Timothy Williams
Piero Trotti, Commissario of police in a city on the river Po, in northern Italy:

Converging Parallels (1982)
APA: The Red Citroen (1983)
Finalist 1982 New Blood Dagger Award

The Puppeteer (1985)
APA: The Metal Green Mercedes (1985)

Persona Non Grata (1987)
APA: The White Audi (1987)

Black August (1992)

Big Italy (1996)

The Second Day of the Renaissance (2017)

Anne Marie Laveaud, a French-Algerian judge in 1980s-1990s, in the French Caribbean département of Guadeloupe:

Un autre soleil (2011)
Another Sun [2013]

The Honest Folk of Guadeloupe (2015)

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