Texas Mysteries
Jeff Abbott
  • Jordan Poteet: small-town librarian in Mirabeau, Texas
  • Whit Mosley: judge in Texas

Richard K. Abshire
  • Charlie Gants: ex-homicide detective in Texas
  • Jack Kyle: a private investigator in Dallas, Texas

Susan Wittig Albert
  • China Bayles: herbalist and former attorney, in Pecan Springs, Texas

Jeffrey Allen
  • Deuce Winters: stay-at-home dad and amateur sleuth, in fictional Rose Petal, Texas, by Jeffrey Allen

Robin Allen
  • Poppy Markham: former sous chef turned public health inspector, in Austin, Texas, in the Culinary Cop series

Linda Amey
  • Blair Emerson: funeral director in Austin, Texas

Robert E. Armstrong
  • Dr. Duncan A. MacDonell: veterinarian in Houston, Texas

Jo Bailey
  • Jan Gallagher: head of Special Security Projects at Jackson General Hospital in Abilene, Texas

Carolyn Banks
  • Robin Vaughan: equestrienne in Texas

Nancy Bell
  • Jackson Crain: judge in Post Oak, Texas
  • Biggie Weatherford: a grandmother, and J.R. Weatherford, her grandson, in Job’s Crossing, Texas

Paula Boyd
  • Jolene Jackson: free-lance journalist, whose trouble starts whenever she goes home to Kickapoo, Texas

Laura Bradley
  • Reyn Sawyer: sassy hair stylist in San Antonio, Texas

Rachel Brady
  • Emily Locke: 30-something single mother working for private investigator Richard Cole, in Houston, Texas

Jay Brandon
  • Mark Blackwell: the new district attorney in San Antonio, Texas
  • Chris Sinclair: district attorney in San Antonio, Texas

R.D. Brown
  • Cheney Hazzard: private security agent in Brownsville, Texas

James Lee Burke
  • Billy Bob Holland: attorney and former Texas Ranger in Deaf Smith, Texas
  • Hack Holland: hard-drinking lawyer, Korean War POW, progressive Democrat, now a sheriff, in Texas

Milton T. Burton
  • Non-series set in Texas

Kathryn Casey
  • Sarah Armstrong: criminal profiler lieutenant in the Texas Rangers, and a recently widowed mother, based in Houston, Texas

Dixie Cash
  • Debbie Sue Overstreet: doing big hair at the Styling Station, and her best pal Edwina Perkins-Martin, later private investigators, in fictional Salt Lick, Texas

Carlos Cisneros
  • Alejandro “Alex” del Fuerte, fresh out of law school, and other characters in the Tex-Mex legal thrillers set in south Texas

Kent Conwell
  • Tony Boudreaux: private investigator based in Austin, Texas

Susan Rogers Cooper
  • Kimmey Kruse: stand-up comedian in Austin, Texas
  • E.J. Pugh: housewife-mom romance writer in Black Cat Ridge, Texas

Bill Crider
  • Carl Burns: college professor in Texas
  • Dr. Sally Good: head of the English and Fine Arts departments at Hughes Community College in Texas
  • Dan Rhodes: laid-back sheriff with a motley crew of deputies in Blacklin county, Texas
  • Truman Smith: private eye in Galveston, Texas
  • Ted Stephens: homicide detective sergeant in Houston, Texas (written with Clyde Wilson)
Cindy Daniel
  • Hannah Fogarty: opening a new bookstore in her old home town of Destiny, Texas

Kaye Davis
  • Maris Middleton: lesbian forensic chemist working as an independent crime scene specialist, in Dallas, Texas

Elizabeth Dearl
  • Taylor Madison: novelist in Perdue, Texas

W. Glenn Duncan
  • Rafferty: ex-cop turned private investigator, in and around Dallas, Texas

Stephanie Jaye Evans
  • Walker “Bear” Wells: former college football player now serving as a minister in Sugar Land, Texas

Nancy Fairbanks
  • Jason Blue: scientist specializing in how to clean toxins from the environment, and his wife Carolyn, a food writer, in El Paso, Texas

