Lindsey Davis
Marcus Didius Falco, an “informer” for Emperor Vespasian in 1st century Rome3:

Silver Pigs (1989)

Shadows in Bronze (1990)

Venus in Copper1 (1991)

The Iron Hand of Mars1 (1992)

Poseidon’s Gold1 (1993)
Finalist 1993 Last Laugh Dagger Award

Last Act in Palmyra2 (1994)

Time to Depart2 (1995)

A Dying Light in Corduba2 (1996)

Three Hands in the Fountain (1997)

Two for the Lions (1998)
1999 Historical Dagger Award

One Virgin Too Many (1999)

Ode to a Banker (2000)
Finalist 2001 Historical Dagger Award

A Body in the Bathhouse (2001)

The Jupiter Myth (2002)
Finalist 2002 Historical Dagger Award

The Accusers (2003)

Scandal Takes a Holiday (2004)

See Delphi and Die (2005)

Saturnalia (2007)

Alexandria (2009)

Nemesis (2010)

Flavia Albia, the adopted daughter of Marcus Didius Falco, born in Britain, working as a private investigator during the reign of Emperor Domitian, in ancient Rome:

The Ides of April (2013) [review]

Enemies at Home (2014)

Deadly Election (2015)

The Graveyard of the Hesperides (2016)
Finalist 2017 Shamus Award for Best Novel

The Third Nero (2017)

Pandora’s Boy (2018)

A Capitol Death (2019)

The Grove of the Caesars (2020)

A Comedy of Terrors (2021)

Desperate Undertaking (2022)

Fatal Legacy (2023)


The Course of Honor (1997)

A Cruel Fate (2014) [Quick Reads]

Other fiction:

Rebels and Traitors (2009)

Master and God (2012)

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