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Authors and Characters Added in November 2023

New Anders de la Motte series: Leonore “Leo” Asker, a criminal inspector in Malmö, Sweden, banished to the odd cases department in the basement known as the Department of Lost Souls

New Amanda Flower series: Millie Fisher, recently widowed, moves back to her childhood home of Harvest, Ohio, in the Amish Matchmaker mysteries; Shiloh Bellamy, leaving her big city job to return home to save the family farm in Michigan, in the Farm to Table mysteries

New Victor Methos series: Solomon Shepard, an attourney, and Billie Gray, a sheriff, in Utah, in the Shepard & Gray series

New Annelise Ryan series: Morgan Carter, owner of the Odds and Ends bookstore in Door County, Wisconsin, whose hobby is hunting cryptids — creatures whose existence is rumored, but never proven to be real — in the Monster Hunter mysteries

New Jonathan Santlofer series: John Washington Smith of INTERPOL’s Art Theft Division

New Simon Scarrow series: Horst Schenke, Berlin Criminal Inspector and Head of Pankow Kripo Station, beginning in 1939, in the Berlin Wartime thrillers


Authors and Characters Added in October 2023

New Chris Hadfield series: Navy Commander Kazimieras ”Kaz” Zemeckis, beginning in 1973

Una Mannion: non-series

New Nita Prose series: Molly, a maid at the Regency Grand Hotel in an unnamed city

New Lev AC Rosen series: Evander “Andy” Mills, recently fired from the San Francisco police after being caught in a raid on a gay bar, beginning in 1952

Yulia Yakovleva: Vasily Zaitsev, a detective in the Leningrad Criminal Investigation Department, beginning in 1931 Russia, in the Leningrad Confidential series


Authors and Characters Added in August & September 2023

Damyanti Biswas: Arnav Singh Rajput, a police inspector in Mumbai, India

Sigríður Hagalín Björnsdóttir: non-series

Bruce Borgos: Porter Beck, a former military intelligence officer, now sheriff in Lincoln County, Nevada, a high desert area north of Las Vegas

New Jeanne M. Dams series: Elizabeth Fairchild, a young WWI widow in Oak Park, Illinois, in the Oak Park Village mysteries, beginning in 1925

Meagan Jennett: non-series

J.M. Lee: non-series

Dwyer Murphy: non-series

Kieran Scott: non-series

Michelle Min Sterling: non-series

Patrick Worrall: non-series


Authors and Characters Added in July 2023

Ren DeStefano: non-series

New Victoria Gilbert series: Jane Hunter, a 60-year-old retired university librarian, and Cameron “Cam” Clewe, a 33-year-old book and artifact collector, in North Carolina, in the Hunter & Clewe mysteries

Updated Chester Himes page: added 23 titles

Amulya Malladi: Gabriel Præst, a former cop in the Financial Fraud Division now working as a private detective in Copenhagen, Denmark


Authors and Characters Added in June 2023

New Mark Billingham series: Declan Miller, a British Detective Sergeant

D.V. Bishop: Cesare Aldo, former soldier, now an officer of the criminal court, in 1530s Florence, Italy

New M.W. Craven series: Ben Koenig, the former head of the US Marshal’s elite Special Operations Group

Margot Douaihy: Sister Holiday, a queer former punk-rocker escaping her past as a novice nun at Saint Sebastian’s School in New Orleans, Louisiana

Johana Gustawsson: Emily Roy, a profiler on loan to Scotland Yard from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and Alexis Castells, a French true crime writer, investigatng in Sweden and London, England; Maxine Grant, a homicide detective who investigates murder with links to historical cases, starting in Quebec, Canada

New Naomi Hirahara series: Aki Ito, released in 1944 with her family from Manzanar Internment Camp, and working as a nurse's aide in Chicago, then moving back to Los Angeles after the war, in the Japantown mysteries

Jessa Maxwell: non-series

Nilima Rao: Akal Singh, a Sikh sergeant with the Fijian Constabulary, Suva Division, beginning in 1914


Authors and Characters Added in May 2023

Amen Alonge: Pretty Boy, back after ten years with revenge on his mind, in London, England

Dave Barry: non-series caper novels

John Brownlow: Seventeen, the most feared professional assassin in the world, in the Last Man Standing thriller series

Javier Cercas: Melchor Marín, a homicide detective in Barcelona, Spain

Zijin Chen: non-series

New Reed Farrel Coleman series: Nick Ryan, a NYPD detective

New Mary Anna Evans series: Justine Byrne, a factory worker recruited by Army Intelligence for a code-breaking facility in Arlington Hall, a former women’s college in Virginia

Claudia Gray: Mr. Jonathan Darcy, eldest son of Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy, and Miss Juliet Tilney of Northanger Abbey, beginning in 1820 England in the Mr. Darcy & Miss Tilney series

