New Audio Releases

Codes: [NS] non-series, [SS] short stories

July 2024

Bad Tourists [NS] by Caro Carver, read by Lesley Sharp

Flashpoint [FBI #27] by Catherine Coulter

Trouble is Brewing [Tea by the Sea #5] by Vicki Delany, read by Shaina Summerville

Murder at the White Palace [Sparks & Bainbridge #6] by Allison Montclair

The Briar Club [NS] by Kate Quinn


Dog Day Afternoon [Andy Carpenter #29] by David Rosenfelt, read by Grover Gardner

Sounds Like a Plan [NS] by Pamela Samuels Young & Dwayne Alexander Smith, read by Jaime Lincoln Smith & Angel Pean

People Will Talk [NS] by Kieran Scott

The Bang-Bang Sisters [NS] by Rio Youers

August 2024

Eye of the Beholder [NS] by Emma Bamford, read by Joan Collingworth

Talking to Strangers [Elise King #2] by Fiona Barton, read by Gabrielle Glaister, Jayne Entwistle, Steve West

The Dark Wives [Vera Stanhope #11] by Ann Cleeves, read by Janine Birkett


I Need You to Read This [NS] by Jessa Maxwell, read by Carlotta Brentan

House of Glass [NS] by Sarah Pekkanen, read by Laura Benati

This is Why We Lied [Will Trent #12] by Karin Slaughter, read by Kathleen Early

September 2024

Fatal Intrusion [r] [Sanchez & Heron #1] by Jeffery Deaver & Isabella Maldonado


October 2024

In Too Deep [Jack Reacher #29] by Lee Child & Andrew Child


Everyone This Christmas Has a Secret [Ernest Cunningham #3] by Benjamin Stevenson

November 2024

Now or Never [Stephanie Plum #31] by Janet Evanovich


December 2024

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