G.K. Chesterton
Father Brown, a gentle, quiet little cleric in England five short story collection:

The Innocence of Father Brown (1911)
APA: The Annotated Innocence of Father Brown (1989) [edited with notes by Martin Gardner]

The Wisdom of Father Brown (1914)

The Incredulity of Father Brown (1926)

The Secret of Father Brown (1927)

The Scandal of Father Brown (1935)

Reprint collections of the Father Brown short stories:

The Father Brown Omnibus (1935) [includes all previously published stories]

The Father Brown Omnibus (1951) [adds The Vampire of the Village, not in previous collections]

Father Brown Selected Stories (1955) [edited by Ronald Knox]

The Best of Father Brown (1987) [edited by H.R.F. Keating]

The Penguin Complete Father Brown (1982)

Father Brown: The Essential Tales (2005) [edited by P.D. James]


The Club of Queer Trades (1905) [SS]

The Man Who Was Thursday: A Nightmare (1908)

The Man Who Knew Too Much and Other Stories (1922) [SS]

The Poet and the Lunatics: Episodes in the Life of Gabriel Gale (1929) [SS]

The Moderate Murderer and the Honest Quack (1929) [SS]

The Ecstatic Thief (1930) [SS]

Four Faultless Felons (1930) [SS]

The Floating Admiral (1931) [SS]

The Paradoxes of Mr. Pond (1936) [SS]

The Vampire of the Village (1947) [SS]

Thirteen Dectives (1986) [SS] [includes two stories not previously published]

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