dorothy Cannell
  • Ellie Haskell, an interior decorator, Ben Haskell, a writer and chef, and occasionally Hyacinth and Primrose Tramwell, a pair of dotty sisters and owners of the Flowers Detection Agency

Carol Carnac
  • Inspector Ryvet: in England
  • Chief Inspector Julian Rivers: in England

John Dickson Carr
  • Dr. Gideon Fell: the "old lexicographer" in England

Joyce Cato (Faith Martin)
  • Jenny Starling: traveling cook and caterer in England

Henry Cecil
  • Ambrose Low: ex-criminal, and Colonel Brain, an ex-army officer, in England
  • Mr. Tewkesbury: in England
  • Roger Thursby: in England

Mary Challis (Sara Woods)
  • Jeremy Locke: attorney in England

Marion Chesney (M.C. Beaton)
  • Captain Harry Cartwright: wounded, bitter survivor of the Boer War, now a “fixer,” and Lady Rose Summer, in Edwardian England

G.K. Chesterton
  • Father Brown: gentle, quiet little cleric in England

Peter Cheyney
  • Slim Callaghan: tough private investigator in England
  • Everard Peter Quayle: part of a top-secret British counter-intelligence unit working against Nazi agents
  • Alonzo MacTavish: debonair rogue in England

P.R. Chisholm
  • Sir Robert Carey: nobleman in Elizabethan England

Agatha Christie
  • Tuppence and Tommy Beresford: intelligence agents in England
  • Miss Marple: spinster living in St. Mary's Mead, England

Alys Clare
  • Abbess Helewise and Sir Josse d’Acquin: French knight, at the Hawkenly Abbey in England during the 12th century
  • Lassair: a 14-year-old girl with special gifts training to be a healer in a Fenland village, in 11th century England

Rory Clements
  • John Shakespeare: investigator and older brother of Will, in Elizabethan (1580s-1590s) England

Michael Clynes (Paul Doherty)
  • Sir Roger Shallot: agent of Cardinal Wolsey in England

Anthea Cohen
  • Agnes Carmichael: hospital staff nurse in England

Manning Coles
  • Tommy Hambledon: master spy for England

J.J. Connington
  • Mark Brand: in England
  • Sir Clinton Driffield: Chief Constable, and Squire Wendover, in rural England
  • Superintendant Ross: in England

Judith Cook
  • John Latymer: former copper and literary tour guide for groups of American Tourists in Great Britain

Brian Cooper
  • John Spencer Lubbock: retired World War II DCI, in Great Britain

Natasha Cooper
  • Trish Maguire: barrister specializing in child-abuse cases in England

Desmond Cory
  • Mr. Dee: in England
  • Linda Grey: in England
  • Johnny Fedora: secret agent and adventurer, based in England

David Craig (Bill James)
  • Stephen Bellecroix and Sheila Roath: British agents in England

John Creasey
  • Department Z and tales of British counterespionage

Clare Curzon
  • Mike Yeadings, a police superintendent, and Angus Mott, a police sergeant, in Thames Valley, England

Judith Cutler
  • Lina Townend: an orphan, and her mentor Griffith (Griff) Tripp, an antique dealer, in England
  • Josie Welford: new owner of the White Hart Pub in Kings Duncombe, a West Country village, and Nick Thomas, a Food Standards Agency inspector, in England
Jeanne M. Dams
  • Dorothy Martin: American schoolteacher retired in England

Anna Dean
  • Miss Dido Kent: 35-year-old amateur sleuth, starting in 1805 Regency England

Hannah Dennison
  • Vicky Hill: bumbling investigative journalist in fictional Gipping-on-Plym, England

Mary Devlin
  • Geoffrey Chaucer: poet and detective in the late 1300s, in England

Carter Dickson (John Dickson Carr)
  • Colonel March: head of Scotland Yard’s fictitious Department D-3, the Department of Queer Complaints
  • Sir Henry Merrivale: holder of one of the oldest baronetcies in England, physician, barrister, and head of military intelligence for the war office in England

David Dickinson
  • Lord Francis Powerscourt: ex-Indian army intelligence officer and Irish peer, working as an investigator in the late Victorian period, in England and elsewhere

Paul (P.C.) Doherty
  • Hugh Corbett: spy for King Edward I in England
  • Matthew Jenkyn: 15th century soldier and double agent spy, in England

Ruth Downie
  • Gaius Petreius Ruso: recently divorced Roman army physician, in second century Roman Britain

