Ontario Mysteries
Alvin Abram
  • Gabe Garshowitz: Jewish homicide detective, and his beautiful young partner, Iris Forester, a detective constable, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Lou Allin
  • Belle Palmer: 40-something realtor in Northern Ontario, Canada

Bevan Amberhill
  • Jean-Claude Keyes: actor, writer, and amateur sleuth, at the Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Ontario, Canada

Kelley Armstrong
  • Nadia Stafford: ex-cop turned hitwoman, in Ontario, Canada

Tony Aspler
  • Ezra Brant: wine journalist in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Rosemary Aubert
  • Ellis Portal: former lawyer and judge convicted of a crime in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Colin Bateman
  • Frank Corrigan: Northern Ireland transplant, now an inspector in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Jack Batten
  • Crang: lawyer and jazz buff in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Michael Blair
  • Joe “Shoe” Schumacher: ex-cop, professional wrestler, and bodyguard, in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Giles Blunt
  • John Cardinal: detective near Algonquin Bay, Ontario, Canada

Joan Boswell
  • Hollis Grant: painter and amateur sleuth, starting in Ottawa, and mostly in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mel Bradshaw
  • Paul Shenstone: police detective in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Liz Brady
  • Jane Yeats: Harley-riding journalist and crime writer, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Alex Brett
  • Morgan O’Brien: Canadian government investigator specializing in science fraud, based in Ottawa, Ontario

Janet Brons
  • Liz Forsyth: RCMP Inspector based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and Stephen Hay, a Detective Chief Inspector at Scotland Yard, in London, England

J.D. Carpenter
  • Campbell Young: racetrack-loving homicide detective, later a private investigator, and his friend Priam Harvey, a racetrack journalist, mostly in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Terry Carroll
  • Carl North: small-town cop and amateur hockey goalie, in Belleford and then St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

Brenda Chapman
  • Kala Stonechild: First Nations police recruit, and detective Jacques Rouleau, in Ottawa, later Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Alisa Craig (Charlotte MacLeod)
  • Dittany Henbit Monk: garden club member, and her husband Osbert Monk, an author, in Lobelia Falls, Ontario, Canada, in the Grub-and-Stakers mysteries
Robertson Davies
  • Sir Francis Cornish and other academics at the College of St. John and the Holy Ghost, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in the Cornish Trilogy

Vicki Delany
  • Non-series psychological suspense in Ontario, Canada

A.E. Eddenden
  • Albert V. Tretheway, Inspector, and Jake Small, Constable: 1940s Canadian police officers in Fort York, Ontario. Canada

Howard Engel
  • Benny Cooperman: private investigator in Grantham, Ontario, Canada

Gloria Ferris
  • Bliss Moonbeam Cornwall, a former socialite working part-time jobs, and Neil Redfern, the police chief, in the small town Lockport, Ontario, Canada

C.B. Forrest
  • Charlie McKelvey: 30-year veteran police detective whose runaway son was murdered, starting in 1999 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Barbara Fradkin
  • Michael Green: police inspector in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Ellen Godfrey
  • Rebecca Rosenthal: 80-year-old Polish-born anthropologist in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Jane Tregar: corporate headhunter in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Alison Gordon
  • Kate Henry: baseball sportswriter in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Margaret Haffner
  • Catherine Edison: biologist in fictional Kingsport, Ontario, Canada

Lyn Hamilton
  • Lara McClintock: antiquities dealer and shop owner in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, featured in the Archological mysteries

Tom Henighan
  • Sam Montcalm: middle-aged, lone wolf private investigator in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Tanya Huff
  • Vicki Nelson: ex-cop turned private investigator with a vampire lover in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Karen Irving
  • Katy Klein: former psychologist turned astrologer who lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Maureen Jennings
  • William Murdoch: private investigator in 1890s Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Mike Knowles
  • Wilson: mob enforcer who double-crosses his mafia boss, in Hamilton, Ontario, later on Prince Edward Island, Canada

Stuart Langford
  • Will Burns: in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

N.J. Lindquist
  • Paul Manziuk: Detective Inspector with homicide, and Jacqueline (Jackie) Ryan, a black cop recently promoted to Detective, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Scott Mackay
  • Barry Gilbert and Joe Lombardo: homicide detectives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mary Jane Maffini
  • Camilla MacPhee: who runs an advocacy agency for victims of violent crime, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Mary E. Martin
  • Harry Jenkins: lawyer in a small wills and estates firm in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in the Osgoode Trilogy

John McFetridge
  • Non-series set in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Vivian Meyer
  • Abby Faria: bike courier and fledgling private investigator based in the Kensington Market area of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Margaret Millar
  • Police Inspector Sands: in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

John Moss
  • Miranda Quin and David Morgan, a “virtual couple” of homicide detectives, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Ross Pennie
  • Zol Szabo: public health doctor and medical detective, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Anna Porter
  • Judith Hayes: divorced freelance journalist with two teenagers, and her friend, Manhattan editor Marsha Hillier, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

John Reeves
  • Andrew Coggin: detective inspector, and sergeant Fred Sump, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Jeffrey Round
  • Dan Sharp: missing persons investigator and gay single father in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Medora Sale (Caroline Roe)
  • John Sanders: police detective, and Harriet Jeffries, a photographer, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Howard Shrier
  • Jonah Geller: private investigator, and his partner, Jenn Raudsepp, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

John Worsley Simpson
  • Harry Stark: curmudgeonly homicide detective who listens to jazz and has a reclusive cat, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Frank (A.) Smith
  • Ian Pepper: police superintendent in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Marc Strange
  • Orwell Brennan: police chief in rural Dockerty, Ontario, Canada

Betsy Struthers
  • Rosalie Cairns: bookstore clerk turned academic, in Peterborough and Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Richard J. Thomas
  • D.B. Murphy: ex-blacksmith private investigator in the 1920s-1930s, in the Georgian Bay port town of Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada

Scott Thornley
  • MacNeice: homicide detective superintendant, who likes jazz and classical music, in fictional Dundurn (Hamilton), Ontario, Canada

Sylvia Maultash Warsh
  • Rebecca Temple: family practice physician in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Inger Ash Wolfe
  • Hazel Micallef: 60-something detective inspector in the small town of Port Dundas, Ontario, Canada

Ted Wood
  • Reid Bennett: police chief, and Sam, a German Shepard in Murphy’s Harbour, Ontario, Canada

Eric Wright
  • Lucy Trimble Brenner: private eye and librarian in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Mel Pickett: 60-something retired Toronto cop in Larch River, Ontario, Canada
  • Charles Salter: 40-something police inspector in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Eve Zaremba
  • Helen Keremos: 40-something lesbian private investigator and former intelligence operative based in Vancouver, British Columbia, also operating in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and elsewhere

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