Jane A. Adams
  Mike Croft, detective inspector in Norfolk, England:  

The Greenway (1995)
Finalist 1995 New Blood Dagger Award

Cast the First Stone (1996)

Fade to Grey (1998)

Final Frame (1999)

Ray Flowers, a former police sergeant, now a private investigator in England:

The Angel Gateway (2000)

Like Angels Falling (2001)

Angel Eyes (2002)

  Naomi Blake, a blind ex-policewoman in the Midlands of England:  

Mourning the Little Dead (2002)

Touching the Dark (2003)

Heatwave (2005)

Killing a Stranger (2006)

Legacy of Lies (2007)

Blood Ties (2010)

Night Vision (2011)

Secrets (2013)

Gregory’s Game (2014)

Paying the Ferryman (2014)

A Murderous Mind (2016)

Fakes and Lies (2018)

  Rina Martin, a retired actress, who played a private investigator in a television series, in Frantham, England:  

A Reason To Kill (2007)

Fragile Lives (2008)

The Power of One (2009)

Resolutions (2010)

The Dead of Winter (2011)

Cause of Death (2012)

Forgotten Voices (2015)

  Chief Inspector Henry Johnstone of Scotland Yard, beginning in 1928 London, England:  

The Murder Book (2016) [review]

Death Scene (2017)

Kith and Kin (2018)

The Clockmaker (2019)



Bird (1997)

Dangerous To Know (2004)

A Kiss Goodbye (2005)


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