Disabled and Survivors
Rennie Airth
  • Inspector John Madden, of Scotland Yard, a shell-shocked veteran of World War I

Jane A. Adams
  • Naomi Blake: blind ex-policewoman in the Midlands of England

Bruce Alexander
  • Sir John Fielding: blind magistrate and founder of the first police force in London, England

Brigitte Aubert
  • Elise Andrioli: left blind mute and quadriplegic after a terrorist bomb explosion that killed her fiancé, in Northern Ireland

Milton Bass
  • Vinnie Altobelli: ex-cop coronary survivor and private investigator, in San Bernadino, California

Simon Brett
  • Charles Paris: charming alcoholic actor in England

Marshall Browne
  • Anders: one-legged police inspector, specializing in anti-terrorism, in Italy

George Chesbro
  • Dr. Robert “Mongo” Frederickson: dwarf criminology professor and former circus gymnast in New York, New York

Marion Chesney (M.C. Beaton)
  • Captain Harry Cartwright: wounded, bitter survivor of the Boer War, now a “fixer,” in Edwardian England

Max Allan Collins
  • Quarry: psychotic Vietnam vet and hired killer in Iowa

Michael Collins
  • Dan Fortune: one-armed Polish-Lithuanian private investigator in New York City

Elizabeth Cosin
  • Zen Moses: cancer survivor and private investigator, in Santa Monica, California

Colin Cotterill
  • Geung: developmentally challenged morgue assistant, Dr. Siri Paiboun, the 70-something national coroner, and Nurse Dtui, in 1970s Laos
William L. DeAndrea
  • Lobo Blacke: crippled ex-frontier lawman, and Quinn Booker, his biographer in Le Four, Wyoming

Mark De Castrique
  • Sam Blackman: former Chief Warrant Officer in the Criminal Investigation Detachment of the U.S. military who lost part of his leg in Iraq, in Asheville, North Carolina

Jeffrey Deaver
  • Lincoln Rhyme: disabled ex-head of NYPD forensics, and Amelia Sachs, a rookie beat cop in New York City

Gerald Elias
  • Daniel Jacobus: blind, reclusive, and crotchety violin teacher living in self-imposed exile in rural New England

Tony Fennelly
  • Matthew Arthur Sinclair: gay epileptic DA turned store owner, in New Orleans, Louisiana

Dick Francis
  • Sid Halley: injured steeplechase jockey turned private

Ruthe Furie
  • Fran Kirk: ex-battered wife turned private investigator working for an insurance company in Buffalo, New York

Lee Goldberg
  • Adrian Monk: obsessive-compulsive police detective, in San Francisco, California

Bonnie Hearn Hill
  • Newspaper reporters, including Geri LaRue, a hearing-impaired 20-something, in San Francisco, and elsewhere in California

Brian A. Hopkins
  • Martin Zolotow: suffering from a condition that hampers his short-term memory,

David Hunt (William Bayer)
  • Kay Farrow: color-blind photojournalist in San Francisco, California

Hialeah Jackson (Polly Whitney)
  • Annabelle Hardy-Maratos: deaf president of a large Miami security firm, and Dave the Monkeyman, her sidekick and main ASL signer, in Miami, Florida
Baynard Kendrick
  • Captain Duncan Maclain: blinded by gas in WWI, working as a detective, assisted by his wife Rena, and Spud Savage, in New York City

Steve Knickmeyer
  • Steve Cranmer: ex-cop who walks with a cane, now a private investigator, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Jack Livingston
  • Joe Binney: deaf private investigator, in New York City

William F. Love
  • Francis X. Regan: wheelchair-bound Catholic Bishop, and his assistant David Goldman, a Jewish ex-cop private eye, in New York City

Judy Mercer
  • Ariel Gold: amnesiac television newsmagazine producer in Los Angeles, California

John Milne
  • Jimmy Jenner: pensioned-off cop with a wooden leg in the Stoke Newington section of London, England

Bill Moody
  • Evan Horne: jazz piano player with an injured hand

Amy Myers
  • Peter Marsh: wheelchair-bound ex-policeman, and his daughter Georgia, who investigate unsolved murders in Kent, England

Charles O’Brien
  • Anne Cartier: ex-vaudeville actress, then a tutor for deaf children, in England and France on the eve of the French Revolution
Abigail Padgett
  • Barbara Joan “Bo” Bradley: former court investigator, who works as an advocate for the mentally ill and lives with her own manic-depression, in San Diego, California

Jake Page
  • T. Moore “Mo” Bowdre: blind redneck sculptor in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Anne Perry
  • William Monk: amnesiac police inspector in Victorian London, England

W.R. Philbrick
  • J.D. Hawkins: wheelchair-bound mystery writer, in Boston, Massachusetts

Kevin Robinson
  • Stick Foster: paraplegic newspaper reporter in Orlando, Florida

Caroline Roe
  • Isaac: blind physician, and Bishop Berenguer, in 1350s Girona, Spain

Barnaby Ross (Ellery Queen)
  • Drury Lane: Shakespearian actor retired due to progressive deafness, on the Hudson River, New York

Marcia Talley
  • IHannah Ives: breast-cancer survivor and down-sizing victim, in Annapolis, Maryland

Paul Tremblay
  • Mark Genevich: narcoleptic private investigator in South Boston, Massachusetts

Charles Todd
  • Ian Rutledge: shell-shocked World War I veteran returning to his job at Scotland Yard, in London, England

R.D. Zimmerman
  • Maddy Phillips: blind forensic psychiatrist, on an island in Lake Michigan