New Audio Releases

Codes: [NS] non-series, [SS] short stories

May 2023

Swamp Story [NS] by Dave Barry, read by the author

Weapons of Opportunity [Nick Flynn #3] by Dale Brown

Fixit [IQ #6] by Joe Ide, read by Zeno Robinson


The Nightingale Affair [Charles Field #2] by Tim Mason

The Only Survivors [NS] by Megan Miranda, read by Alex Allwine , Erin Moon, Andre Bellido, Inés del Castillo, Michael Crouch, Priya Ayyar, Greg Chun

Independence Square [Arkady Renko #10] by Martin Cruz Smith, read by Jeremy Bobb

June 2023

All the Sinners Bleed [NS] by S.A. Cosby, read by Adam Lazzare-White

Eat, Drink, and Drop Dead [Tiffany Austin Food Blogger #1] by T.C. LoTempio


What Remains [NS] by Wendy Walker

July 2023
August 2023

The Attack [Badge of Honor #14] by W.E.B. Griffin & William E. Butterworth IV


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