Margaret Truman
Mackenzie Smith, a law professor and Annabel Reed, a gallery owner, in Washington DC:

Murder at the Kennedy Center (1989)

Murder at the National Cathedral (1990)

Murder at the Pentagon (1992)

Murder on the Potomac (1994)

Murder at the National Gallery (1995)

Murder in the House (1997)

Murder at the Watergate (1998)

Murder at the Library of Congress (1999)

Murder at the Opera (2006)

Other Capital Crimes mysteries featuring landmarks in Washington DC:

Murder in the White House (1980)

Murder on Capitol Hill (1981)

Murder in the Supreme Court (1982)

Murder in the Smithsonian (1983)

Murder on Embassy Row (1984)

Murder at the FBI (1985)

Murder in Georgetown (1986)

Murder in the CIA (1987)

Murder in Foggy Bottom1 (2000)

Murder in Havana2 (2001)

Murder at Ford’s Theatre1 (2002)

Murder at Union Station (2004)

Murder at the Washington Tribune (2005)

Murder on K Street (2007)

Murder Inside the Beltway (2008)

Monument to Murder (2011)

Series continued by Jon Land


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