Brenda Chapman
Kala Stonechild, a First Nations police recruit, and detective Jacques Rouleau, in Ottawa, later Kingston, Ontario, Canada:

Cold Mourning (2014)
Finalist 2015 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel

Butterfly Kills (2015)

Tumbled Graves (2016)

Shallow End (2017)

Bleeding Darkness (2018)

Jennifer Bannon in a mystery series for children:

Running Scared (2004)

Hiding in Hawk’s Creek (2006)

Where Trouble Leads (2007)

Trail of Secrets (2009)

Anna Sweet, an ex-cop working for Storm Investigations in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, in an ebook novella series:

My Sister’s Keeper (2013)

The Hard Fall (2013)

To Keep a Secret (2014)

A Model Death (2015)

No Trace (2016) [Rapid Reads]
Finalist 2017 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novella

Too Close to Home (2019)
Finalist 2020 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novella


In Winter’s Grip (2010)

The Second Wife (2011)

Other fiction:

Second Chances (2012)


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