Italy Mysteries
Paul Adam
  • Gianni Castiglione: violin maker in rural Cremona, Italy

Albert Bell
  • Pliny the Younger: wealthy young aristocrat in 1st Century Rome

Grace Brophy
  • Alessandro Cenni: maverick state police commissario, in Assisi, Umbria, Italy

Marshall Browne
  • Anders: one-legged police inspector, specializing in anti-terrorism, in Italy

Andrea Camilleri
  • Salvo Montalbano: police inspector in Sicily, Italy

Massimo Carlotto
  • Marco “Alligator” Buratti: former blues singer and ex-con, working as a private investigator in Venice, Italy
  • Giorgio Pellegrini: leftist Italian radical, guerilla fighter, and criminal, later a regular businessman who gets tangled up with the mob

Gianrico Carofiglio
  • Guido Guerrieri: jaded defense lawyer in Bari, Italy

Sean Chercover
  • Daniel Byrne: investigator of miracle claims for the Vatican’s Office of the Devil’s Advocate

M.E. Cooper
  • Avisa Baglatoni: lady locksmith in 15th century Bologna, Italy

Roberto Costantini
  • Michele Balistreri: police commissario in charge of World Cup security, in 2006 Rome, Italy, in the “Evil” trilogy [Trilogia del Male] reaching into the past
Lindsey Davis
  • Marcus Didius Falco: an “informer” for Emperor Vespasian in first century Rome
  • Flavia Albia: adopted daughter of Marcus Didius Falco, born in Britain, working as a private investigator during the reign of Emperor Domitian, in ancient Rome

Maurizio de Giovanni
  • Luigi Alfredo Ricciardi: 31-year-old Commissario of Police in 1930s Naples, Italy

Michael Dibdin
  • Aurelio Zen: Italian police inspector in Rome, Italy

Paul Doherty
  • The Ancient Rome Mysteries

Dave Duncan
  • Alfeo Zeno: young noble apprenticed to Nostradamus, the astrologer and alchemist, in a fantasy version of 16th century Venice, Italy

Elizabeth Eyre (Susannah Stacey)
  • Sigismondo da Roca: Italian agent of a Renaissance duke

Conor Fitzgerald
  • Alec Blume: American ex-patriot police commissario, in Rome, Italy

Marcello Fois
  • Bustianu Satta: lawyer and poet in Sardinia, Italy

Michele Giuttari
  • Michele Ferrara: Chief Superintendent of the Squadra Mobile, in Florence, Italy

Juan Gómez-Jurado
  • Anthony Fowler: former priest, CIA operative, and member of the Vatican’s secret service

Robert Harris
  • Marcus Cicero: in a political thriller trilogy set in Republican Rome

David Hewson
  • Nic Costa and Gianni Peroni: police detectives in Rome, Italy

Timothy Holme
  • Achille Peroni: (“the Rudolph Valentino of Italian police”), a Neopolitan police commissario who once spent some months at Scotland Yard, on assignment in northern Italy

Peter Inchbald
  • Franco Corti: detective inspector in the London Art and Antiques Squad, working mainly in Italy

Tobias Jones
  • “Casta” Castagnetti: loner, bee-keeping private investigator in northern Italy
Christobel Kent
  • Sandro Cellini: a disgraced ex-cop, now a private investigator, in Florence, Italy

Donna Leon
  • Guido Brunetti: police commissario in Venice, Italy

Carlo Lucarelli
  • Commissario De Luca: former commander in Mussolini’s political police, in northern Italy in 1945
  • Grazia Negro: young female detective assigned to a special task force designed to catch serial killers, in Bologna, Italy

Antonio Manzini
  • Rocco Schiavone: deputy prefect of police exiled from Rome to Aosta, a small touristy town in the Italian Alps

Michael Morley

Jack King: former FBI profiler running a hotel with his wife, in Tuscany, Italy

Beverle Graves Myers
  • Tito Amato: sold as a child to be a castrato opera singer, in 18th-century Italy, in the Baroque Mystery series

Magdalen Nabb
  • Salvatore Guarnaccia: a marshal in the Italian Carabinieri in Florence, Italy

Albert Noyer
  • Getorius Asterlus: surgeon, and Arcadia Asterlus, his wife, in 5th century Italy
Ben Pastor
  • Aelius Spartianus: former soldier, now historian to Diocletian, in early 4th century Rome

Michael Pearce
  • Sando Seymour: a multilingual officer with Special Branch in 1906 Trieste under the Austro-Hungarian Empire

Simon Quinn (Martin Cruz Smith)
  • Francis Xavier Killy: “The Inquisitor,” a lay brother investigator for the Vatican

John Maddox Roberts
  • Decius Cecilius Metellus: would-be playboy son of an illustrious family, in the SPQR historical mysteries

Iain Pears
  • Jonathan Argyll: English art dealer, and Flavia di Stefano, of the Art Theft Squad, in Rome, Italy

Steven Saylor
  • Gordianus the Finder: private investigator in the 1st century BCE in Rome, Italy

Giorgio Scerbanenco
  • Duca Lamberti: physician just released from prison for performing euthanasia, now turned private investigator, in Milan, Italy

Edward Sklepowich
  • Urbino Macintyre: American expatriate writer and amateur sleuth, and his friend Barbara, Countessa da Capo-Zendrini, in Venice, Italy

Thomas Sterling
  • Rizzi: police captain in Venice, Italy

Diane A.S. Stuckart
  • Dino (Delfina in disguise as a boy), an apprentice to Leonardo da Vinci, court engineer to the Duke of Milan in 1480s Milan, Italy

Marilyn Todd
  • Claudia Seferius: vineyard owner in 1st century Rome, Italy

Jon Trace (Michael Morley)
  • Tom Shaman: 30-something burned out ex-priest formerly serving in Los Angeles who heads for Italy

Valerio Varesi
  • Commissario Soneri: homicide detective in Parma, Italy

Marco Vichi
  • Bordelli: police inspector (commissario) in 1960s Florence, Italy

Jan Merete Weiss
  • Natalia Monte: captain in the Carabinieri, in Naples, Italy

Timothy Williams
  • Piero Trotti: commissario of police in a city on the river Po, in northern Italy

David Wishart
  • Marcus Corvinus: member of the Senatorial class in first century AD Rome

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