Jeffrey Round
Bradford Fairfax, a gay 30-something special agent with a secret organization called Box 77:

The P-Town Murders (2007)

Death in Key West (2009)

Vanished in Vallarta (2010)

Bon Ton Roulet (2017)

Dan Sharp, a missing persons investigator and gay single father in Toronto, Ontario, Canada:

Lake on the Mountain (2012)

Pumpkin Eater (2014)

The Jade Butterfly (2015)

After the Horses (2015)

The God Game (2018)

Shadow Puppet (2019)

Lion’s Head Revisited (2020)


Endgame (2016)

Other fiction:

A Cage of Bones (1997, 2nd ed. 2008)

The Honey Locust (2009)

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