Librarians & Libraries
Jeff Abbott
  • Jordan Poteet: small-town librarian in Mirabeau, Texas

Lydia Adamson
  • Lucy Wayles: librarian in New York City

Elizabeth Lynn Casey (Laura Bradford)
  • Tori Sinclair: a Yankee librarian moving to Sweet Briar, South Carolina, in the Southern Sewing Circle mysteries
Shirley Damsgaard
  • Ophelia Jensen: reluctant witch who is a librarian, and her grandmother Abby, in a small town in Iowa

Jo Dereske
  • Helma Zukas: librarian in Washington state

Amanda Flower
  • India Hayes: artist, and librarian at Martin College in Stripling, Ohio

Jeanne Glidewell
  • Lexie Starr: widowed 40-something library worker, aspiring B&B operator, and amateur sleuth, in Shawnee, Kansas

Charles A. Goodrum
  • Dr. Edward George: retired Yale librarian, in Washington, DC

Charlaine Harris
  • Aurora Teagarden: librarian in Lawrenceton, Georgia

Patricia Harwin
  • Catherine Penny: 60-something divorced librarian, who leaves New York City to join her daughter in Far Wychwood, England

Marion Moore Hill
  • Juanita Wills: librarian in fictional Wyndham, Oklahoma, in the Scrappy Librarian series

Miranda James (Dean James)
  • Charlie Harris: a widowed librarian, and Diesel, a Maine coon cat, in the college town of Athena, Mississippi, in the Cat in the Stacks series
Sofie Kelly
  • Kathleen Paulson, a librarian from Boston, and two stray cats with special powers, Owen and Hercules, in fictional Mayville Heights, Minnesota, in the Magical Cats mysteries

Nathan Larson
  • Dewey Decimal, protecting library resources in a ruined, dystopian New York City

Jess Lourey
  • Mira James: assistant librarian and part-time reporter, in Battle Lake, Minnesota, in the Murder-by-Month mysteries

T.J. MacGregor
  • Alex Kincaid: a librarian, and Nora McKee, a college professor, fighting shadowy government agents using time travel

Charlotte MacLeod
  • Helen Marsh Shandy: librarian, and her husband Peter Shandy, a college botany professor, in Balaclava County, Massachusetts

Jenn McKinlay
  • Lindsey Norris: director of the Briar Creek Public Library, in Briar Creek, Connecticut, in the Library Lover’s mysteries

D.R. Meredith
  • Megan Clark: reference librarian and a member of the murder mystery reading group, Murder by the Yard in Amarillo, Texas

Miriam Grace Monfredo
  • Glynis Tryon: independent thinker and librarian, in mid-1800s New York, in the Seneca Falls mysteries

Kate Morgan
  • Dewey James: 60-something small town librarian in Hamilton, Kentucky
Elizabeth Peters
  • Jacqueline Kirby: middle-aged librarian

R.T. Raichev
  • Antonia Darcy: librarian at the Military and Naval Club, and grandmother, along with Major Hugh Payne, in London, England

Ian Sansom
  • Israel Armstrong: Jewish vegetarian from London, in charge of a mobile library in the village of Tumdrum, Northern Ireland, in the Mobile Library mysteries

Sheila Simonson
  • Meg McLean: librarian, and Rob Neill, a sheriff’s investigator, in the Latouche County mysteries

J.B. Stanley
  • James “Professor Puff” Henry: divorced librarian, in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, in the Supper Club mysteries

Fran Stewart
  • Biscuit McKee: librarian, and her cat, Marmalade, in Martinsville, a small town in northern Georgia

Judith Van Gieson
  • Claire Reynier: buyer of rare books for the University of New Mexico library in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Gayle Wigglesworth
  • Claire Gulliver: middle-aged librarian turned travel bookshop owner

Eric Wright
  • Lucy Trimble Brenner: private eye and librarian in Toronto, Canada

Sally S. Wright
  • Ben Reese: 1960s university archivist, in Ohio

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