Margaret Duffy
  • Ingrid Langley: a novelist and British Agent, and Patrick Gillard, a British army major

Ann Dukthas (Paul Doherty)
  • Nicholas Segalla: time-traveling scholar in England

Dorothy Dunnett
  • Johnson Johnson: British agent and yachtsman on the “Dolly”

Marjorie Eccles
  • Gil Mayo: police detective in Midlands, England

Ruth Dudley Edwards
  • Robert Amiss: retired civil servant in England

Clive Egleton
  • Peter Ashton: secret agent in the British SIS
  • Dave Garnett: resistance fighter in Soviet-occupied Britain

Anthony Eglin
  • Lawrence Kingston: retired botany professor in England, in the English Garden mysteries

Kathy Lynn Emerson
  • Susanna Appleton: herbalist noblewoman in Elizabethan England

Margaret Erskine
  • Septimus Finch: large, bland detective inspector, later Chief Inspector, in England

Liz Evans
  • Grace Smith: private investigator in Seatoun, England

Martin Fallon (Jack Higgins)
  • Paul Chavasse: globe-trotting spy for Britain in the 1960s

E.X. Ferrars
  • Andrew Basnett: retired professor of botany in England

Jasper Fforde
  • Thursday Next: agent of the Special Operations Network, Literary Division, in Great Britain a funny sci-fi, alternate history series

Patricia Finney (P.F. Chisholm)
  • Simon Ames and David Becket, secret agents for Queen Elizabeth, in 1580s England

Jane Finnis
  • Aurelia Marcella: young Roman innkeeper in Roman Britain in 91 AD

Ian Fleming
  • James Bond: master spy for Great Britain

Raymond Flynn
  • Robert Graham: detective inspector in Eddathorpe, England

Colin Forbes
  • Tweed: British Secret Service second in command, and agents Paula Grey and Bob Newman

Dick Francis
  • Kit Fielding: jockey in England
  • Sid Halley: injured steeplechase jockey turned private eye in England

Ariana Franklin
  • Adelia: (Vesuvia Adelia Rachel Ortese Aguilar of Salerno), a “doctor for the dead” working for King Henry II in 12th century England

Anthea Fraser
  • Rona Parish: biographer and amateur sleuth, in England

David Frome (Leslie Ford)
  • Evan Pinkerton: Welshman in England

Reg Gadney
  • Alan Rosslyn: private investigator in England and elsewhere in Europe

John Gardner
  • James Bond: master spy for Great Britain (Ian Fleming series continued)
  • Herbie Kruger: senior staffer in British Intelligence
  • Boysie Oakes: squeamish government assassin in England

Jonathan Gash
  • Clare Burtonall: hospital physician in England
  • Lovejoy: antiques expert and forger in East Anglia, England

B.M. Gill
  • Detective Chief Inspector Tom Maybridge: in England

Philip Gooden
  • Thomas Ansell: London attorney who travels to British cathedral towns during the Victorian era

Dolores Gordon-Smith
  • Jack Haldean: former Royal Flying Corps pilot and mystery writer, in early 1920s England

Paula Gosling
  • Luke Abbott: cop in England

Bruce Graeme
  • Robert Mather: detective sergeant with the Bretton Police, in England
  • Theodore Terhune: young bookseller in a quiet little town in England
  • Richard Verrell, known as Blackshirt: self-educated foundling who becomes a respected mystery author, and burgles for the fun of it, in England

Caroline Graham
  • Tom Barnaby: chief inspector in England

Lesley Grant-Adamson
  • Jim Rush: American on the run from British police in England

Dulcie Gray
  • Inspector Superintendent Cardiff: in England

Malcolm Gray (Ian Stuart)
  • Alan Craig: ex-Scotland Yard detective, now a private enquiry agent, in England

Christine Green
  • Kate Kinsella: nurse and medical examiner in England
  • Connor O’Neill: chief inspector, and Fran Wilson, detective sergeant, in Fowchester, England

Lucretia Walsh Grindle
  • H.W. Ross: detective superintendent in England

Gregory Hall
  • Non-series set in England

Gerald Hammond
  • Grace Gillespie: nurse-physiotherapist, in the UK

Sophie Hannah
  • Simon Waterhouse: detective constable, and Charlie Zailer, a detective sergeant, in rural England

Cyril Hare
  • Inspector Mallett: in England
  • Francis Pettigrew: down-and-out barrister in England