Joey Hartstone: non-series

Robert Lanza & Nancy Kress: non-series

Jack Lutz: non-series

Simon Mason: two detective inspectors named Wilkins, Ryan with a troubled past, and Ray, son of Nigerian immigrants, in Oxford, England; Garvie Smith, a genius student at Marsh Academy, good-for-nothing scoundrel, and sometime detective, in England [YA]

New Spencer Quinn series: Loretta Plansky, a rich Florida widow in her 70s

Philipp Schott: Peter Bannerman, a veterinarian in New Selfoss, Manitoba, Canada, in the Dr. Bannerman Vet series

Patricia Wolf: Lucas Walker, a detective sergeant in the Australian Federal Police


Authors and Characters Added in April 2023

Sarah Bonner: non-series

New Allison Brennan series: Regan Merritt, a former US Marshal whose 10-year-old son was murdered, returning to Flagstaff, Arizona

Greg Buchanan: non-series

May Cobb: non-series

New E.J. Copperman series: Fran and Ken Stein, New York City private detectives who aren’t entirely human

J.C. Eaton: Sophie “Phee” Kimball, a middle-aged single mom who moves from Minnesota, to help her mother Harriet Plunkett, as a private investigator, in Sun City, Arizona; Norrie Ellington, a successful screenwriter in New York City, who moves upstate to help in her family’s Two Witches Winery, in the town of Penn Yan, New York, in the Wine Trail mysteries; Marcie Rayner, a crime statistician in St. Paul, Minnesota, who divorces her philandering husband and takes a temporary job as an investigative assistant in New Ulm, Minnesota; Katie Aubrey, a 30-something former business tech running a sandwich shop and catering business, and sharing her house with a ghost, in Cave Creek, Arizona, in the Charcuterie Shop mysteries

S.M. Freedman: I Fidele, a mysterious group that kidnaps psychic children

Mario Giordano: Auntie Poldi, an amateur sleuth who at age 60 retires to Sicily

New Lee Goldberg series: Walter Sharpe, an arson investigator, and Andrew Walker, a former US Marshal, relentlessly pursuing wildfire arsonists, in Los Angeles, California

S.M. Goodwin: Jasper Lightner, a London Met detective sent to train New York police, and Hieronymus Law, a police detective, in 1850s New York City

Victoria Gosling: non-series

New Susan Isaacs series: Corie Geller, a former FBI agent, and her father, a retired NYPD homicide detective, in Long Island, New York

Dorothy Koomson: Poppy Carlisle and Serena Gorringe, the only witnesses to a tragic event when they were teenagers, in Brighton, England

Hervé Le Corre: non-series historical mysteries

Nicole Lundrigan: non-series

Tim Mason: Chief Inspector Charles Field, beginning in 1860 London, England

Carlene O’Connor: Siobhán O’Sullivan, running Naomi’s Bistro, named for her mother, in Kilbane, County Cork, Ireland, in the Irish Village mysteries; Tara Meehan, a New Yorker carrying her mother’s ashes back to Ireland, in the Home to Ireland mysteries; Cormac O’Brien, a detective inspector based in Killarney, Ireland, in the County Kerry mysteries

S.W. Perry: Nicholas Shelby, a physician in the last years of Queen Elizabeth’s reign, in 1590s, London, England, in the Jackdaw mysteries

Mercedes Rosende: Ursula Lopez, a plump 40-something murderer with a sense of humor, in Montevideo, Uruguay

Shelly Sanders: non-series

Camilla Sten: non-series thrillers

New Leonie Swann series: Agnes Sharp and other elderly inhabitants of Sunset hall, in the country town of Duck End, England

Amy Tector: strange doings in the national archives in the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, in the Dominion Archives mysteries

Alisa Lynn Valdés: Jodi Luna, leaving Boston academia to be a game warden, in her family home of New Mexico

Elle Brooke White: Charlotte Finn, inheriting the family produce farm, sleuthing with the help of a pig, in Santa Barbara County, California, in the Finn Family Farm mysteries

W.A. Winter: non-series, true crime written as William Swanson

James Wolff: The Discipline Files espionage trilogy


Authors and Characters Added in March 2023

Michael Bennett: Hana Westerman, a Māori detective with the Auckland CIB, in New Zealand

New Lorenzo Carcaterra series: Nonna Maria, a 70-year-old widow on the Italian island of Ischia

Delilah S. Dawson: non-series

Maria Dong: non-series

Craig Henderson: non-series

New T.C. LoTempio series: Tiffany Austin, returning home to Branson, Georgia, to work as a food critic in the Tiffany Austin Food Blogger series

Lauren Nossett: non-series thrillers

New Peter Swanson series: Henry Kimball, a police officer and then private investigator in Boston, Massachusetts

Rosie Walsh: non-series

Stacy Willingham: non-series thrillers

Erin Young: Riley Fisher, a sergeant in the Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office, in rural Iowa; historical fiction written as Robyn Young


