Barbara Hambly
James Asher, a professor and one-time spy, in London, England:

Those Who Hunt the Night (1988)
APA: Immortal Blood (1988)

Traveling with the Dead (1995)

Blood Maidens (2010)

The Magistrates of Hell (2012)

The Kindred of Darkness (2014)

Darkness on His Bones (2015)

Benjamin January, a black surgeon and music teacher, in 1830s New Orleans, Louisiana:

A Free Man of Color (1997) [review]

Fever Season (1998)

Graveyard Dust (1999)

Sold down the River (2000)

Die upon a Kiss (2001)

Wet Grave (2002)

Days of the Dead (2003)

Dead Water (2004)

Dead and Buried (2010)

The Shirt on His Back (2011)

Ran Away (2011)

Good Man Friday (2013)

Crimson Angel (2014)

Drinking Gourd (2016)

Murder in July (2017)

Cold Bayou (2018)

Lady of Perdition (2020)

House of the Patriarch (2021)

Death and Hard Cider (2022)

The Nubian’s Curse (2024)

Kitty Flint, a glamorous movie star, and her widowed British sister-in-law Emma Blackstone, in 1920s Hollywood in the Sliver Screen series:

Scandal in Babylon (2021)

One Extra Corpse (2023)

Written as Barbara Hamilton
Abigail Adams, the future first lady, married to a rebellious lawyer, in mid-1770s Massachusetts Colony:

The Ninth Daughter (2009) [review]

A Marked Man (2010)
Finalist 2011 Macavity Award for Best Historical Novel

Sup with the Devil (2011)

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