Karen Harper
  • Elizabeth I: in 1500s England

C.S. Harris
  • Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin, an investigator in Regency England

Tessa Harris
  • Dr. Thomas Silkstone: American anatomist working in 1780s England

John Harvey
  • Scott Mitchell: private investigator in England

Tony Hays
  • Malgwyn ap Cuneglas: one-armed soldier and counselor to Arthur, in 5th century Britain

Tim Heald
  • Doctor Tudor Cornwall: Reader in Criminal Studies at the University of Wessex, in England

Georgette Heyer
  • Superintendent Hannasyde: police superintendent, and Inspector Hemingway, Hannasyde’s subordinate in England

Patricia Highsmith
  • Tom Ripley: charming forger and psychopath in England

Susan Hill
  • Simon Serrailler: police Chief Inspector in Lafferton, England

John Buxton Hilton
  • Thomas Brunt: CID inspector in the hill country of Northern England

Teri Holbrook
  • Gale Grayson: American expatriate historian in England

Hazel Holt
  • Sheila Malory: writer of literary criticism in Taviscombe, England

Sydney Horler
  • Gerald Frost (Nighthawk), who steals jewelry from the immoral rich, in England
  • The Honourable Timothy Overbury “Tiger” Standish, in England

S.B. Hough
  • John Brentford: detective inspector, in England

Lis Howell
  • Suzy Spencer: a working mother and part-time television producer, in the village of Tarnfield in the north of England, in the Norbridge Chronicles

Alan Hunter
  • George Gently: police inspector, later Chief Superintendent, based in East Anglia, England

Bill James
  • Simon Abelard: mixed race intelligence officer in Great Britain
  • Colin Harpur, detective chief superintendent, and Desmond Iles assistant chief constable in an English seaport
  • Kerry Lake: detective in England

Dean James
  • Simon Kirby-Jones: gay American writer who became a vampire in Houston, now living in Snupperton Mumsley, a small village in England

Selwyn Jepson
  • Eve Gill: young sleuth frequently dealing with problems caused by her liquor-smuggling father, in England

Jennifer Jordan
  • Barry Vaughan: history lecturer and spoofy crime writer, and Dee Vaughan, an office temp wife, in Woodfield, England
H.R.F. Keating (written as Evelyn Hervey)
  • Martens, Harriet: detective superintendent in Greater Birchester, England

Mary Kelly
  • Hedley Nicholson: private investigator in England

Susan B. Kelly
  • Alison Hope: software designer, and Nick Trevellyan, a detective inspector, in Hop Valley, England
  • Gregory Summers: police superintendent in the Thames Valley, England

Sarah Kemp (Michael Butterworth)
  • Dr. Tina May: television celebrity pathologist and amateur sleuth, in England

Kate Kingsbury
  • Lady Elizabeth Hartleigh Compton: in Sitting Marsh, England during WWII, in the Manor House mysteries
  • Cecily Sinclair: Edwardian hotel owner in Badger’s End, England, in the Pennyfoot Hotel mysteries

Bernard Knight
  • Richard Pryor: a pathologist, and Angela Bray, a biologist, running a private forensic practice in 1950s Britain, in the Forensic Mystery series

Ronald A. Knox
  • Miles Bredon: insurance investigator for the Indescribable Insurance Company, in England

Sarah Lacey (Kay Mitchell)
  • Leah Hunter: 25-year-old tax inspector, in England

Hilary Landon (George Bellairs)
  • Timothy Dewer: police inspector in England

Lynda La Plante
  • Dolly Rawlins: young widow in England

Janet Laurence
  • Darina Lisle: caterer-chef and food writer in West Country, England

Margaret Leek (Sara Woods)
  • Stephen Marryat: attorney in England

Roy Lewis (b.1933)
  • John Crow: police inspector in England
  • Eric Ward: policeman turned solicitor in England

Gillian Linscott
  • Nell Bray: British suffragette

Nancy Livingston
  • G.D.H. Pringle: retired tax inspector in England

Catherine Lloyd
  • Robert Kurland: army major wounded at Waterloo, and his childhood friend and housekeeper, Lucy Harrington, the rector’s daughter, in Kurland St. Mary, in Regency England

Peter Lovesey
  • Albert Edward (Bertie), Prince of Wales, in England

Phillip MacDonald
  • Anthony Ruthven Gethryn: sleuth and sometime intelligence officer, son of an English squire and a Spanish actress

Donald MacKenzie
  • John Raven: tough Scotland Yard detective inspector, later an unlicensed private investigator living on a houseboat, mostly in England

