Nevada Mysteries
William Bernhardt
  • Susan Pulaski: police profiler who struggles with alcoholism, in Las Vegas, Nevada

Todd Borg
  • Owen McKenna: ex-San Francisco homicide inspector turned private investigator, and his Harlequin Great Dane, Spot, at Lake Tahoe, California, and Nevada

Rita Mae Brown
  • Mags (Magdalene) Rogers: former Wall Street banker moving from New York City with her dachshund Baxter, to her great aunt Jeep Reed’s Wings Ranch near Reno, Nevada

Max Allan Collins
  • CSI: Crime scene investigators in Las Vegas, Nevada

Deborah Coonts
  • Lucky O’Toole: statuesque beauty in charge of customer relations for the mega-casino Babylon Hotel, on the Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada
Catherine Dain
  • Freddie O’Neal: private investigator in Reno, Nevada

Carole Nelson Douglas
  • Temple Barr: public relations freelancer and Midnight Louie, the tomcat, in Las Vegas, Nevada

Rick Gadziola
  • Jake Morgan: disgraced Boston police officer turned blackjack dealer in Las Vegas, Nevada

L.C. Hayden
  • Dan Springer: writer for a magazine in Las Vegas, Nevada
Ken Kuhlken
  • Tom Hickey: private investigator during the 1940s and 1950s in California and Nevada

J.J. Lamb
  • Zachariah Tobias Rolfe III: private investigator specializing in gambling-related crimes, based in Las Vegas, Nevada

Jon Land
  • Michael Tiranno (The Tyrant): Mafia connected owner of the Seven Sins, a Los Vegas casino

Carol Davis Luce
  • Non-series books that take place in Nevada

Kirk Mitchell
  • Dee Laguerre: Bureau of Land Management ranger in Nevada

Warren Murphy
  • Julian “Digger” Burroughs: freelance insurance investigator, in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Devlin “Trace” Tracy: freelance insurance investigator, in Las Vegas, Nevada

Karen E. Olson
  • Brett Kavanaugh: running a tattoo shop in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the Tattoo Shop series

Perri O’Shaughnessy
  • Nina Reilly: struggling young attorney in Lake Tahoe, Nevada
Bernard Schopen
  • Jack Ross: private eye in Reno, Nevada

Gary Phillips
  • Martha Chainey: courier for the corporate mob in Las Vegas, Nevada

Harry Shannon
  • Mick Callahan: radio talk show psychologist in Dry Wells, Nevada

James Swain
  • Tony Valentine: ex-cop investigator specializing in catching casino cheats in Las Vegas, Nevada

Sue Owens Wright
  • Elsie “Beanie” MacBean: freelance writer and a member of the Washoe Tribe and her basset hound, Cruiser, in South Tahoe, Nevada

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