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Garrison Allen
  • Penelope Warren: ex-Marine mystery bookstore owner, and Mycroft (Big Mike), a 25 pound Abyssinian, in Empty Creek, Arizona

Marian Babson
  • Non-series mysteries featuring cats

Lorna Barrett (L.L. Bartlett)
  • Tricia Miles: running a mystery bookstore, Haven’t Got a Clue, and the cat Miss Marple, in fictional small-town Stoneham, New Hampshire, a town full of bookstores

Ali Brandon (Diane A.S. Stuckart)
  • Darla Pettistone: owner of a bookstore in Brooklyn, New York, and her cat Hamlet, in the Black Cat Bookshop mysteries

Lilian Jackson Braun
  • Jim Qwilleran: journalist, with cats Koko and Yum Yum in Pickax, northeast central United States

Rita Mae Brown
  • Mary Minor Haristeen: postmistress and her cat, Mrs. Murphy, in Crozet, Virginia

Vicki Delany
  • Gemma Doyle: transplanted Englishwoman returning to run her Great Uncle Arthur’s Sherlock Holmes Bookshop and Emporium, along with Moriarty the cat, in West London on Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Claire Donally (Bill McCay)
  • Sunny Coolidge: former New York City newspaper reporter returning with her cat Shadow to Kittery Harbor, Maine, in the Sunny & Shadow mysteries

Carole Nelson Douglas
  • Temple Barr: public relations freelancer, and Midnight Louie, tomcat sleuth, in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Gordons
  • D.C. Randall: a Persian cat in Los Angeles, California

Rebecca M. Hale
  • Rebecca, running an antique shop inherited from her Uncle Oscar, and her cats Rupert and Isabella, in San Francisco, California, in the Cats and Curios mysteries

Miranda James (Dean James)
  • Charlie Harris: a widowed librarian, and Diesel, a Maine coon cat, in the college town of Athena, Mississippi, in the Cat in the Stacks series

Sofie Kelly
  • Kathleen Paulson, a librarian from Boston, and two stray cats with special powers, Owen and Hercules, in fictional Mayville Heights, Minnesota, in the Magical Cats mysteries

Evan Marshall
  • Jane Stuart: widowed literary agent, and Winky the cat, in Shady Hills, New Jersey

Alex Matthews
  • Cassidy McCabe: psychotherapist, and her calico cat Starshine, in Oak Park, Illinois

Shirley Rousseu Murphy
  • Joe Grey: cat and private investigator

Clea Simon
  • Theda Krakow: cat-loving, freelance writer in Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Dulcie Schwartz: Harvard doctoral candidate living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the ghost of her cat Mr. Grey

Fran Stewart
  • Biscuit McKee: librarian, and her cat, Marmalade, in Martinsville, a small town in northern Georgia

Leann Sweeney
  • Cats in Trouble series

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Ellery Adams (J.B. Stanley)
  • Olivia Limoges: restaurant owner returning with Captain Haviland, a black standard poodle, to her old home town, Oyster Bay, North Carolina

Barbara Allan (Barbara and Max Allan Collins)
  • Brandy Borne: recently divorced, now back in her hometown in Iowa, with Sushi, her blind Shih Tzu, in the Trash ’n’ Treasures mysteries

Esri Allbritten
  • The staff of Tripping, a low-budget travel magazine for believers in the paranormal, and everybody’s favorite Chihuahua, Gigi

Barbra Annino
  • Stacy Justice: 20-something reluctant witch working as a reporter, and her Great Dane Thor, in fictional Amethyst, Illinois

Donna Ball
  • Raine Stockton: retired tracker, and her golden retriever Cisco, in the Smoky Mountains of Hanover County, North Carolina

Cynthia Baxter
  • Jessica Popper: veterinarian in Long Island, New York, in the Reigning Cats & Dogs mysteries

Carol Lea Benjamin
  • Rachel Alexander: private investigator and dog trainer, and Dashiell, her pit bull, in New York City

Laurien Berenson
  • Melanie Travis: special education teacher who shows her standard poodles in dog shows, in Connecticut

Michael Bond
  • Aristide Pamplemousse: gourmet restaurant guide inspector, and his bloodhound Pommes Frites, in Paris, France

Todd Borg
  • Owen McKenna: ex-San Francisco homicide inspector turned private investigator, and his Harlequin Great Dane, Spot, at Lake Tahoe, California, and Nevada

Rita Mae Brown
  • Mags (Magdalene) Rogers: former Wall Street banker moving from New York City with her dachshund Baxter, to her great aunt Jeep Reed’s Wings Ranch near Reno, Nevada

Nancy Bush
  • Jane Kelly: reluctant private investigator, and her pug, The Binkster, in Lake Chinook, Oregon

Ann Campbell
  • Annie O’Hara: owner of an antique shop, and Claudius, “the Hound from Hell”

Melissa Cleary
  • Jackie Walsh: professor of film studies, and her ex-police dog, Jake, in Palmer, Ohio

