Massachusetts Mysteries
Keith Ablow
  • Frank Clevenger: forensic psychiatrist in Massachusetts

Mary Jo Adamson
  • Michael Merrickl: newspaperman in 1840s Boston, Massachusetts

Nathan Aldyne
  • Clarisse Lovelace: straight half-owner of a gay bar in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Dan Valentine: gay half-owner of a gay bar in Boston, Massachusetts

Irene Allen
  • Elizabeth Elliot: 60-something widowed Quaker meeting clerk Cambridge, Massachusetts

Mark Arsenault
  • Eddie Bourque: investigative reporter in the mill town of Lowell, Massachusetts

Linda Barnes
  • Carlotta Carlyle: cab-driving ex-cop PI in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Michael Spraggue III: wealthy actor and ex-PI in Boston, Massachusetts

Sydney Bauer
  • David Cavanaugh: criminal defense attorney in Boston, Massachusetts

Sophie Belfort
  • Nick Hannibal: homicide detective in Boston, Massachusetts

Heather Blake (Heather Webber)
  • Darcy Merriweather, from a long line of witches who can cast spells by making a wish, in the Enchanted Village section of Salem, Massachusetts, in the Wishcraft mysteries

Nero Blanc
  • Annabella Graham: crossword puzzle editor for the Newcastle Evening Crier in Newcastle, Massachusetts
  • Rosco Polycrates: private eye in Newcastle, Massachusetts

Al Blanchard
  • Steve Asher: public school teacher in Massachusetts
  • James Callahan: homicide detective in Boston, Massachusetts

Michelle Blake
  • Lily Connor: Episcopalian priest in Boston, Massachusetts

Rick Boyer
  • Charlie “Doc” Adams: dental surgeon in Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Anne Canadeo
  • Maggie Messina: owner of the Black Sheep Knitting Shop and a circle of knitters, in Plum Harbor, Massachusetts, in the Black Sheep Knitting mysteries

Andrew Coburn
  • James Morgan: police chief in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts
  • Rita Gardella O’Dea: mafia princess in Massachusetts

Carolyn Coker
  • Andrea Perkins: art historian and restorer in Boston, Massachusetts

Susan Conant
  • Holly Winter: writer in Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Chloe Carter: boy-crazy 20-something gourmand, in Brighton, Massachusetts

Sheila Connolly
  • Meg Corey: taking over her mother’s colonial home and apple orchard, in fictional Granford, Massachusetts

Rose Connors
  • Martha “Marty” Nickerson: prosecuting attorney of Chatham on Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Patricia Cornwell
  • Win Garano: mixed-race state investigator, and Monique Lamont, District Attorney, in Boston, Massachusetts

George Harmon Coxe
  • Jack “Flashgun” Casey: crime photographer in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Kent Murdock: hard-drinking crime photographer, and frequent co-star, tough guy Jack Fenner, in Boston, Massachusetts

Philip Craig
  • Jefferson “J.W.” Jackson: a 30-something ex-Boston cop in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts
David Daniel
  • Alex Rasmussen: wise-cracking ex-cop private investigator in Lowell, Massachusetts

Ray Daniel
  • Aloysius Tucker: computer whiz in Boston, Massachusetts

Dicey Deere
  • Torrey Tunet: 28 year old translator from Boston, Massachusetts , stuck in Ballynaugh, Ireland

Vicki Delany
  • Gemma Doyle: transplanted Englishwoman returning to run her Great Uncle Arthur’s Sherlock Holmes Bookshop and Emporium, along with Moriarty the cat, in West London on Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Terry Devane (Jeremiah Healy)
  • Sheldon Gold: lawyer in Boston, Massachusetts, Mairead O’Clare’s mentor
  • Mairead O’Clare: a lawyer in Boston, Massachusetts

Doris Miles Disney
  • Jeff DiMarco: insurance investigator in Boston, Massachusetts

