Robert W. Walker
Jessica Coran, a doctor and FBI medical examiner, in Washington, DC:

Killer Instinct (1992)

Fatal Instinct (1993)

Primal Instinct (1994)

Pure Instinct (1995)

Darkest Instinct (1996)

Extreme Instinct (1998)

Blind Instinct (2000)

Bitter Instinct (2001)

Unnatural Instinct (2002)

Grave Instinct (2003)

Absolute Instinct (2004)

Lucas Stonecoat, a police officer, and Meredyth Sanger, a police psychiatrist, in Houston, Texas:

Cutting Edge (1997)

Double Edge (1998)

Cold Edge (2001)

Final Edge (2004)

Alastair Ransom, an inspector, and Jane Francis Tewes, a doctor, in 1890s Chicago, Illinois:

City for Ransom (2006)

Shadows in the White City (2007)

City of the Absent (2007)

Marcus Rydell, a retired police detective working as a private investigator, and Dr. Katrina “Kat” Holley, in Atlanta, Georgia:

Dead On (2009)


PSI: Blue (2006)


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