Washington, DC Mysteries
Warren Adler
  • Fiona Fitzgerald: homicide detective in Washington DC

Jack Allen
  • Joshua McGown: Navy Intelligence operative in Washington DC

Donna Andrews
  • Turing Hopper: Artificial Intelligence Personality (AIP) in Crystal City, outside Washington DC

Lori Andrews
  • Dr. Alexandra Blake: geneticist and forensic specialist working for the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Washington DC

Robert Andrews
  • Frank Kearney and Jose Phelps: veteran Washington, DC cops

David Baldacci
  • The Camel Club: four men who investigate political conspiracies, in Washington, DC
  • Michelle Maxwell and Sean King: Secret Service agents in Washington, DC, and Virginia

Neal Barrett, Jr.
  • Wiley Moss: graphic artist in Washington DC

Michael Bowen
  • Richard Michaelson: retired Foreign Service Office, and Marjorie Randolph, a bookstore owner, in Washington, DC

William F. Buckley, Jr.
  • Blackford “Blackie” Oakes: CIA agent recruited from Yale, in Washington DC

Ellen Byerrum
  • Lacey Smithsonian: the “Crime of Fashion” columnist in Washington DC

Austin S. Camacho
  • Hannibal Jones: in Washington, DC

Christopher Chambers
  • Angela Bivens: FBI Special Agent in Washington DC

Tom Clancy
  • Jack Ryan: CIA analyst in Washington DC
Evelyn David
  • Mac Sullivan: retired cop, and Whiskey, his Irish Wolfhound partner, along with Rachel Brenner, a 40-something divorcee and mother of a teenaged son, in Washington, DC

Robert Dietrich (E. Howard Hunt)
  • Steve Bentley: adventurous certified public accountant based in Washington, DC

R.B. Dominic (Emma Lathen)
  • Ben Safford: Ohio Congressman, in Washington, DC

Laura Durham
  • Annabelle Archer: wedding planner in Washington DC

Linda Ellison
  • Dana Ford: child psychologist, in Washington DC

Leslie Ford
  • Col. John Primrose: career soldier, and Grace Latham, an attractive widow, in Washington, DC

Susan Ford
  • Eve Cooper: aspiring photographer and daughter of U.S. President Elliot Cooper, in Washington, DC

John Gilstrap
  • Jonathan Grave: wealthy freelance hostage rescue specialist, in Virginia and Washington, DC

Charles A. Goodrum
  • Dr. Edward George: retired Yale librarian in Washington DC

James Grady
  • Richard Malcolm: CIA analyst and grad student, in Washington, DC
  • John Rankin: private investigator in Washington DC

Julie Hyzy
  • Olivia (Ollie) Paras: White House assistant chef in Washington DC, in the White House Chef mysteries

Matthew Iden
  • Marty Singer: retired homicide detective in Washington, DC

Tracy Kiely
  • Elizabeth Parker: newspaper fact-checker and die-hard Jane Austen fan, in the Washington, DC area
Thomas Kaufman
  • Willis Gidney: former con-artist, now a private investigator in Washington, DC

Mike Lawson
  • Joe De Marco: lawyer and trouble-shooter for the Speaker of the House, as Counsel Pro Tem for Liaison Affairs, based in Washington, DC

Allison Leotta
  • Anna Curtis: sex crimes prosecutor in the US Attorney’s office in Washington, DC

James Lilliefors
  • Jon Mallory, an investigative reporter, and his brother Charles, a private intelligence contractor and former CIA operative, based in Washington, DC

Phillip Margolin
  • Dana Cutler: private detective in Washington DC, and Brad Miller, a law clerk in Oregon

Barbara Michaels (Elizabeth Peters)
  • Books of suspense: featuring a Georgetown house in Washington, DC

Penny Mickelbury
  • Carole Ann Gibson: black criminal defense attorney in Washington DC
  • Gianna Maglione: lesbian police lieutenant, and Mimi Patterson, a reporter, in Washington, DC

Ron Nessen and Johanna Neuman
  • Jerry Knight: talk show host, and Jane Day, a newspaper reporter, in Washington DC

Susan O’Brien
  • Nicki Valentine, a widow with two kids training to be a private investigator in suburban Washington, DC
Michael Palmer
  • Dr. Lou Welcome: physician caught up in political intrigue, in Washington, DC

James Patterson
  • Alex Cross: psychologist and homicide cop in Washington DC

Richard North Patterson
  • Kerry Kilcannon: senator then President of the USA, in Washington, DC
  • Christopher Paget: lawyer in the Special Investigations Section of the Washington Economic Crimes Committee

George P. Pelecanos
  • Derek Strange::black and successful, and Terry Quinn, white and barely holding on, ex-cops turned private investigators, in Washington, DC
  • Nick Stefanos: 50s bartender and private eye in Washington DC

Jo-Ann Power
  • Carly Wagner: Texas congresswoman, and Mr. Jones, a bodyguard and private investigator, in Washington, DC

Phyllis Richman
  • Chas. Wheatley: restaurant critic in Washington DC

Karen Robards
  • Jessica Ford: young attorney surviving the death of the First Lady in a car crash, and Secret Service agent Mark Ryan, in Washington, DC

Elliott Roosevelt
  • Blackjack Endicott: 1940s in Washington, DC
  • Eleanor Roosevelt: 1940s First Lady in Washington DC

Mark Russinovich
  • Jeff Aiken: ex-government analyst, later running a cyber-security company, confronting menacing worldwide computer malfunctions, based in Washington, DC

Benjamin Schutz
  • Leo Haggerty: rough and tough private investigator in Washington DC

Maggie Sefton
  • Molly Malone: a senator’s daughter and the widow of a congressman, working as a consultant for a senator in Washington, DC

Sarah R. Shaber
  • Louise Pearlie: a young widow working as a clerk for the OSS, in 1942 Washington, DC

Daniel Silva
  • Michael Osbourne: CIA agent in Washington DC

Dorothy St. James
  • Casey Calhoun: organic gardener in Washington, DC, in the White House Gardener mysteries

David St. John (E. Howard Hunt)
  • Peter Ward: CIA agent undercover as a lawyer, based in Washington, DC

Dorothy Sucher
  • Sabina Swift: detective agency owner in Washington DC

Teona Tone
  • Kyra Keaton: aristocratic lady private investigator running her own agency in 1899-1907 Washington, DC

Margaret Truman
  • Mackenzie Smith: law professor, and Annabel Reed, a gallery owner, in Washington, DC
  • Capital Crimes mysteries featuring landmarks in Washington, DC

Robert W. Walker
  • Jessica Coran: doctor and FBI medical examiner, in Washington, DC

Janice Weber
  • Leslie Frost: secret agent and concert violinist in Washington DC

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