Susan Conant
  • Holly Winter: dog trainer and magazine columnist in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the Dog Lovers mysteries

Waverly Curtis (Curt Colbert & Waverly Fitzgerald)
  • Pepe, a talking Chihuahua, and Geri Sullivan, a novice private investigator, in the Barking Detective mysteries

Evelyn David
  • Mac Sullivan: retired cop, and Whiskey, his Irish Wolfhound partner, along with Rachel Brenner, a 40-something divorcee and mother of a teenaged son, in Washington, DC

Kathleen Delaney
  • Mary McGill: retired school teacher and her cocker spaniel Millie, in a small town in California

J.F. Englert
  • Randolph: poetry-loving black Labrador, and Harry, a struggling artist, in Manhattan, New York City, in the Bull Moose Dog Run mysteries

Patricia Guiver
  • Delilah Doolittle: British widow and pet detective, and Watson, her Doberman pinscher, in fictional Surf City (Huntington Beach), California

Gerald Hammond
  • John Cunningham: hunting dog breeder in Scotland

Sue Henry
  • Jessie Arnold: dog sled racer, and Sergeant Alex Jensen, a state trooper, in Anchorage, Alaska,
  • Maxine “Maxie” McNabb: 60-something Alaskan widow, exploring the USA in her Winnebago with her faithful companion, miniature dachshund Stretch

Kaye C. Hill
  • Lexy Lomax: an accidental private detective, and Kinky, her Chihuahua attack dog, in Clopwolde-on-Sea, on the Suffolk Coast of England

Lee Charles Kelley
  • Jack Field: former NYPD detective, retired to run a kennel in Maine

Frank King (Lydia Adamson)
  • Sally Tepper: unemployed actress with five dogs in New York City

Virginia Lanier
  • Jo Beth Sidden: bloodhound trainer and tracker in Georgia

Tom Lowe
  • Sean O’Brien: recently widowed former Miami homicide detective, now living with his dachshund Max on the St. John’s River, in Florida

Larry Maness
  • Jake Eaton: private investigator, and Watson, his super-dog, in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Vincent McConnor
  • Chief Inspector Damiot of the Paris police, and his dog Fric-Frac, in Paris and elsewhere in France

Barbara Moore
  • Gordon Christy: veterinarian and Gala, a Doberman, in New Mexico

Dallas Murphy
  • Artie Deemer: jazz aficionado supported by his dog Jellyroll, a movie and dog-food commercial star, in New York City

Leslie O’Kane (Leslie Caine)
  • Allida Babcock: dog therapist in Boulder, Colorado

Diane Petit
  • Kathryn Bogert: owner of Good Buys, an estate sale business, and Charli, a Brittany spaniel, in Chicago, Illinois

Deborah Powell
  • Hollis Carpenter: lesbian crime reporter and her schnauzer Anice, in 1936-37 Houston, Texas

Spencer Quinn (Peter Abrahams)
  • Chet, the dog, the faithful companion of private investigator Bernie Little in the Chet and Bernie series

David Rosenfelt
  • Andy Carpenter: irreverent defense attorney in Paterson, New Jersey

William Sanders
  • Taggart Roper: freelance writer, living in a trailer with his dog, and moonlighting as a petty criminal, in Oklahoma

Tom Schreck
  • Duffy Dombrowski: Elvis-loving boxer and social worker, and his basset hound, Al, in a town near New York City

Trevor Scott
  • Tony Caruso: private investigator working out of his home-office in an old Ford pickup, with his German-trained bomb-sniffing dog Panzer, a Giant Schnauzer, in Bend, Oregon

Dana Stabenow
  • Kate Shugak: a native Alaskan ex-DA investigator in Alaska, who lives on a 160-acre homestead in a generic national Park in Alaska with her half-wolf, half-husky dog named Mutt

Peggy Webb
  • Elvis Presley: reincarnated as a basset hound, Callie Valentine Jones, a hairdresser at her Uncle Charlie’s mortuary, and Lovie, a caterer, near Tupelo, Mississippi, in the Southern Cousins mysteries

Tracy Weber
  • Kate Davidson: yoga instructor in Seattle, Washington, and her German shepherd sidekick Bella, in the Downward Dog mysteries

Ted Wood
  • Reid Bennett: a police chief, and Sam, a German Shepard, in Murphy’s Harbour, Ontario, Canada

Sue Owens Wright
  • Elsie "Beanie" MacBean: freelance writer and member of the Washoe Tribe, and her basset hound, Cruiser, in South Tahoe, Nevada

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Barbara Block
  • Robin Light: pet store owner in Syracuse, New York

Marie Celine
  • Kitty Karlyle: gourmet chef for pets, in Los Angeles, California

Linda O. Johnston
  • Lauren Vancouver: head of HotRescues, a no-kill animal shelter, north of Los Angeles, California, in the Pet Rescue mysteries

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