John F. Dobbyn
  • Michael Knight: a young attorney who gets a job with his mentor, legendary trial attorney Lex Devlin, in Boston, Massachusetts

Joanne Dobson
  • Karen Pelletier: English professor in Enfield, Massachusetts

Jerome Doolittle
  • Tom Bethany: former political consultant and wrestler who now works as a private investigator in Boston, Massachusetts

Sarah Dreher
  • Stoner McTavish: lesbian travel agent in Boston, Massachusetts

Bill Eidson
  • Jack Merchant, an ex-DEA agent, living on his retirement plus his photography on the sloop Lila, in Charlestown (a Boston suburb) Massachusetts
  Sarah Ballard: running her father’s business repossessing boats for banks, in Charlestown (a Boston suburb) Massachusetts

G.H. Ephron
  • Dr. Peter Zak: Jewish psychologist in Boston, Massachusetts

Terence Faherty
  • Owen Keane: ex-seminarian and law firm researcher in Boston, Massachusetts

Kate Flora
  • Thea Kozak: educational consultant in Massachusetts

Timothy Fuller
  • Jupiter Jones: Harvard fine arts instructor and amateur sleuth, in Boston, Massachusetts

Jacques Futrelle
  • Augustus “The Thinking Machine” Van Dusen: professor in Boston, Massachusetts

Ed Gaffney
  • Zack Wilson and Terry Tallach, young criminal defense lawyers, in Massachusetts

Lisa Gardner
  • Bobby Dodge: state police sniper, and D.D. Warren, a police detective, in Boston, Massachusetts

Tess Gerritsen
  • Jane Rizzoli: detective in Boston, Massachusetts

Sally Goldenbaum
  • Isabel “Izzy” Chambers: lawyer who leaves Boston to open the Seaside Knitting Studio, in Sea Harbor, Massachusetts

Sally Gunning
  • Peter Bartholomew: odd-jobs company owner in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Barbara Hamilton (Barbara Hambly)
  • Abigail Adams, the future first lady, married to a rebellious lawyer, in mid-1770s Massachusetts Colony

Sherry Harris
  • Sarah Winston: former Air Force wife, now divorced from the police chief in Ellington, Massachusetts, in the Garage Sale mysteries

Jeremiah Healy
  • John Francis Cuddy: Army police lieutenant turned PI in Boston, Massachusetts

Lynne Heitman
  • Alex Shanahan: general manager of Majestic Airlines, in Boston, Massachusetts, and elsewhere, sometimes undercover investigator in the airline industry, and later a private investigator

Rosemary Herbert
  • Liz Higgins: reporter for the tabloid The Beantown Banner, in Boston, Massachusetts

George V. Higgins
  • Jerry Kennedy: criminal defense attorney in Boston, Massachusetts

David Hosp
  • Scott Finn: lawyer in Boston, Massachusetts

Marshall Jevons
  • Henry Spearman: economics professor at Harvard in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Jamie Katz
  • Dan Kardon: Boston attorney who uncovers corruption and murder in a deceptively quiet, working-class community near Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Susan Kelly
  • Liz Connors: former English professor and freelance crime writer in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Toni L.P. Kelner
  • Tilda Harper: celebrity journalist based in Boston, Massachusetts, in the “Where Are They Now?” mysteries

Harry Kemelman
  • David Small: rabbi sleuth in Barnard's Crossing, Massachusetts

Paul Kemprecos
  • Aristotle Plato Socarides: ex-cop part-time fisherman P.I. in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Doug Kiker
  • Mac McFarland: burned-out reporter in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Nicholas Kilmer
  • Fred Taylor: art historian in Boston, Massachusetts

Zachary Klein
  • Matt Jacob: former social worker, now a private investigator with a drug problem, in Boston, Massachussets

Kathleen Moore Knight
  • Elisha Macomber: 70-something Chairman of the Board of Selectmen of Penberthy Township, and proprietor of a fish market, in fictional Penberthy Island, Massachusetts