G.M. Malliet
  • Max Tudor: former MI-5 agent, now vicar at St. Edwold’s in the idyllic village of Nether Monkslip, England

Jessica Mann
  • Thea Crawford: an archaeology professor in England
  • Tamara Hoyland: British secret agent and archaeologist, in England

Ngaio Marsh
  • Roderick Alleyn: second son of a baronet and police inspector in London, England and elsewhere

Edward Marston
  • Ralph Delchard, a soldier, and Gervase Bret, a lawyer, in 11th century England, in the Domesday Series

Andrew Martin
  • Jim Stringer: railroad worker and amateur sleuth in the early 1900s, in England

Sarah Mason
  • Detective Superintendent Trewley and Sergeant Stone: village detective partners in Allshire, England

Keith McCarthy
  • Dr. John Eisenmenger: former forensic pathologist in charge of St. Benjamin’s Museum of Anatomy and Pathology, and Helena Flemming, a solicitor, in England

Iain McDowall
  • Frank Jacobsen: detective chief inspector, and detective sergeant Ian Kerr, in Crowby, in the Midlands of England

Jill McGown
  • Chief Inspector Lloyd and Inspector Judy Hill: cops and lovers in East Anglia, England

Andy McNab
  • Nick Stone: SAS (special forces) agent, for England

James Melville
  • Ben Lazenby: British Council official in England

Jennie Melville (Gwendoline Butler)
  • Charmian Daniels: police detective in Deerham Hills, England

Kay Mitchell
  • John Morrissey: chief inspector and family man in Malminster, England

Aly Monroe
  • Peter Cotton: British economic warfare agent in the mid to late 1940s

Susan Moody
  • Cassie Swann: professional bridge player, Bellington, England
  • Penny Wanawake: 6-foot photographer in England

Philippa Morgan (Philip Gooden)
  • Geoffrey Chaucer: acting as an agent for Edward III in the late 1300s in England and on the continent

Anne Morice
  • Tessa Crichton: actress and sleuth in England

Anthony Morton (John Creasey)
  • The Baron, John Mannering: ex-jewel thief and antiques dealer

Amy Myers
  • Jack Colby: car detective, in England

Charles O’Brien
  • Anne Cartier: ex-vaudeville actress, then a tutor for deaf children, in England and France on the eve of the French Revolution

Roger Ormerod
  • Philipa Lowe: amateur sleuth, and Oliver Simpson, a Detective Inspector, in England
  • David Mallin and sometimes George Coe, private detectives in England
  • Richard Patton: retired Detective Inspector in England
Emma Page
  • Kelsey: detective inspector, later chief inspector, and detective Lambert, in a village somewhere in England

Robin Paige (Susan Wittig Albert)
  • Kathryn Ardleigh: American author who moves to Victorian Dedham, England, and Sir Charles Sheridan, a landed peer and amateur scientist

Frank Parish (Roger Erskine Longrigg)
  • Don Mallett: thief and poacher in Medwell Fratorum, England

S.J. Parris
  • Giordano Bruno: monk, philosopher, and astronomer on the run from the Roman Inquisition, serving as an agent for Queen Elizabeth I, in late 16th century England

Jane Peart
  • Edgecliffe Manor romantic suspense series: young, restless Victorian women in late 19th century England

Sharon Kay Penman
  • Justin de Quincy: bastard son of a bishop in 12th century England

Thomas Perry
  • An anonymous hit-man in England

Joyce Porter
  • Eddie Brown: comic spy in England
  • Wilfred Dover: fat lout of a Chief Inspector in England
  • Honorable Constance Ethel Morrison-Burke: comic senior sleuth in England

Anthony Price
  • Dr. David Audley: historian and spy in England

Andrew Puckett
  • Tom Jones: health investigator for the Home Office, and sometimes Jo Farewell, a nursing sister at Latchvale Hospital, in England

Philip Purser
  • Colin Panton: working in television in England

Sheila Radley
  • Douglas Quantrill, a detective chief inspector, and Hilary Lloyd, a police sergeant, in East Anglia, England

John Rhode
  • Dr. Lancelot Priestley: former professor of mathematics, in England

Robert Richardson
  • Augustus Maltravers: journalist turned playwright and novelist, in fictional Vercaster, England

Michael Ridpath
  • Non-series security trading and technological suspense set in England

Barrie Roberts
  • Chris Tyroll: off-beat anarchist lawyer who will defend anyone, in the West Midlands of England

