Kelley Armstrong
Nadia Stafford, an ex-cop turned hitwoman, in Ontario, Canada:

Exit Strategy (2007)
Finalist 2008 Shamus Award for Best Paperback

Made To Be Broken (2008)

Wild Justice (2013)

Olivia Taylor Jones, from a prominent Chicago family, finds out she’s the adopted daughter of notorious serial killers, in Cainsville, Illinois:

Omens (2013)

Visions (2014)

Deceptions (2015)

Betrayals (2016)

Rituals (2017)

Casey Duncan, a homicide detective with a secret, living off the grid in the wilds of northern Canada, in the Rockton series:

City of the Lost (2016) [review]
Finalist 2017 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel

A Darkness Absolute (2017)

This Fallen Prey (2018)

Watcher in the Woods (2019)

Alone in the Wild (2020)

A Stranger in Town (2021)

The Deepest of Secrets (2022)

Mallory Atkinson, a police detective in present-day Vancouver, Washington, who wakes up in the body of an illiterate housemaid in 1869 Edinburgh:

A Rip Through Time (2022)


The Masked Truth (2015)

Missing (2017) [YA]
Finalist 2018 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Juvenile/Young Adult Crime Book

Wherever She Goes (2019)

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