John Buxton Hilton
Simon Kenworthy, a hard-working detective inspector, later superintendent, with Scotland Yard, in London, England:

Death of an Alderman (1968)
APA: Dead Man's Path (1992)

Death in Midwinter (1969)

Hangman's Tide (1975)

No Birds Sang (1975)
APA: Target of Suspicion (1994)

Some Run Crooked (1978)

The Anathema Stone (1980)
APA: Fatal Curtain (1990)

Playground of Death (1981)

Surrender Value (1981)
APA: Twice Dead (1992)

The Green Frontier (1982)
APA: Focus on Crime (1993)

The Sunset Law (1982)

The Asking Price (1983)
APA: Ransom Game (1992)

Corridors of Guilt (1984)

The Hobbema Prospect (1984)
APA: Cradle of Crime (1991)

Passion in the Park (1986)
APA: Holiday for Murder (1991)

Moondrop to Murder (1986)

The Innocents at Home (1987)
APA: Lesson in Murder (1991)

Displaced Persons (1987)

Thomas Brunt, a CID inspector in the hill country of Northern England:

Rescue from the Rose (1976)

Gamekeeper's Gallows (1976)

Dead-Nettle (1977)

Mr. Fred (1983)

The Quiet Stranger (1985)

Slickensides (1987)

Written as John Greenwood
Inspector Mosley, in Lancashire and Yorkshire border country in England:

Murder, Mr. Mosley (1983)

Mosley by Moonlight (1984)

Mosley Went to Mow (1985)
APA: The Missing Mr. Mosley (1985)

Mists over Mosley (1986)

The Mind of Mr. Mosley (1987)

What Me, Mr. Mosley? (1987)

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