Richard North Patterson
Christopher Paget, a lawyer in the Special Investigations Section of the Washington Economic Crimes Committee:

The Lasko Tangent (1979)
1980 Edgar Award for Best First Novel

Degree of Guilt (1992)

Eyes of a Child (1994)

Conviction (2005)

Tony Lord, a noted criminal lawyer in San Francisco, California (who travels back to Lake City, Ohio, in the second book):

Private Screening (1985)

Silent Witness (1997)

Kerry Kilcannon, a senator then President of the USA, in Washington, DC:

No Safe Place (1998)

Protect and Defend (2000)

Balance of Power (2003)

The saga of the Blaine family on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts:

Fall from Grace (2012)

Loss of Innocence (2013)

Eden in Winter (2014)


Escape the Night (1995)

The Outside Man (1995)

The Final Judgement (1995)
APA: Caroline Masters (1996)

Dark Lady (1999)

Exile (2007)

The Race (2007)

Eclipse (2009)

The Spire (2009)

In the Name of Honor (2010)

The Devil’s Light (2011)

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