Authors and Characters Added in February 2023

New Cara Black series: Kate Rees, an American sharpshooter on missions against the Nazis in World War II

Janelle Brown: non-series

Nina de Gramont: non-series

New Barbara Hambly series: Kitty Flint, a glamorous movie star, and her widowed British sister-in-law Emma Blackstone, in 1920s Hollywood in the Sliver Screen series

Adam Hamdy: John Wallace, a photojournalist; Scott Pearce, an ex-MI6 officer

Jennifer Herrera: non-series

New Michael Jecks series: Nick Morris, a British portrait painter, in The Art of Murder series

Brendan Slocumb: non-series

New Betty Webb series: Zoe Barlow, a young painter living in Paris after being banished by her Alabama family for her scandalous behavior, beginning in 1922


Authors and Characters Added in January 2023

Erin E. Adams: non-series

New Mally Becker series: Rebecca Parcell, recently widowed, and Daniel Alloway, an escaped British prisoner, working as spies for General Washington, beginning in 1780, in the Revolutionary War mysteries

Alicia Bessette: Callie Padget, a former reporter turned bookshop clerk on Cattail Island, in the Outer Banks of North Carolina

Valerie Burns: Maddy Montgomery, inheriting her great-aunt Octavia’s house, running her bakery, and caring for a 250-pound English mastiff named Baby, in New Bison, Michigan, in the Baker Street mysteries (V.M. Burns real name)

Katie Gutierrez: non-series

Meredith Hambrock: non-series

Virginia Hartman: non-series

T.G. Herren: Valerie Cooper, inheriting a major interest in New Orleans Fine Antiques, in New Orleans, Louisiana (Greg Herren pseudonym)

Gabino Iglesias: non-series, horror-tinged

Valona Jones: Twins Tabby and Sage Winslow, owners of the Book and Candle Shop, in Savannah, Georgia, in the Magic Candle Shop mysteries (Maggie Toussaint pseudonym)

Claire Kells: Felicity Harland, a 32-year-old former FBI agent now working with the Investigative Services Bureau around the country, in the National Parks mysteries

James L’Etoile: John Penley, and his new partner Paula Newberry, homicide detectives in Sacramento, California; Nathan Parker, a police detective in Maricopa County, Arizona; Emily Hunter and Javier Medina, homicide detectives in Sacramento, California

Joan Long: non-series

M.A. Monnin: Stefanie Adams, a private banker on vacation, in the Intrepid Traveler mysteries

Korina Moss: Willa Bauer, running a cheese shop, Curds & Whey, in fictional Yarrow Glen, California, in the Cheese Shop mysteries

B.R. Myers: non-series

Emilya Naymark: Laney Bird, an NYPD detective turned small town private investigator, in the hamlet of Sylvan, upstate New York

Ashton Noone: non-series

A.R. Torre: Deanna Madden series

Nina Wachsman: Diana, a Talmudic scholar, and Belladonna, a notorious courtesan, are drawn together in 1612 Venice, Italy, in the Venice Beauties mysteries


Authors and Characters Added in December 2022

Samantha Jayne Allen: Annie McIntyre, a young private investigator’s apprentice in the hardscrabble town of Garnett, Texas

New Kelley Armstrong series: Casey Duncan and her husband Sheriff Eric Dalton, relocated from Rockton to Haven’s Rock, a refuge built deep in the Yukon wilderness for people needing to disappear, in the Haven’s Rock series

New Tamara Berry series: Tess Harrow, a recently divorced bestselling thriller writer and her daughter Gertrude, turn an inherited hardware store into a book store, in small-town Winthrop, Washington, in the By the Book mysteries

Lan Samantha Chang: non-series

New Tracy Clark series: Harriet Foster, a detective in the Chicago PD

Bertie Denham: Derek Thyrde, Chief Whip in the British House of Lords

New Juan Gómez-Jurado series: Antonia Scott, a gifted forensic analysis, the daughter of a British diplomat and a Spanish mother, in Bilbao, Spain

Anastasia Hastings: Violet Manville, taking over the Miss Hermione agony aunt column, beginning in 1885 London, England, in the Dear Miss Hermione mysteries (Connie Laux pseudonym)

New Alma Katsu series: Lyndsey Duncan, a CIA intelligence agent, in the Red Widow series

New Kathleen Kent: Melvina (Mel) Donleavey, a young CIA agent, beginning in 1990

Grace D. Li: non-series

Tracey Lien: non-series

New Randye Lordon series: Mary Moody, a “concierge to the rich and the richer” in the Hamptions, New York

New Javier Marías series: Tomás Nevinson, returns to Madrid from Oxford where he has been recruited as a spy, unbeknownst to his wife Berta Isla

New Julie Mulhern series: Poppy Fields, a social influencer and super-secret spy, in Hollywood, California

Hayley Scrivenor: non-series

Charmaine Wilkerson: non-series


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