Carole Nelson Douglas
Kevin Black, psychiatrist in Minnesota:

Probe (1985)

Counterprobe (1990)

Irene Adler, opera star and sleuth in 19th century France:

Good Night, Mr. Holmes (1990)

Good Morning, Irene (1990)
APA: The Adventuress (2004)

Irene at Large (1992)
APA: A Soul of Steel (2006)

Irene’s Last Waltz (1994)
APA: Another Scandal in Bohemia (2003)

Chapel Noir (2001)

Castle Rouge (2002)

Femme Fatale (2003)

Spider Dance (2004)

Temple Barr, public relations freelancer, and Midnight Louie, tomcat sleuth, in Las Vegas, Nevada:

Catnap (1992)
APA: Cat in an Alphabet Soup (2013) [ebook]

Pussyfoot (1993)
APA: Cat in an Aqua Storm (2013) [ebook]

Cat on a Blue Monday (1994)

Cat in a Crimson Haze (1995)

Cat in a Diamond Dazzle (1996)

Cat with an Emerald Eye (1996)

Cat in a Flamingo Fedora (1997)

Cat in a Golden Garland (1997)

Cat on a Hyacinth Hunt (1998)

Cat in an Indigo Mood (1999)

Cat in a Jeweled Jumpsuit (1999)

Cat in a Kiwi Con (2000)

Cat in a Leopard Spot (2001)

Cat in a Midnight Choir (2002)

Cat in a Neon Nightmare (2003)

Cat in an Orange Twist (2004)

Cat in a Hot Pink Pursuit (2005)

Cat in a Quicksilver Caper (2006)

Cat in a Red Hot Rage (2007)

Cat in a Sapphire Slipper (2008)

Cat in a Topaz Tango (2009)

Cat in an Ultramarine Scheme (2010)

Cat in a Vegas Gold Vendetta (2011)

Cat in a White Tie and Tails (2012)

Cat in an Alien X-Ray (2013)

Cat in a Yellow Spotlight (2014)

Cat in a Zebra Zoot Suit (2015)

Cat in an Alphabet Endgame (2016)

Midnight Louie, on his own:

The Cat and the King of Clubs (1999)

The Cat and the Queen of Hearts (1999)

The Cat and the Jill of Diamonds (2000)

The Cat and the Jack of Spades (2000)

Delilah Street, a paranormal investigative TV reporter, in Las Vegas, Nevada:

Dancing with Werewolves (2007)

Brimstone Kiss (2008)

Vampire Sunrise (2009)

Silver Zombie (2010)

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