Marian Babson
Ruth Strenstreem
Douglas Perkins and Gerry Tate, in public relations in London, England:

Cover-Up Story (1971)

Murder on Show (1972)
APA: Murder at the Cat Show (1989)

Tourists Are for Trapping (1989)

In the Teeth of Adversity (1990)

Trixie Dolan and Evangeline Sinclair, aging actresses in London, England:

Reel Murder (1986)

Encore Murder (1989)

Shadows in Their Blood (1991)

Even Yuppies Die (1993)

Break a Leg, Darlings (1995)

The Cat Who Wasn’t a Dog (2003)
APA: Not Quite a Geisha (2003)

No Cooperation from the Cat (2012)


Pretty Lady (1973)

The Stalking Lamb (1974)

Unfair Exchange (1974)

Murder Sails at Midnight (1975)

There Must Be Some Mistake (1975)

Untimely Guest (1976)

The Lord Mayor of Death (1977)

Murder, Murder, Little Star (1977)

Tightrope for Three (1978)

So Soon Done For (1979)

The Twelve Deaths of Christmas (1979)

Dangerous to Know (1980)

Queue Here for Murder (1980)
APA: Line Up for Murder (1981)

Bejewelled Death (1981)

Death Warmed Up (1982)

Death Beside the Seaside (1982)
APA: Death Beside the Sea (1983)

A Fool for Murder (1983)

The Cruise of a Deathtime (1983)

A Trail of Ashes (1984)
APA: Whiskers and Smoke (1997)

Death Swap (1984)
APA: Paws for Alarm (1998)

Death in Fashion (1985)

Weekend for Murder (1985)
APA: Murder on a Mystery Tour (1987)
Finalist 1985 Gold Dagger Award

Fatal Fortune (1987)

Guilty Party (1988)

Past Regret (1990)

Nine Lives to Murder (1992)

The Diamond Cat (1994)

Miss Petunia’s Last Case (1996)
APA: Canapés for the Kitties (1997)

The Company of Cats (1999)
APA: The Multiple Cat (1999)

To Catch a Cat (2000)
APA: A Tealeaf in the Mouse (2000)

Deadly Deceit (2001)
APA: The Cat Next Door (2002)

Please Do Feed the Cat (2004)

Only the Cat (2007)
APA: Only the Cat Knows (2007)

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