Martin Cruz Smith
Roman Grey, a Gypsy art dealer in New York City:

Gypsy in Amber (1971)
Finalist 1972 Edgar Award for Best First Novel

Canto for a Gypsy (1972)
Finalist 1973 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

Arkady Renko, a chief homicide inspector for the prosecutor’s office, in Moscow, Russia:

Gorky Park (1981)
1981 Gold Dagger Award

Polar Star (1989)

Red Square (1992)

Havana Bay (1999)
2009 Hammett Prize
Finalist 2000 Gold Dagger Award

Wolves Eat Dogs (2004)

Stalin’s Ghost (2007)
Finalist 2007 Hammett Prize

Three Stations (2010)

Tatiana (2013)

The Siberian Dilemma (2019)

Independence Square (2023) [review]


Analog Bullet (1972)

Nightwing (1977)
Finalist 1978 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

Stallion Gate (1986)

Rose (1996)
1996 Hammett Prize

December 6 (2002)
APA: Tokyo Station (2002)

The Girl From Venice (2016)

Written as Simon Quinn
Francis Xavier Killy (“The Inquisitor”) a lay brother investigator for the Vatican:

The Devil in Kansas (1974)

The Last Time I Saw Hell (1974)

Nuplex Red (1974)

His Eminence, Death (1974)

The Midas Coffin (1975)
Finalist 1976 Edgar Award for Best Paperback

Last Rites for the Vulture (1975)

Written as Simon Quinn

The Human Factor (1975) [film novelization]

Written as Nick Carter

The Inca Death Squad (1972)

The Devil’s Dozen (1973)

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