Ruth Dudley Edwards
Robert Amiss, a young Englishman prone to mishaps as he explores different jobs in contemporary London, England:

Corridors of Death (1982)
Finalist 1982 New Blood Dagger Award

The Saint Valentine’s Day Murders (1984)

The School of English Murder (1990)
APA: The English School of Murder (1990)

Clubbed to Death (1992)
Finalist 1992 Last Laugh Dagger Award

Matricide at St. Martha’s (1995)

Ten Lords A-Leaping (1996)
Finalist 1995 Last Laugh Dagger Award

Murder in a Cathedral (1997)

Publish and Be Murdered (1999)

The Anglo-Irish Murders (2002)

Carnage on the Committee (2004)
Finalist 2005 Lefty Award

Murdering Americans (2007)

Killing the Emperors (2012)

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