Nero Blanc
Cordelia Frances Biddle and Steve Zettler
Annabella Graham, crossword puzzle editor for the Newcastle Evening Crier, and Rosco Polycrates, a private eye, in Newcastle, Massachusetts:

The Crossword Murder (1999)

Two Down (2000)

The Crossword Connection (2001)

A Crossword to Die For (2002)

A Crossworder's Holiday (2002)

Corpus de Crossword (2003)

A Crossworder’s Gift (2003)

Anatomy of a Crossword (6/05)

Wrapped Up in Crossword (2004)

A Crossworder’s Delight (2005)

Another Word for Murder (2005)

Death on the Diagonal (2006)

Written by Cordelia Frances Biddle
Martha Beale, in 1840s Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

The Conjurer (2007)

Deception’s Daughter (2008)

Written by Cordelia Frances Biddle with Patricia Hearst

Murder at San Simeon (1998)


Written by Steve Zettler

The Second Man (1996)

Double Identity (1997)

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