David Baldacci
Michelle Maxwell and Sean King, Secret Service agents, in Washington, DC, and Virginia:

Split Second (2003)

Hour Game (2004)

Simple Genius (2007)

First Family (2009)

The Sixth Man (2011)

King and Maxwell (2013)

The Camel Club, a group of four dysfunctional men who investigate political conspiracies (Oliver Stone, Milton Farb, Caleb Shaw, Reuben Rhodes, and honorary member Alex Ford, a Secret Service agent), in Washington, DC:

The Camel Club (2005)

The Collectors (2006)

Stone Cold (2007)

Divine Justice (2008)

Hell’s Corner (2010)

Shaw, an operative for a secret global intelligence agency, and Katie James, a disgraced investigative journalist:

The Whole Truth (2008)

Deliver Us from Evil (2010)

John Puller, a combat veteran, now Special Agent in the U.S. Army's Criminal Investigation Division:

Zero Day (2011)

The Forgotten (2012)

The Escape (2014)

No Man’s Land (2016)

Daylight (2020)

Will Robie, a hit man employed by the US government when all else fails:

The Innocent (2012)

The Hit (2013)

The Target (2014)

The Guilty (2015)

End Game (2017)

Amos Decker, a former pro football player, now a police detective in Burlington, Vermont, in the Memory Man series:

Memory Man (2015)

The Last Mile (2016)

The Fix (2017)

The Fallen (2018)

Redemption (2019)

Walk the Wire (2020)

Long Shadows (2022)

Atlee Pine, an FBI agent and profiler specializing in serial killers, in the mountain west:

Long Road to Mercy (2018)

A Minute to Midnight (2019)

Daylight (2020)

Mercy (2021)

Aloysius Archer, a decorated WWII vet working as a private investigator for a detective agency in Bay Town, California, beginning in 1949:

One Good Deed (2019)

A Gambling Man (2021)

Dream Town (2022)

The Vega Jane YA fantasy series:

The Finisher (2014)

The Keeper (2015)

The Width of the World (2017)

The Stars Below (2019)


Absolute Power (1996)

Total Control (1997)

The Winner (1998)

The Simple Truth (1998)

Saving Faith (1999)

Last Man Standing (2001)

True Blue (2009)

One Summer (2011)

Face Off (2014) [editor]
Finalist 2015 Anthony Award for Best Anthology/Collection

One Good Deed (2019)
Finalist 2020 Thriller Award for Best Novel

The 6:20 Man (2022)

Simply Lies (2023)

A Calamity of Souls (2024)

Other fiction:

Wish You Well (2000)


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