Robert Fate
  • Kristin (Baby Shark) Van Dijk: seeking revenge for the murder of her pool hustler father, in west Texas

Tricia Fields
  • Josie Gray: police chief in the small border town of Artemis, Texas

Louise Gaylord
  • Allie Armington: a lawyer in Texas

Kaye George
  • Imogene Duckworthy: 22-year-old waitress, living with her mother Hortense, and baby daughter Nancy Drew, in Saltlick, Texas

Kat Goldring
  • Willi Gallagher: part-time English teacher, looking into her American Indian background, and Quannah Lassiter, a Lakota-speaking special investigator for the Texas Rangers, in Nickleberry, Texas

Jan Grape
  • Zoe Barrow: police officer, in Austin, Texas

Chloe Green
  • Dallas O’Connor: freelance fashion stylist in Texas

Tim Green
  • Casey Jordan: criminal defense attorney in Dallas, Texas

Russ Hall
  • Travis: the Blue-Eyed Indian, a private investigator, in and around Austin, Texas

Janice Hamrick
  • Jocelyn Shore: a high school teacher from Austin, Texas

Honor Hartman (Dean James)
  • Emma Diamond: recent widow, novice bridge player, and amateur detective, in Houston, Texas, in the Bridge Club mysteries

L.C. Hayden
  • Harry Bronson: police detective in Dallas, Texas

Tim Hemlin
  • Neil Marshall: graduate student in creative writing, struggling poet, and part-time chef and caterer, in Houston, Texas

Marion Moore Hill
  • Millie Kirchner: 20-something single mother, student, and nursing home aide, in Richardson, Texas, in the Deadly Past mysteries

James Hime
  • Jeremiah Spur, a retired white Texas Ranger, and Clyde Thomas, the first black deputy sheriff, in Brenham, Texas

Nancy Herndon (Nancy Fairbanks)
  • Elena Jarvis: wise-cracking police detective in Los Santos, Texas

Jane Holleman
  • Non-series set in Texas

Harry Hunsicker
  • Lee Henry Oswald: Gulf War vet, loner, and private investigator, in Dallas, Texas

Dean James
  • Non-series books set in Mississippi and Texas
Sharon Kahn
  • Ruby Rothman: rabbi’s widow in Eternal, Texas

Diane Kelly
  • Tara Holloway: CPA and Criminal Investigations Division agent with the IRS, based in Dallas, Texas, in the Death and Taxes series

J.W. Kerr
  • Lieutenant Hilderbrand: homicide detective in Houston, Texas

Jon Land
  • Caitlin Strong: fifth-generation Texas Ranger, sometimes working as a psychological therapist, in San Antonio, Texas

Joe R. Lansdale
  • Hap Collins: straight and white, and Leonard Pine, gay and black, in East Texas
  • Sunset Jones: elected to complete her dead husband’s term as constable, in East Texas

Maria Lima
  • Keira Kelly: half-breed descendant of a powerful paranormal family living among humans in Rio Seco, Texas

David L. Lindsey
  • Stuart Haydon: homicide detective in Houston, Texas

Liz Lipperman
  • Jordan McAllister: substitute culinary reporter in the fictional small town of Ranchero, Texas, in the Clueless Cook mysteries
  • Elaina (Lainey) Garcia: talk-show host, and the ghost of her sister Tessa, in Grapevine, Texas, in the Dead Sister Talking mysteries (written as Lizbeth Lipperman)

William Manchee
  • Richard Coleman: lawyer in late 1970s Dallas, Texas
  • Stan Turner, beginning in law school at UCLA, then in the Marine Corps, later as a lawyer, starting in late 1970s Dallas, Texas

Allana Martin
  • Texana Jones: trading post owner in the Big Bend Region of Texas

Edward Mathis
  • Dan Roman: private investigator in east Texas

Lee Martin (Anne Wingate)
  • Deb Ralston: police detective mom in Fort Worth, Texas

Susan McBride
  • Andrea “Andy” Kendricks: 30-something artist who backed out of her formal debut when she was eighteen to mother Cissy’s dismay, in Dallas, Texas
  • Detective Maggie Ryan: former member of the Dallas P.D. who recently left the big city for the suburban enclave of Litchfield, Texas