Kathryn Lasky Knight
  • Calista Jacobs: illustrator of children’s books in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Mary Kruger
  • Ariadne “Ari” Evans: 29-year-old owner of Ariadne’s Web, a knitting shop in Freeport, Massachusetts

J. Dayne Lamb
  • Teal Stewart: Certified Public Accountant in Boston, Massachusetts

Jane Langton
  • Homer Kelly: professor in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Marie Lee
  • Marguerite Smith: retired science teacher in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Wendi Lee
  • Angela Matelli: ex-Marine turned private investigator in Boston, Massachusetts

Dennis Lehane
  • Angela Gennaro: private eye in Dorchester, Massachusetts
  • Patrick Kenzie: private eye in Dorchester, Massachusetts

Harry Paul Lonsdale (H. Paul Jeffers)
  • Nick Chase: retired NYPD homicide detective now running a cigar store called The Happy Smoking Ground, in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Jon Loomis
  • Frank Coffin: burned out Baltimore homicide detective, returning to his hometown, Provincetown, Massachusetts

Anna Maclean
  • Louisa May Alcott: amateur sleuth before becoming a famous author, in pre-Civil War Boston, Massachusetts

Charlotte MacLeod
  • Max Bittersohn: part of an investigative couple in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Sarah Kelling: part of an investigative couple in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Peter Shandy: college botany professor and husband in Balaclava County, Massachusetts
  • Helen Marsh Shandy: librarian and wife in Balaclava County, Massachusetts

Ada Madison (Camille Minichino)
  • Sophie Knowles: math professor at Henley College, in Massachusetts

Larry Maness
  • Jake Eaton: private investigator in Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Watson: Jake Eaton's superdog in Cambridge, Massachusetts

David Manuel
  • Brother Bartholomew: member of the religious community at Faith Abbey in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Richard Marinick
  • Non-series set in the mean streets of South Boston, Massachusetts

William Martin
  • Peter Fallon: antiquarian bookseller involved in Harvard intrigues, and later hunting historical treasures with Evangeline Carrington, in Boston, Massachusetts

Francine Mathews
  • Merry Folger: police officer on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts

Andrew McAleer
  • Joseph C. Gleason.: attorney in Arlington, Massachusetts

Vincent McCaffrey
  • Henry Sullivan: 30-something book hound, in Boston, Massachusetts

Helen McCloy
  • Basil Willing: psychiatrist and sleuth, in New York, and later Boston, Massachusetts

Gregory McDonald
  • Francis Xavier Flynnr: tenacious police inspector in Boston, Massachusetts

Grant Michaels
  • Stan Kraychik: gay hairdresser in Boston, Massachusetts

Margaret Miles
  • The Bracebridge series: in 1760s Massachusetts

Camille Minichino
  • Gloria Lamerino: 50-something physicist in Revere Beach, Massachusetts

Chris Mooney
  • Darby McCormick: holding a doctorate in criminal psychology and working as a crime scene investigator, in Boston, Massachusetts

Clare Munnings
  • Rosemary Stubbs: chaplain at Sanderson College in the Connecticut River Valley in Massachusetts

Susan Oleksiw
  • Joe Silva: police chief in Mellingham, Massachusetts
Robert B. Parker
  • Sunny Randall: a private eye in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Spenser: ex-boxer, ex-state cop turned private eye in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Jesse Stone: Homicide Detective in Paradise, Massachusetts

Cynthia Peale
  • The Beacon Hill mysteries, set in Victorian Boston, Massachusetts

Randall Peffer
  • Cape Island mysteries, mainly involving characters and locations around Cape Cod, Massachusetts

W.R. Philbrick
  • J.D. Hawkins: wheelchair-bound mystery writer, in Boston, Massachusetts

Nancy Pickard
  • Jenny Cain: foundation director, in Port Frederick, Massachusetts

