Bruce Alexander
Bruce Alexander Cook
Sir John Fielding, a blind magistrate and founder of the first police force in 1700s London, England:

Blind Justice (1994)

Murder in Grub Street (1995)

Watery Grave (1996)

Person or Persons Unknown (1997)

Jack, Knave, and Fool (1998)

Death of a Colonial (1999)

The Color of Death (2000)

Smuggler's Moon (2001)

An Experiment in Treason (2002)

The Price of Murder  (2003)

Rules of Engagement (2005)

Written as Bruce Cook
Antonio “Chico” Cervantes, a private eye in Los Angeles, California:

Mexican Standoff (1988)

Rough Cut (1990)

Death as a Career Move (1992)

The Sidewalk Hilton (1994)

Written as Bruce Cook

Sex Life (1979)


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