D.R. Meredith
  • John Lloyd Branson: attorney in Texas
  • Megan Clark: reference librarian and a member of the murder mystery reading group, Murder by the Yard in Amarillo, Texas
  • Charles Matthews: sheriff in Crawford County, Texas

Charles Meyer
  • Reverend Lucas Holt: Episcopal priest and ex-prison chaplain in Austin, Texas

Maryann Miller
  • Sarah Kingsly: a white homicide detective, and her new partner Angel Johnson, a black detective, in Dallas, Texas

Laurie Moore
  • Cezanne Martin: cop in Fort Worth, Texas
  • Jinx Porter: constable in Ft. Worth, Tarrant County, Texas
  • Dainty Prescott: former debutante and intern at WBFD-TV in Fort Worth, Texas, in the Debutante Detective romantic suspense series
  • Aspen Wicklow: news anchor in Dallas, Texas in the Dallas/Fort Worth TV News romantic suspense series

Margaret Moseley
  • Honey Huckleberry: book rep, based in Fort Worth, Texas
Deborah Powell
  • Hollis Carpenter: lesbian crime reporter and her schnauzer Anice, in 1936-37 Houston, Texas

Melissa Bourbon Ramirez
  • Harlow Jean Cassidy: Manhattan fashion designer who opens the Magical Dressmaking boutique in a farmhouse she inherits in Bliss, Texas

Randy Rawls
  • Arthur Conan (ACE) Edwards: private investogator in Dallas, Texas

Ben Rehder
  • John Marlin: game warden, and Herbert Mackey, a sheriff, in Blanco County, Texas

Rick Riordan
  • Jackson “Tres” Navarre: Tai Chi master and unlicensed private investigator, in San Antonio, Texas

Chris Rogers
  • Dixie Flannigan: prosecutor turned bounty hunter in Houston, Texas

Aileen Schumacher
  • Tory Travers: structural engineer in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and David Alvarez, a police detective in El Paso, Texas

Terry Shames
  • Samuel Craddock: former chief of police in the fictional town of Jarrett Creek, in central Texas

Michael Simon
  • Dan Reles: the only Jewish homicide detective in 1980s Austin, Texas

Barbara Burnett Smith
  • Kitzi Camden: 50-ish beader and former senator, in Texas
  • Jolie Wyatt: radio station reporter and aspiring writer in Purple Sage, Texas

Karen Hanson Stuyck
  • Lis James: journalist turned public relations officer for a mental health center, in Houston, Texas

Jesse Sublett
  • Martin Fender: skip tracer in Austin, Texas

Doug J. Swanson
  • Jack Flippo: private investigator in Dallas, Texas

Leann Sweeney
  • Abby Rose: private investigator in Houston, Texas, in the Yellow Rose Mysteries

Howard Swindle
  • Jeb Quinlin: homicide investigator and recovering alcoholic, in Dallas, Texas

Bernard J. Taylor
  • Terrell Newman: detective in San Antonio, Texas

Mary Willis Walker
  • Mollie Cates: true crime writer and reporter, in Texas

Robert W. Walker
  • Lucas Stonecoat: police officer, and Meredyth Sanger, a police psychiatrist, in Houston, Texas

Livia J. Washburn
  • Phyllis Newsom: elderly amateur sleuth and pie expert, in Weatherford, Texas, in the Fresh-Baked mysteries

Wendy Lyn Watson
  • Tallulah “Tally” Jones: recently divorced and running an ice cream shop (Remember the A La Mode) in Dalliance, Texas, in the Mystery a la Mode series

Martha G. Webb (Anne Wingate)
  • Smoky O’Donnel: small-town PD narcotics officer in Farmer’s Mound, Texas

Anne Wingate
  • Mark Shigata: Japanese-American ex-FBI agent turned police chief, in Bayport, Texas

Reavis Z. Wortham
  • Ned Parker: farmer and part-time constable, in mid-1960s Center Springs, Lamar County, Texas, in the Red River mysteries

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