Roberta Rogow
  • Rev. Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) and Dr. Arthur Conan Doyle team up in 1880s Victorian England

Annette Roome
  • Christine Martin: 40-something cub reporter in England

Holly Roth
  • Richard Medford: inspector in the CID, based in England

Laura Joh Rowland
  • Charlotte Brontë: the author, in mid-1880s England

Betty Rowlands
  • Sukey Reynolds: police photographer and crime scene investigator, in England

Priscilla Royal
  • Eleanor: Prioress of Tyndal in 11th century East Anglia, England

Alan Rustage
  • Inspector Blackstone: in Victorian England and the Empire

Fay Sampson
  • Suzie Fewings: genealogist discovering interesting secrets in her family history, in England

C.J. Sansom
  • Matthew Shardlake: lawyer in mid-16th century England

Dorothy L. Sayers
  • Montague Egg: unassuming wine salesman, in England

Jack S. Scott
  • Peter Parsons: chief inspector, in England
  • Alfred Stanley (Alf) Rosher: crude yet caring detective sergeant (later inspector), in a small city in England

Manda Scott
  • Kellen Stewart: lesbian therapist in Great Britain

Kate Sedley
  • Roger the Chapman: medieval chapman (peddler) in England

Zoë Sharp
  • Charlotte “Charlie” Fox: self-defense expert based in England

John Sherwood
  • Charles Blessington: elderly civil servant in post-World War II England

Roger Silverwood
  • Superintendent Cawthorn: in England

Dorothy Simpson
  • Luke Thanet: police inspector in Sturrenden, England

George Sims
  • Nicholas Howard: manuscript dealer in England

Joanna Campbell Slan
  • Jane Eyre, and her husband Edward Rochester, as amateur sleuths in 1850s England, in the Jane Eyre Chronicles

Shelley Smith
  • Jacob Chaos: police inspector in England

Sally Spencer (Alan Rustage)
  • Charlie Woodend: detective chief inspector in a village in England
  • Monika Paniatowski: detective chief inspector, Charlie Woodend’s protégé and successor, in a village in England

Elizabeth Speller
  • Laurence Bartram: World War I veteran and young widower in 1920s England

Susannah Stacey
  • Robert Bone: widowed British police inspector

Neville Steed
  • Johnny Black: private detective in 1930s England

Rosemary Stevens
  • Beau Brummell: the arbiter of fashion in the Regency era of Great Britain

Simone St. James
  • Non-series historical ghost stories set in 1920s England

Julian Symons
  • Inspector Bland: in England
  • Sheridan Haynes: Sherlock Holmes actor, in England

Andrew Taylor
  • William Dougal: post-grad student and security firm employee in England
  • Lydmouth series: featuring an ensemble cast, including Richard Thornhill, a detective inspector, and Jill Francis, a journalist, in Lydmouth, England, in the 1950s

Peter Tonkin
  • Tom Musgrave, the Master of Defense, a sleuth in 1590s Elizabethan England

John Trench
  • Martin Cotterell: erudite and untidy archaeologist, in England

M.J. Trow
  • Peter Maxwell: widowed teacher and golden-hearted cynic in England

Michael Underwood
  • Martin Ainsworth in England
  • Richard Monk: lawyer in England

Nicola Upson
  • Josephine Tey: the mystery writer in 1930s Britain

Peter Walker
  • Jock Patterson: constable in England

Jo Walton
  • Peter Carmichael: Scotland Yard inspector, in an alternative history starting in 1949 Britain, where WWII ended with a truce in 1941

Mignon Warner
  • Edwina Charles: clairvoyant in England

Stella Whitelaw
  • Jordan Lacey: ex-cop, start-up private investigator, in Latching, England

Charlie Williams
  • Royston Blake: head doorman at Hopper’s Wine Bar & Bistro, in the town of Mangel, in the West Country of England

Derek Wilson
  • George Keene: spy in William Pitt’s intelligence service during England's war with France in the 1790s

Pauline Glen Winslow
  • Merle Capricorn: former vaudeville magician turned police superintendent in England

Joan Wolf
  • 12th century Norman England

Simon Wood
  • Aidy Westlake: rookie car-racing driver in England

Sara Woods
  • Anthony Maitland: barrister in England

Keith Wright
  • David Stark: police inspector in England

Patricia Wynn
  • Gideon St. Mars: viscount who becomes the highwayman Blue Satan, and his friend Mrs. Kean, in early 18th century England

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