Fran Stewart
Biscuit McKee, a librarian, and her cat, Marmalade, in Martinsville, a small town in northern Georgia:

Orange as Marmalade (2004)

Yellow as Legal Pads (2004)

Green as a Garden Hose (2005)

Blue as Blue Jeans (2007)

Indigo as an Iris (2008)

Violet as an Amethyst (2011)

Gray as Ashes (2014)

Red as a Rooster (2018)

Black as Soot (2018)

Pink as a Peony (2018)

White as Ice (2018)

Peggy Winn, operating a Scottish wares shop, in Hamelin, Vermont, in the ScotShop mysteries:

A Wee Murder in My Shop (2015)

A Wee Dose of Death (2016)

A Wee Homicide in the Hotel (2017)


A Slaying Song Tonight (2011)


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