Michael Bowen
Thomas Curry, an ex-lawyer, and Sandrine Cadette Curry, a Girl Friday, in a law firm in 1960s New York City:

Badger Game (1989)

Fielder’s Choice (1991)

Act of Faith (1993)

Richard Michaelson, a retired Foreign Service Office diplomat, and Marjorie Randolph, a bookstore owner, in Washington, DC:

Washington Deceased (1990)

Faithfully Executed (1992)

Corruptly Procured (1994)

Worst Case Scenario (1996)

Collateral Damage (1999)

Rep Pennyworth, a trademark and copyright lawyer, and Melissa Pennyworth, a graduate student in Literature, in Indianapolis, Indiana:

Screenscam (2001)

Unforced Error (2004)

Putting Lipstick on a Pig (2006)

Shoot the Lawyer Twice (2008)

Service Dress Blues (2009)

Josie Kendall, a Washington DC fundraiser:

Damage Control (2016)

False Flag in Autumn (2019)


The Fourth Glorious Mystery (2000)

Written as Hillary Bell Locke

But Remember Their Names (2011)

Jail Coach (2012)

Collar Robber (2015)

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