Leslie Ford
Zenith Jones Brown
Col John Primrose, a career soldier, and Grace Latham, an attractive widow, in Washington, DC:

The Strangled Witness (1934)

Ill-Met by Moonlight (1937)

The Simple Way of Poison (1937)

Three Bright Pebbles (1938)

Reno Rendezvous (1939)
APA: Mr. Cromwell Is Dead (1939)

False to Any Man (1939)
APA: Snow-White Murder (1940)

Old Lover’s Ghost (1940)

The Murder of a Fifth Columnist (1941)
APA: The Capital Crime (1941)

Murder in the O.P.M. (1942)
APA: Priority Murder (1943)

Siren in the Night (1943)

All for the Love of a Lady (1944)
APA: Crack of Dawn (1945)

The Philadelphia Murder Story (1945)

Honolulu Story (1946)
APA: Honolulu Murder Story (1947)

The Woman in Black (1947)

The Devil’s Stronghold (1948)

Washington Whispers Murder (1953)
APA: The Lying Jade (1953)


The Sound of Footsteps (1931)
APA: Footsteps on the Stairs (1931)

By the Watchman’s Clock (1932)

Murder in Maryland (1932)

The Clue of the Judas Tree (1933)

Burn Forever (1935)
APA: Mountain Madness (1935)

The Town Cried Murder (1939)

The Road to Folly (1940)

Murder with Southern Hospitality (1942)
APA: Murder Down South (1943)

Date with Death (1949)
AKA: Last Date—Annapolis [originally announced title]
APA: Shot in the Dark (1949)

Murder Is the Pay-Off (1951)

The Bahamas Murder Case (1952)

Invitation to Murder (1954)

Murder Comes to Eden (1955)

The Girl from the Mimosa Club (1957)

Trial by Ambush (1962)
APA: Trial from Ambush (1962)

Written as David Frome
Evan Pinkerton, a Welshman in England helping his friend Inspector Bull of Scotland Yard:

The Hammersmith Murders1 (1930)

Two Against Scotland Yard1 (1931)
APA: The By-Pass Murder (1932)

The Man from Scotland Yard1 (1932)
APA: Mr. Simpson Finds a Body (1933)

The Eel Pie Murders2 (1933)
APA: Eel Pie Mystery (1933)

Mr. Pinkerton Goes to Scotland Yard2 (1934)
APA: Arsenic in Richmond (1934)

Mr. Pinkerton Finds a Body2 (1934)
APA: The Body in the Turl (1935)

Mr. Pinkerton Grows a Beard (1935)
APA: The Body in Bedford Square (1935)

Mr. Pinkerton Has the Clue (1936)
APA: Mr. Pinkerton Is Present [abbreviated version published in American Magazine]

The Black Envelope: Mr. Pinkerton Again! (1937
APA: The Guilt Is Plain: Mr. Pinkerton’s Adventure at Brighton (1938)

Mr. Pinkerton at the Old Angel (1939)
APA: Visitor in the Night [adapted version published in American Magazine]

Homicide House: Mr. Pinkerton Returns (1950)
APA: Murder on the Square (1951)

Written as David Frome

The Murder of an Old Man (1929)

In at the Death (1929)

The Strange Death of Martin Green (1931)
APA: The Murder on the Sixth Hole (1931)

Scotland Yard Can Wait (1933)
APA: That’s Your Man, Inspector (1934)

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