Suzanne Price
  • Sky Taylor: recently widowed 30-something newspaper columnist and creative cleaner, in fictional Pigeon Cove, off the Massachusetts coast, in the Grime Solvers series

Cornelia Read
  • Madeline Dare: former dubutante in 1980s New York and Massachusettss

Barry Reed
  • Dan Sheridan: attorney in Boston, Massachusetts

Robert Reeves
  • Thomas Theron: history professor in Boston, Massachusetts

Maggie Rennert
  • Guy Silvestri: police detective in Massachusetts

John Lawrence Reynolds
  • Joe McGuire: detective lieutenant in Boston, Massachusetts, who drops out to the Bahamas from time to time

Dolores Stewart Riccio
  • Cass (Cassandra) Shipton: owner of Earthlore Herbal Preparations and Cruelty-Free Cosmetics, and a member of a study group turned coven, in Plymouth, Massachusetts

Cynthia Riggs
  • Victoria Trumbull: astute 92-year old Vineyard native and deputy police officer, in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

Dorothy and Sidney Rosen
  • Belle Appleman: Jewish immigrant and garment worker, during the Great Depression in Boston, Massachusetts

Richard Rosen
  • Harvey Blissberg: ex-major league baseball player turned private eye in Boston Massachusetts

G.S. Rowe
  • Will Beaman: working in a baseball front office starting in 1897, in Boston, Massachusetts

Hank Phillippi Ryan
  • Charlotte “Charlie” McNally: 40-something TV investigative reporter, in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Jane Ryland, a disgraced newspaper reporter, and Jake Brogan, a homicide detective, in Boston, Massachusetts

P.B. Ryan
  • Nell Sweeney: governess in post-Civil-War Boston, Massachusetts

Walter Satterthwait
  • Lizzie Borden: accused of murdering her father and step-mother at the turn of the century in Fall River, Massachusetts

Clea Simon
  • Theda Krakow: cat-loving, freelance writer in Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Dulcie Schwartz: Harvard doctoral candidate living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the ghost of her cat Mr. Grey

Judith Smith-Levin
  • Starletta Duvall: homicide lieutenant in Brookport, Massachusetts

Marta Stephens
  • Sam Harper: homicide detective in Chandler, Massachusetts

Vicki Stiefel
  • Tally Whyte: counsels the families of homicide victims at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner aka The Grief Shop in Boston, Massachusetts

Winona Sullivan
  • Cecile Buddenbrooks: licensed private eye and heiress-nun is Boston, Massachusetts

William G. Tapply
  • Brady Coyne: sports fisherman and lawyer in Boston, Massachusetts

Phoebe Atwood Taylor
  • Asey Mayo: former sailor & auto racer in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Pamela Thomas-Graham
  • Chase, Nikki: black economics professor in Cambridge Massachusetts in the Ivy League Mystery

Alice Tilton (Phoebe Atwood Taylor)
  • Leonidas Witherall: retired academic and secret pulp fiction author in Boston, Massachusetts

Cecelia Tishy
  • Regina Cutter: working at a resale-clothing store for cash-strapped women reentering the workplace, and newly transplanted to Boston, Massachusetts

Elise Title
  • Natalie Price: superintendent of a Boston halfway house for prison inmates in Massachusetts

Paul Tremblay
  • Mark Genevich: narcoleptic private investigator in South Boston, Massachusetts

Steve Ulfelder
  • Conway Sax: no-nonsense auto mechanic with a knack for solving difficult problems, around Framingham, Massachusetts

Heather Webber
  • Lucy Valentine: the black sheep of a psychic matchmaking family, now running the family business, Valentine, Inc., in Boston, Massachusetts

Tobias Wells (Stanton Forbes)
  • Knute Severson: police detective in Boston, Massachusetts

Theodora Wender
  • Alden Chase:chief of police, and Glad Gold, an English professor, in Wading River, Massachusetts

Kate White
  • Bailey Weggins: true crime author in Warren, Massachusetts

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